Friday, June 22, 2012

"I'm - I'm not - I'm not - I'm not from Mars."

 Today's lead up to the picture will be a series of quotes, probably all from movies. There will be a lot, and since I had nothing to post about yesterday this should make up for it. 

 Scotty: "He insulted you, captain."
 Kirk: *Smiles* "So that's when you punched him?"
 Scotty, looking shocked: "No! I knew you wouldn't want us to get into a fight over that!"
 Kirk: *Frowns* "So why did you punch him?"
 Scotty: "Well, he said the Enterprise was rubbish. THAT'S when I punched him."

 (I don't remember the men's names from Atlantis, but that is where this quote is from. 
 The Scientist, being all geeky and excited about some carvings he found on a pillar: "Look at the detail on this! It must have taken them two hundred years to complete!"
 The man who blows things up, after he has blown it up and knocked it over: "Look, I made a bridge. And it took me, what, two seconds."

 (This quote is from Galaxy Quest, which is a very funny movie that pokes fun at Star Trek)
 The ship was shot and is now breaking up. Men are being pulled out into space and the man in the engine room is talking to his captain, sounding very unconcerned. "Captain, they say we can't go on like this for much longer. The ship is breaking up and everything. Just FYI."

 (Same movie.)
 The crew is going down to a new planet and one member, who was like the Star Trek men in a red shirt. The movie is about a bunch of actors who acted in a space TV show and years later actually met real Aliens who take them up into space thinking they really know how to fly a space ship. One of the actors was in one episode and died right away. He is now convinced he is going to die in real life.)
 Guy: "I want to go back!"
 One of the other members: "After all the fuss you made about coming along?"
 Guy, whinnying: "I thought I would be one of the men who died on the ship, now I think I'm going to be one of the men who dies on the planet."
 The girl member: "You're not going to die, Guy."
 Guy: "How do you know that? I don't even have a last name!"
 Her: "You have a last name, Guy."
 Guy: "Do I? DO I?!"

 (From the bloopers on Prince Caspian.)
 Peter sitting on Caspian's horse: "I'm Prince Caspian!"
 Someone on the ground: "No you're not, get off."

 (Sahara, in which two best friends get lost in the desert, tumble down a sand dune, and find the remains of a crashed plane.)
 Dirk: "Ten bucks there's a tool kit in there."
 Al, looking at their wrists handcuffed together: "I hate to rain on your crazy parade, buddy, but I don't think we can fix this thing."

 (Same movie)
 Al: "Dirk, you know when you meet a guy you haven't seen since college and he has a dead end job and a wife who hates him and, like, three kids who think he's a joke?"
 Dirk: "Yeah?"
 Al: "Wasn't there a point where you wished you'd have said to him, 'Hey, Bob, don't take that job. Don't marry that woman.'"
 Dirk: "Your point is?"
 Al: "We're looking for a submarine in the middle of the Sahara Desert using as our map some old cave drawings. I was just wondering when we're going to sit down and re-evaluate our planning."

 (From the Sherlock Holmes TV series staring Ronald Howard.)
 The man who hired Sherlock for a case talking to a policeman: "Where is, Mr. Holmes?"
 The policeman, slightly embarrassed: "He's sliding down the banister."

 (From Doctor Who after the ninth Doctor regenerated into the tenth.)
 Doctor to an Alien: "Quiet! I'm busy!" To Rose: "Now, be honest, how do I look?"
 Rose: "Um, different."
 Doctor: "Good different or bad different?"
 Rose: "Just different."
 Doctor: "Tell me, am I ginger?"
 Rose: "No, you're just sort of...brown."
 Doctor: "Oh! I wanted to be ginger! I've never been ginger!"

 (Ever After)
 The King after a fight with his son and in which the son says how glad he will be to become king: "I'll simply deny you the throne...and live, forever!"

 (Same movie.)
 The King after his son has awakened him early in the morning: "Off with his head!"
 The Prince: "I'm going to build libraries!"
 The King: "Who are you, and what have you done with our son?"

 The Prince: "But what if he didn't know which was his true love? And what if they stood side by side, and one of them was struck by lightening?"

