Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Look back, Look back at me."

 My cousins and brothers and I went up camping over the weekend. The plan was to go up Saturday, hike, then sleep under the open stars, and go back down early for church. However, when it is us, nothing goes as planned. First off we couldn't find our cousins, then when we did we unpacked and decided to go for a hike to try and save Sheen's knife that he had managed to drop into a crevice. Libby managed to squeeze down and get it. 

 After this we started to climb some rocks, and Sheen went to jump over one, tripped, and banged into another. Since he was still able to walk, we continued the climb, made it to the top, then had to scramble down as it started to rain and lightening. We made it down alive, then I somehow tripped over a tree branch, falling on top of another and banging both elbows and knees. 

 Crippled, Sheen and I hobbled back to camp and we fell into the tent just as the clouds opened up. We all laid about comfortable, until we saw a lake forming in one corner of the tent. Giggling, we moved to the other end, and later saw a lake there as well. Quickly we piled in the middle...until a river started to snake toward us. 

 After a bit of thought we packed up, went to my cousins house, and camped out in their second living room, Sheen and I moaning in pain and avoiding all contact with the others. Camping is fun, but sometimes they are even funnier almost dying, then going home and watching Monk. 
 You knew this was coming. Doubly so if you follow me on twitter. If you know of my love of fictional characters, of my rants over the last week and two days, you knew this was unavoidable. So, without further ado, I will present to you this weeks character....

 Master, if you please...Master? MASTER?! Oh, I think he quit. Pity, he did such a nice drum roll...Anyhow...I now introduce you to...

 John Thornton!

  I'm going to try hard not to make this some kind of geeky rant but do an actual character sketch. So, I will now do a fast over view. 

 Mr. Thornton is the man male character in North and South and he falls in love with the girl character, Margret Hale. He owns a factory which he worked hard to get after his father took a risky venture, failed, then took his own life leaving Thornton to care for his mum and spoiled sister Fanny. When the story opens, his workers are preparing for a strike, even though Thornton is a fair and kind mill owner, especially compared to the others. He cares about his workers and their health, doing all he can to keep them safe. 

 Thornton can be hard to understand. When Margret first meets him he beats up one of his workers who was about to smoke. The man had done so before and had been warned, smoking in a cotton factory endangers everyone's lives so Thornton fires the man and Margret thinks him cruel, though everyone agrees Thornton did the right thing. 

 With this, the viewer could easily think him a cold, cruel man, but then he shows more of his character. He admits he was wrong to loose his temper, though he says he isn't sorry he fired the man. He had seen one factory set on fire and all the dead bodies and didn't wish it to happen to his. He tries to befriend Margret but she refuses. 

 Then, as the story goes on we find out Thornton is doing all he can for his workers. There was a fan or something the mill owners could install back then that would lessen the cotton in the air and help keep the workers safe. Many of Thornton's fellow mill owners refuse to have it put in as it costs too much, but Thornton already has it in. 

 The more we are around him the more we see, such as his sense of humor - which can be very well hidden. (During one scene his sister is getting married and buying all kinds of things, making Thornton pay for them. At this point Thornton is nearly bankrupt because of the strike. His mum asks how she can comfort him and he says things they can pray for, then adds, "And pray Fanny spends no more at the store.")

 He reminds me of Rory here

 Even though he is about to loose everything later in the movie, Thornton will not join in on a risky venture that might make everything even worse on his workers. He also is willing to hire the man who started the strike, giving him a second chance - and later the two become good friends. 

 Margret also has a brother in the movie, but he has to hide in Span because he got in trouble with the law and will be killed if he is caught in England. However, when their mother is dying he returns home, then must be snuck out of the country before he is caught. Margret goes with him to the train at night, hugging him goodbye, and is seen by Thornton. He disproves of what he thinks is something scandalous, but he tells no one, not wishing to ruin her reputation. 

 Oh, and he gave a nice first proposal, even if Margret did meanly reject him, even going so far as to say, "I don't like you, I never have!" And blames him for her friend dying. (His second proposal to her really wasn't one. But it was a sweet scene. He smirking while she babbles about business, waiting for her to stop so he can say he loves her - well, more like kiss her...but anyhow.)

 So yes, this is a very great movie and he is wonderful. Not many men are both sweet, caring, firm, and good leaders. 

 And yes, today the quote is from North and South. It is during the part when Margret is leaving to her old home and he is standing, watching her go, wanting her to stay. (It made this very un-romantic girl go..."SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then sigh and want to cry.)

 Have you seen North and South? What do you think of Mr. Thornton? Do you have a favourite period movie?



  1. Ah! Love Mr. Thornton. He's one of my romantic literary heroes.

    Have you read the book? I like him even more in there (they made him a little more cruel in the movie).

  2. What a camping trip!! It sounds funny (but a little painful) the way you wrote it. Did you make it to church in the morning or were you too crippled?!! :)

  3. As you know, I *love* Thornton! I can't believe my mum thinks Darcy is better. :-P Well, the good news, is that I'm not worried about ending up with someone unromantic now! :D

    Thornton really is SO cool! *sighs* He's SO sweet, and SO hard working, and he really is a good leader. :D I love 'im! (That's my attempt at an accent. :D)

    ~ Emma Rose River Watson Thornton

  4. OH MY GOODNESS I finally know everything you are talking about! I can't manage much more than a strangled shriek of happiness about Mr. Thornton, but I suppose you'll be able to interpret my full meaning. And it wasn't just Mr. Thornton I loved about North and South... there were so many things I could relate to, from culture shock to dealing with stuck-up people and all different kinds of things. Such a well-made adaptation, though I haven't read the book (books). I really need to read that now!

  5. P.S. I really like how your new author picture co-ordinates with your blog colours :P


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