Sunday, June 10, 2012

"If you don't do this, you're no brother of mine." "Can I be your sister?"

 Junior, Sheen, and I were hiking with our families a month or so ago. The three of us were ahead of the others and were falling silent because it was a warm day, long walk, and we were getting worn out. We continued on in this manner for awhile, slowly lagging as time passed when Sheen suddenly declared, "We need a marching song!"

 I was thinking he wanted Junior or I to pick a song so I started to think of some good ones when he began the song we have dubbed our family theme song. "Around a corner and under a tree, a Sargent Major said this to me. 'Who would marry you, this I'd like to know, because every time I look at your face it makes me want to go...around a corner, and under a tree, a Sargent Major said this to me..."

 Junior and I joined in and together we belted our song for all the wilderness to hear. 
  I don't really listen to songs without singing. I've nothing against them, I just like music with words best. However, I do have a few I like with just music. This is one of them. It is the ending soundtrack from North and South, calling Northbound Train. It is very pretty, hopeful, and sorrowful all at once. Very nice to listen to while writing. 
  I'm afraid I don't really have a lot of writing updates. Everything is kind of at a stand still, and things might be changing in my life - but hopefully will not hinder my writing any. I do have something for all of you to look forward to. I'm writing a short prequel to Haphazardly Implausible. It will recount one of Peter's and Tony's adventures. I will be releasing it on Smashwords, so as soon as it is done I will let you know. 

 Also, I have some other short stories I will be releasing soon, again from Smashwords. I'm waiting on covers. I'm thinking of holding a contest though. Everyone could make a cover for the short story, and either everyone could vote on them or I would get some close friends to help me pick, and the winner cover would be the one used. Anyone interested in this idea? The cover could be pictures, drawings, or, anything you can come up with. Let me know if you like this idea and are interested.

 I have a voting thing on the side of my blog now. You can go there to vote for which character picture will be up on Friday. 
 This quote is from the Dick Van Dyke show, and if you haven't seen it I pity you. He is very funny. In this one his brother (his real brother playing his fictional brother) is wanting to propose to a girl but is too chicken. So Dick is trying to help him out, but getting annoyed with him. I love the episodes with both of them on it, they are so funny together. 

 Now I will be off, long day ahead of me.

 Do you like music with singing more or just music? Do you like art? Interested in entering a short story Art Contest?




  1. I really like singing without words, and at the moment, I'm starting to like lyrical singing, too.

    I think a short story cover contest could be really fun!

  2. Yeah, I agree with mime...I'm starting to like music with lyrics too! But singing music isn't so good to write too. Love to listen to movie soundtracks! :)

    PS I voted on your sidebar... Someone is very clearly winning. :D

  3. I prefer music with lyrics because I can sing better than I can play any other sort of instrument (Except maybe the kazoo) and I like to join in the music when I listen :p

    I think that the cover competition sounds fun! Not something I'm terribly good at but when aren't competitions fun?

  4. I like that song, too. It's very sweet. :)

    I voted, but Hogan is loosing - by a lot. :( Too bad. I like him lots...

  5. First of all: Dick Van Dyke is hilarious. I love him.

    Second of all: Did you just ask a question about music? *facepalm* Number one thing to know about Abbey, do not ask her a question about music. Or Lord of the Rings. Or Star Trek. Or American Girl Dolls. Or any of her other passions. You will get a book in response.
    I honestly have no idea what kind of music I like better. I was just saying to my mom that I love jazz, rock, patriotic, classical, and movie scores all equally. If I even start to think about which one I like best, I nearly break into tears because I just can't.
    I do believe that I like music without lyrics a bit better than music with lyrics. I don't listen to much music with lyrics anymore... But my music tastes change often. I'm sure I'll be back to Christian rock at some point or another. Right now I'm enjoying movie scores, 40's music, and Paul McCartney.
    Not quite a book... You got lucky. ;)


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