Thursday, June 28, 2012

"I won't make this easy on you!"

 I've waited a long time to explain some very new changes in my life. I wanted to make sure they were actually going to happen before I mentioned them. They are pretty much, set now so I think I can explain it all. And normally I probably wouldn't write about this but it is going to effect my writing, so I think I should.

"I would think about it before you pulled that trigger. There is a squad of agents right outside the door." "I find that hard to believe." "Would you believe ten policemen?" "No." "A boy scout with a mad dog?" "No." "A girl scout?"

 Sometimes things happen in life we didn't see coming. Okay, a lot of the time. And sometimes it isn't things we like a whole lot. Like, breaking a leg, or swallowing a fish bone. But there is nothing we can do about it, just bare with it with the best attitude in God we can have. Right now I'm in the middle of one of those things.

"Did no one come here to rescue me just because they missed me? I'm going to stand by them."

 I don't want to go into details, but I'm going to be moving out on my own the first of August. Well, not really on my own. I will be sharing a place with a childhood chum of mine - a girl. We were friends when we were little girls and met up again last year and since then have found we have a jolly lot in common. And we just realized a month ago we both needed a roommate. We've since spent the time looking for apartments and found a cute one which is being rented out by a very kind family I know. I will share pictures when we are actually moved in.

"My eye sight is coming back!" "There's not much to see, I used to live here you know." "You're going to die here you know."

 This is new and scary for me, as it wasn't something I ever really wanted. I wanted to stay at home until I married, but things just didn't work out like that. But God has worked all this out, and has even given me a lead on a job for the fall. But, as I said, this is going to effect my writing.

"I'm up here being terribly clever and there is no one standing around looking impressed. What do I keep you lot around for?"

 Since I am now moving out on my own I won't have that much extra money. I'm hoping this will not put publication back but there is that possibility. So, I've come up with a backup plan.

"They went that way. Left. Starboard...follow my finger!"

 Being around me enough you will sooner or later find out I am a shameless Star Trek geek, thank my mum. I've only completed season one of the first series, but I already like the show a ton and especially like Spock and McCoy, as well as Scottish, but he is a Scot...what can I say? Us Scots have to stick together.

"I know how to shoot." "I know, I've seen. It's very American. Fire enough bullets and hope you hit the target."

 Anyhow, last NaNo someone mentioned something about cyber space, or, wanting to explore every last inch of the internet. And I got to thinking, how would one do this? Sure, you could sit at your computer and search everything on it, but what if you could get into a ship and FLY into it? How cool would that be?! So, this idea has bounced around in the back of my head, never coming to light until Clair said one day, "I'm an internet thief."

"I need Henry to explain." "You don't need Henry."

 Internet Thief. Exploring cyber space. What if? During NaNo I still had only watched The Wrath of Khan Star Trek. And the title of Star Trek still made me think of bugs going into people's ears and into their brains. So, I wasn't a fan of the show. It wasn't until later in the winter that I actually took an interest. My cousins and brothers and I decided to watch the new movie, they had all seen it and wanted me to. I liked it, but I didn't really like how Kirk was done. And I know the new movies are rubbish compared to the old TV show. So I watched one, and another, and another. And a week later I was a fan. My mum and I would sit together during the afternoons and watch her favourites.

"You're going to fail. It's in your nature. You lack conviction."

 So, when I first plotted the internet book, I didn't connect it with Star Trek. But when Clair mentioned the Internet Thief, I put two and two together and came up with THIS. (P.S. I love this book already. It is SUCH fun to write.)

"Where's the body?" "There is no body." "No body! There's always a body..."

 Now, apart from this series being fun to write, it is going to be my backup plan. When I release this series, (the first book should be out sometime near the end of August if all goes as planned,) it will only be as an ebook. Later, if I get a good start on my writing I will paper back publish them, but for now they will only be on Smashwords. And, they will be rather short books, 50,000 words or so each. So I will not be selling them for much, and everything I make off them I am saving so that I can publish Haphazardly Implausible.

