Friday, June 01, 2012

"I do not want to posses you! I wish to marry you because I love you!"

 When I decided to self publish I had no idea all the insane amount of work I was landing myself in. For the last month I have hardly written, except comments and massive editing. I barely have time to breath, and my brain is ready to shut down for a three week holiday.  So, until I get on top of things, Friday Features will be things I feature unless someone contacts me about wanting to do one.

 And, to brighten your day...

 I was babysitting the other day. I watch an 11-year-old, 8-year-old, and twin 5-year-olds. The older two were in school, but the twins and I were outside. They were playing and I was eating lunch and staring off into space, which is common when I eat. I saw one of the twins out of the corner of my eye and heard her say something but it was so low I thought she was talking to herself or her sister so I didn't even look at her.

 Suddenly, I heard her exclaim, "Oh, Jack!" (Well, she used my real name.)

 Grinning and giggling I looked at her and asked, "What?"

 "I said hi," she scolded me, "and you had a had a grumpy look on your face."

 I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

 Now, to business. And this should be good news for everyone. I think it is exciting at least.

 Because of my dyslexia, I like when books have pictures. Especially if there are things in the books that I don't see every day, then I can better envision them. I find this very helpful, as well as being fun. And, I've always harbored a secret desire to have pictures in my books. However, I'm a rubbish artist. I can't draw to save my life and when I tried sketches for my books, well, they were so bad I gave up. However, I never gave up the dream that maybe I would meet an artist and they would do pictures for me. (I'm a striving author though and knew I wouldn't have the money for a long time to pay one.)

 So, to shorten what could be a long, dull story that would put you all to sleep, I one day got on my facebook to discover this waiting for me.

 You can imagine my grin, which went something like this 8-D, only bigger. Not only is it so well done, it was just a fun surprise. Someone liked my book well enough to draw a scene from it! I strutted around like a rooster for a week, showing anyone who would stand still long enough - the telephone pole got tired of seeing it. 

 This drawing was done by my dear friend Clair, who deserves a whole post just to say how wonderful she is and the encouragement she has been to me since she left her first comment on my blog. (Sometimes I think authors need more encouragement then food. We can be a very depressed lot much of the time. Kind of like, "I can't figure out this plot hole! My world is ending! I never should have started writing! Why wasn't I sensible and got a job as a doctor?!" If this was my case I would be the first world fainting doctor. "Needles are out, time to faint."

 Some of you may remember in an earlier post how I said if anyone liked drawing to contact me as I needed an artists help. Well, Clair did just that, and I did something like, dance around my room, jump up and down and clap my hands. So, once I had composed myself, I sat down and replied to her email, then ventured to ask her if she would be willing too.....*Master does drum roll* draw a series of pictures for the book. TA DA! (Surprised you there, eh?)

 In the back of my mind I was thinking, "She won't be able to, you know. Book drawings aren't like scribbles done during math (not that her picture was a scribble. And if it is it is the prettiest scribble I've ever seen.) It will take too much time, and she is getting ready for college." But I asked anyways, and...she...said....*More drum roll* *The Master glares* yes 8-D. (I'm a bit high strung today, this is from the title quote, the pictures, and a huge lack of sleep.)

 The Master is not amused

 We've since been emailing back and forth, working out ideas and so forth. She has sent me sketches already of Isidore, Peter, Darcy, Jack, and Steed - and Max. I will not be showing them yet, I'm not sure if I will show them at all, but maybe like, every month or so until the book is out I will reveal one of the characters or something. But for right now, I don't want to say too much until things are more deeply confirmed and set in motion, so forth. 

 Right now, we are working on picking which scenes should be drawn. She has read the book, as has my sister and Sheen. As they will represent the readers, I am more or less hoping they will have ideas. As the author, I would love certain scenes in simply because I envisioned them the most while writing. But I want the pictures to be things the readers which to see. So I am hoping they will have lots of ideas. 

 After the pictures are done, I will be trying to find a way to get them into the book. Which is another feat all together. (And to add to this writing news, I have an editor now and once I am done doing the third edit myself and have the money I will be sending the book to her. Things are slowly coming together, though everything still seems to be on a stand still with the cover and the book trailer.)

