Tuesday, June 05, 2012

"Her brother? She doesn't have a brother."

 Indiana eats frozen, dead mice until he is older. Well, I threw one in the other day and he decided he would like to stalk it (It was on top of his rock.) He was under the rock, and slowly would stick his head out, then pull it back in, then out, and  back in. Then he lifted his head level with the rock, then went down. Up and down, up and down. He looked so pleased with himself I didn't have the heart to tell him it was already dead. 

 I have never really had a crush, as it is called, on real, living men. (I have nothing against living men, I hope to marry one someday, just most I have known haven't been all that admirable. I know this isn't the way it is with all men, I know OF some gentlemen, I just don't know them personally. I mean, aside from my brothers and cousin.) Anyhow, I often find myself loving fictional or dead men. (Baillot, John Patterson, Thornton - you KNEW that one was coming - and Percy. The list goes on and on.) However, one man will always slightly surpass them all. 

 His name is Ben Fane, and I first met him in the book Iron Scouts of the Confederacy by Lee McGriffin.

  I read this book in school and thought I'd dislike it, but the moment I started it I knew it would be a favourite. It has remained very high on my list ever since then and I doubt that will ever change. 

 The story is about an orphan, Ben, and his older brother Gant. Gant wants to fight in the War - Civil War - but doesn't want to leave Ben alone. He is finally persuaded that Ben can care for himself and joins a Texan. Ben stays with friends but when he can't stand it anymore he rides off to find his brother. 

 Once they are reunited, the three get into all kinds of mishaps and trouble - sometimes even getting captured by Yankees - and Ben and a Yankee boy even end up becoming best friends. The book is very exciting, and since it is a true story I liked it even more. It talks about the Iron Scouts, a branch of Confederate soldiers who worked kind of like spies. They were a small band of men who could get in and out of enemy lines without being caught. They did light work, like cutting wires and rerouting food supplies. So it was very interesting learning about them. You should look them up, and John Mosby. 

 However, the part I loved about this book best was Ben himself. He is slightly awkward, sometimes very frightened, and insanely loyal to his friends, even when they are the "enemy."

 Highly recommended book. And since it is a fast read, everyone should read it. 

 Today's line is from North and South,  bet you all didn't see that one coming. (I should have a movie review up about it this week.) It is near the ending when Thornton is talking to a friend of his about the girl he loves - and who he thinks has been stalking the nighttime streets with another man. (Very improper.) (This line is funnier when seen in the movie, but I won't say much so I won't give it away. Just watch it.)

 Have you ever heard of this book? Do you have favourite true life stories? Ever heard of the Iron Scouts or John Mosby?




  1. Hee hee Indiana sounds so adorable.

    Oooo sounds like a great book! I love the Civil War time period (we're headed to Gettysburg tomorrow, I think). I especially like the Confederate side. They were fighting for sooo much more than slaves. Whether slavery was right or wrong (wrong, wrong wrong!), the Confederates were fighting for the right to own them. States rights are always worth fighting for.

    The quote reminded me of Calculas... "Sister! Would you stop talking about my sister! Wait a moment... I don't even have a sister!"

  2. I love Turn Homeward, Hannalee. It was such a sad, sad book... once again for the Confederate side. Not that I agree witht the Confederates... still, the Yankees weren't exactly nice people either. I think wars are so sad because both sides think they're right, and in a way, they both are. Sounds like a good book!

  3. I know what you mean about having crushes on literary heroes...

    One of my longstanding heroes/crushes (okay, that sounds terrible, but you know what I mean) is Faramir (LOTR). I just love Faramir.

    I have others (Sherlock Holmes) but Faramir's always been a special ones.


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