"Don't tell him I said he was the best first officer Star Fleet has." "Why thank you, Doctor!" "You were so worried about his Vulcan eyes, Doctor, you forgot about his Vulcan ears."

 This series will just be for fun. (As you can see, I have used Star Trek for inspiration.) And I will be requiring my readers help as I write. I will put up questions on my blog, giving you all the chance to answer, and to get your answers put into the books. And I hope in the end you will enjoy these books as much as I am sure I will enjoy writing them.

"Not bad for a pointy eared elf princeling." "He was already dead!" "He was twitching." "Of course he was twitching! He has MY ax embedded in his nervous system!"

 And yes, I am still working on The Broken Blade. I have been stuck on one page for the last three weeks, trying to decide what should happen next. This is what happens when your characters decide they will write their own book. ALSO, Haphazardly Implausible was finally sent off to the editor! I did some careful planning and decided I could afford it. (Either that or I'm taking a huge risk, hoping it will do well once published.)

"Peter said to get out of here!" "Peter's no king yet."

 Anyhow, enough of my weird, new life. Tonight me mum and I are going to spend the night at a hotel for our birthdays and stay up late watching Star Trek movies (yes, even the Wrath of Khan though I will be closing my eyes through the bug part. I have no shame.) So, if I don't comment on your blogs today it is because I was too busy getting my hair cut, and running around town getting ready for tonight and my two week holiday which I leave for on Thursday.

"Remember what you say, Violet. There's always something!" "Not this time."

 Now, about the voting. Kirk has been ahead all week, but there was a last minute vote for Jack which tied them. I did some thinking and decided that since Kirk was in the lead all week he would win this one.

"We've been looking for the nest for years and now you want to keep it a secret to protect your pet dragon?!" "Yes."

 Kirk is a side character, and NO, I didn't name him after Captain Kirk. He came about even before I had seen the new movie. He is a side character in the book. Normally when I made them I had a habit of not naming them. So, normally he would have just been the pilot through the whole book. But I had determined to break this habit. When he first came I was happily writing and didn't want to think too much about names and Kirk was the first that popped into my  head. So, he has since been Kirk.

"I want you to know this is the strangest thing I've ever done!"

 I had no picture for Clair to work with for Kirk, not like the others. All I ever really knew about him was that he was short, Scottish, and easily board. I also, in the back of my mind, new he was older then Steed. But it wasn't until Clair sent his picture that I really realized it. So, do keep in mind he is in his mid thirties, though he never acts it.

 But, enough talk! I now present to you, KIRK!

And yes, no matter how much he was mocked for it, he always wore his kilt. He is a true Scot.

 Next weeks picture is likely to go up on Wednesday, and I don't know how much posting or comment I will get done as I have lots of packing and what not to do before I leave. So, make sure you vote while you can!
 Will you be taking any holidays this summer? Interested in guest posting while I'm gone? What do you think of Kirk? (If you like him you should stop by Clair's blog and let her know. She's been putting a lot of work into these pictures. 8-D)

 The titles is from Sherlock Holmes 2, after Sherlock was poisoned and Watson was trying to keep him alive. (I liked that movie, and that part. Even though it was sad Watson had to later watch him "die" at the waterfall.)

 And now....




  1. Oh wow! That is a huge change! I hope everything goes well with your packing and moving and changing life styles. It's definitely a big step.

    Oh wow! That cyberspace story sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear more about it!

    Have fun watching Star Trek! =D I always have to look away during the bug part to.... It's just so gross!!

    Oh my goodness, I love the drawing of Kirk! I love his kilt!

  2. Oh wow. Sounds like all this will be an adventure for you! Good luck with it all. I hope your story will sell well (it sounds really good!)

    P.S. I love Sherlock Holmes 2. Sooo funny! :)

  3. I've always been a Star Trek fan :)

    I hope everything goes well with your move. Sometimes those unexpected twists make things so much better than we ever thought. I hope it works out like that for you!


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