 (Sherlock, TV series, BBC, Season two.)
 Watson to Lestrade: "Hello, Greg."
 Sherlock: "Greg? Why do you call him Greg?"
 Watson: "That's his first name."

 (North and South)
 Thornton: "I don't really know what to say, I've not found myself in this position before, but the truth is I've found my feelings for you-"
 Margret: "Please, stop."
 Thornton: "What?"
 Margret: "Don't go on in that way. It is not the way of a gentleman."

 Thornton: "You're sorry for what? That you find my feelings for you offensive or that you think I can only think in terms of trade?"

 (Sherlock Holmes 2)
 Sherlock to Watson: "Be nice to the woman who has invited us into her tent."
 Watson: "Says the man who pushes women from trains."

 Watson after Sherlock has shoved his wife from a speeding train into a river: "DID YOU JUST KILL MY WIFE?! DID YOU JUST KILL MY NEW WIFE?!"

 (Get Smart)
 Max: "Don't tell me there's no fire escape."
 99: "There's no fire escape."
 Max: "I asked you not to tell me that!"

 (Flushed Away.)
 Le Frog: "We leave, now!"
 One of his men: "What about dinner."
 Le Frog: "We five hours."

 Now, to announce the winner! Master?

Come now, there is no reason to look like that!

 Anyhow, the winner is, Hogan!

 So, here it is!

This is how I've always pictured Hogan, complete with the voice. (This is Alan Quartmine from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen played by Sean Connery.)

 And this is how Hogan will look in the book. 

TADA! So, what do you think?

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This week we have:


Captain Shamus Steed


Jack O'Malley!
  Well, it finally happened. We made it up last night to begin some filming. We were unable to get all of it done as it grew dark on us, but we did get some. So, next week I will likely post some behind the scenes pictures from it. (We had a lot of fun doing it. My friends are wonderful 8-D) But, all of that for another post. Right now I will bid you a farewell as I've a lot of work to do. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who, the first Christmas Special where he meets Donna Noble. Right off she gets annoyed with him for, more or less, crashing her wedding. Then she keeps insisting he's a Martian, which he finds a bit insulting. 




  1. Some great movie lines today! I'm partial to the Galaxy Quest ones.

  2. Trouble with Tribbles!!! HAHA *giddy laughter* I LOVE that part!

    And GALAXY QUEST!! That is one of the most funniest movies ever! I love when the helmsman guy is trying to fly them out of space dock and scrapes against the wall. And it's got Alan Rickman in it! He's one of my favorite actors.

    Haha I love Flushed Away to! One of my favorite movies! And Spike is played by Gollum. "Keep your legs straight when you hit the water!" *splat* "I kept me legs straight Spike."
    And my best friend is always going, "Shocky."

    And Sean Connery! He is a good actor from what I've seen him in (Indiana Jones).

    Wow! That is a GREAT drawing! I love it! The beard looks so soft... And his eyes have so much depth and feeling!

    Shakespeare's got lots of annoying characters. xD They aren't super super annoying... But they are annoying-funny.

    I love Charlie Brown. =D I've been watching him since I was a little kid. We always catch the Christmas and Thanksgiving and Halloween specials. And if I can't watch them on TV I watch them on youtube. The theme song is soooo fun to pla on piano.

  3. Love watching the Narnian blooper reels! That may be one of the best parts of the films!! ;)

  4. I haven't seen Ever After in...forever. I loved that movie a few years back!

    The drawing of Hogan is fantastic!

  5. May I ask this do you like Richard Armitage? Because if you do I'm like this blog 100% also If you like Jonas Armstrong I am also likibg this blog 100% too:)


  6. Alan Rickman. Coronal Brandon. Severus Snape. With purple hair. As Zora would say: "I'll never be able to un-see that." >.< Also, is that Monk? O.o

    And Hogan looks soooo cool!! <3 I love it! I cannot wait to see all the rest!

  7. (Oh, and I forgot to say: "THORNTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hehe. :D)

  8. LOVED this post. I cracked up thru most of the quotes...especially the Prince Caspian blooper reel one. And the Ever After quotes (funny movie ..."nothing is final until you're dead, and even then I'm sure God negotiates". or the "twas a bee".)

    Such a fun post... :D


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