Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Of course, Mr. Spock, your reaction was quite logical." "Thank you, doctor." "In a pig's eye."

 I think I shared this story before, but it always makes me laugh, so I will share it again. The twins I watch like to watch Barbie movies, especially the younger of the two. One day she wanted to watch one, so I put it in. 

 During one scene, Barbie and the fellow she liked were up in a hot air balloon talking. It was supposed to be a romantic scene, but during it the older of the twin's said to me, "I hope that balloon pops in the air." She and I have the same idea of romance...if something disastrous happens it is much more fun. 
 I have a lot going on in my life right now, one of the many things being publishing my book. I also have massive writer's block, and with summer here, I don't really feel like writing, add this is discouragement and I've hardly penned a word in the last few weeks. However, since I am working on getting my book ready to come out this fall I suppose it all works out. 

 But, with all this going on and all my writing more or less on hold, it will be awhile before I'm ready to reveal more of my own characters. Therefore, I will be sticking even longer to reviewing other people's characters. So, today, I will be sharing with you someone I find so very annoying I want to hurl my shoe at his head. 

  This, my friend, is Henry Lennox from North and South. And that, is his typical expression. I cannot tell you if he is mad, happy, overly giddy, sad, weeping, or boiling mad in that picture. 

 Henry appears at the very beginning of North and South. He is a friend of Margret's, and brother to the man her beloved cousin marries. (His brother is sweet, dashing, caring, wonderful, is hard to believe the two are related.)

"I'm looking for a man who smiles like this..." (Will Smith.)

 Near the beginning of the movie Henry asks Margret to marry him and she turns him down. He becomes slightly irritated in the movie, but even more so in the book and gives small insulting hints to her and her home. He is not seen again until the end of the movie, when Margret returns to her aunt's after her parent's death. 

"Did you say money?"

 Being with her so much again, Henry has hopes that he can win her over. I don't see how he planned to carry this out. He never smiles around her except for one time she mentioned her money. And then she asks him to help her with something and his response is, "8-/ however I can be of service." (And he sounds completely board.)

"Help the woman I love? Go on a train ride, just her and I? Sure, why not? I'm not doing anything better this weekend."

 He then later sees her with Thornton, and again shows no expression. Until she leaves with him, then he more or less glares at her, you can tell because his eyes squint more then usual. 

"I suppose I should be mad at you's your suitcase. Good bye."

 So, since he is so irritating and boring, you might wonder why I am posting about him. Simple. I enjoy laughing at him. I yell at him for acting so board around Margret, then I laugh without mercy when she and Thornton kiss (I am a very unsympathetic person.) And he gives me ideas on how to make truly irritating characters. Oh yes, and he helps in making Thornton look ten times cooler then he is, not that he needs the help. 

Henry: I love you, will you marry me? 
Bella: I love you too. Sure, why not.

 I'm sorry, I've wanted to do this since seeing Henry. I've never watched Twilight, but I've heard the actress played a character who did the Agent K smile. (If you don't get this it is from the Men in Black III preview. Will Smith is looking for K, and walks into the office all smiling and says, "I'm looking for a man who smiles like this 8-/" So, I thought these two would be prefect together. 

 Okay, I'm done being weird for a few hours now. 

 The quote I used today is from Star Trek. In one episode, Spock has to go back to his planet to get married, but while there, his bride-to-be asks for him to fight instead. She doesn't want to marry him and this is her way out. And, who does she ask him to fight but Kirk. Not quite knowing what he is doing, Spock fights him but since the air is thinner on his planet then earth Kirk is doing badly and McCoy knows he will be killed. Therefore he sticks him full of some kind of drug that makes everyone believe he is dead, then he takes him safely back to the ship. 

 Thinking he has killed his best friend and captain, Spock leaves his planet and the girl, and goes back to be court marshaled, only to find Kirk alive. Delighted to find him breathing, Spock grins, clasps him on the shoulder, and yells, "Jim!" Then he notices McCoy's gleeful smirk and Kirk's wide eyes, so he calms himself and says, "I'm glad to see you alive."

 McCoy, not about to let him get away that easily, says something like, "You cannot tell me that when you saw him alive you were about to give an emotional response." And Spock says, "I was just glad Star Fleet wasn't going to have to replace a good captain, it was very logical." McCoy still doesn't believe him, of course, and when he says as much Kirk looks slightly worried, like he is going to have to break up a fight. (By the way, I love that scene, it was SO funny!)
 Do you know of any especially annoying characters? Have you ever created one? Do you smile like this 8-/? Have you seen Star Trek? What about the Episode above? Is there any character you would like me to talk about next week? 




  1. I don't even know where to start... I love this post!! It made me laugh. That Henry guy looks kind of like he's flabbergasted. xD He sounds super annoying.

    And those twins sounds so adorable! I hope the ballon pops... Haha.

    HAHA! I laughed when I saw that Henry guy and Bella. Hee hee they sound like they would make a great couple. There kids wouldn't need braces 'cause they would never smile.

    Hee hee I love annoying characters. Sense and Sensibility is filled with them (I especially like Mr and Mrs. Palmer). And then of course there's Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing. I kind of borrowed him from Shakespeare for my novel (which is based off of one of his plays). I'm trying to make him as annoying as possible, Currently he's accidently destroying Lady Olivia's gowns.

    Star Trek is amazing. I love that episode. Haha Spock is so funny.

  2. Henry is quite annoying and I can never forgive him for having the same last name as Miss Mary Lennox. :( Bratty as she is in the beginning, she doesn't deserve that punishment. :(

    Wait! Maybe that is her father!! That would make perfect sense!!! Ok, I can forgive him, now, since he goes and dies - which allows Mary to go back to England and live with her cool Uncle. :D

    (You do know who I'm talking about, right? O.o Just checking."

    I am going to read North & South this summer - just so you know. ;D

    ~ Your DLS

  3. Annoying characters! YES! Got to love them right?

    And now...confessions. Sniff. I haven't seen star-trek or read/watched north and south. Hm, yeah, guilty me. But I so cracked up reading your comment with another Atlantis quote in it. I've NEVER met anyone else who quotes Atlantis. :D

    PS I like your idea of a romantic scene. Yes. Pop the balloon. That'll be WAY more fun...


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