 Now, before I go, I will give you the link to Clair's blog...which is HERE. All of you really should go and read it. She is an amazing author, and a sweet girl. You will not be disappointed. (Oh, and she is a brilliant artist 8-D). 

 And if you wish to see the blog of my sister, who is helping with picking which pictures will be in the book, click HERE. She does a fashion blog, filled with pretty pictures and fun posts. 

 Now, about the title 8-D. It is from the movie North and South - the BBC four part TV series. Not the Civil War one. I finally got my sister to watch it with me and she feel in love with Mr. Thornton, as all sensible girls should. (Really, watch it if you haven't. I'm not a hopeless romantic, I love battles and swords, and this has none but I still love it. the characters are amazing, and the plot is simple and complex at the same time...and Mr. Thornton is dashing and kind and...the list is endless.)

 This quote is from when Thornton proposes the first time and gets a scolding for it. He tries to tell her that he is proposing because he loves her but she is too stubborn to believe him...REALLY?! I mean...what was wrong with her head?! 

 Anyhow, a very cool movie, and it brings out that small romantic side of me not many know exist. (I was giggling hysterically over Thornton's proposals if that says anything.)

 Have you read Clair and Katie's blogs? What do you think of the idea of having pictures in my book, does it sound exciting or just, "eh"? Have you seen North and South? Don't you just love Mr. Thornton? (This is the part where you say yes and give a girlish squeal.)



  1. Greetings, Jack!

    Congratulations on your excitement! I think having illustrations in your book is a brilliant idea. Clair is indeed a talented artist, and such art helps to bring a story 'to life'. (Besides, it's just neat to look at). I can't wait to see the character sketches when you decide to release them. :)

    As for "North and South", I have never seen it. Though this 'Mr. Thornton' character sounds interesting, so I may very well have to check it out.

    All the best!


  2. Jack,

    Awesome!!! I love illustrated books!! :D That'll be so cool!!!!! And that picture is amazing!

    And yes *squeals* I LOVE Mr. Thornton!! :D And his proposal!!!! (well, the first one. The second one isn't quite as good, in my humble opinion). ;) And I think the girl is odd for taking so long to like him! hehehe! I must say, I really like Margret's brother, too. :) And that whole misunderstood-train-scene. He's *very* dashing and cool. And I am *so* excited the actor is playing Thorin! *another fan-girly squeal*. And I love the title of this post! I had forgotten that he said that! :) *sigh* So sweet!

    I am definitely going to read the book soon.(After I finish some more books from the TSP series. *innocent grin* what can I say? Percy's amazing!)

    Yes! You should definitely read the book! I think you'll *love* him! :) And thanks. :) I'm terrible at drawing faces, and every time I see the drawing I drew, I start giggling ridiculously. *smirk*

    Okay. This post has gotten way too fan-girly and long now. I am going now. I wish you all a very fond and happy farewell. Goodbye. *POOF*


    P.S. The Hobbit movie has been really drawing out my Ringer-ness! I've been quoting LOTR a lot lately! :)

  3. I think the illustrations would be amazing! I've only seen it once before in a novel (the Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld) and it makes the story so much more enjoyable!

  4. That illustration is beautiful! Sketches like that would be a great addition to any book!

  5. Hee hee little kids are so cute.

    Congratulations on finding someone to do your illistrations! I'm off to check out Clair's blog right now.
    I absolutely love illistration in books. I think they will make your book even more enjoyable than I already imagine it to be!

  6. Oh! You are lovely. As I read I sat there, grinning and blushing and shaking my head because you praise me far too highly. :)

  7. *sighs over Thornton* Only he didn't look that happy when he proposed the first time - actually, he looked pretty hurt/sick/miserable the first time. Poor guy. :( And then he goes and tells her that he doesn't love her! Meany! No wonder she's so nervous when she goes to talk to him. x-P Those two are silly and lucky they have Nicolas to go save them.

    Ok, on to other subjects now...

    That picture is soooo pretty! I cannot wait to see all the others! If you need help getting them in I should be able to do it (emphasis on the "should" part of that sentence...)

    LOVE YOU!!!!! <3

    ~ You DLS, the future "Mrs. Thornton"


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