Monday, June 11, 2012

"Only a rat would steal another guys extortion money!"

 A few years ago Kitty tore the screen off my window, and used the window as a door. It gets hot in my room with the window closed but if I open it with no screen I'm invaded by spiders and flies. Until I can get it fixed I had the idea to pin up some lace. This works, until Kitty shoves her way out and looses my pins. So, I have a bottle of water and squirt her when she thinks of jumping out. 

 However, Kitty decided she wouldn't let this stop her, so sat watching and when I wasn't looking she made a break for it. So I squirted her, then glared at her out my window. She looked over her shoulder at me, rolled her eyes, stuck out her tongue, then walked off with her tail high in the air. 
 Book Reveiw: Larklight by Philip Reeve

  Art and his annoying older sister Myrtle live in Larklight, a house that floats in space. They live in a Victorian England world where men has made it into space and met many Aliens. So, seeing space life is nothing new to Art, until the day his home is invaded by giant spiders, his father is supposedly killed, and he and Myrtle are forced to flee into space alone. What they meet there is a famous pirate, Jack Havock, who isn't all he has been rumored to be. 
 The brother and sister find safety aboard Jack's ship, but Art is determined to free his home from the spiders, and save the world while doing it. 

 I was expecting this book to be Steampunk. It wasn't, but the moment I started I couldn't stop. Art is so witty and reckless, but at the same time nothing but a scared little boy who wants his father and wishes the spiders would eat his sister. And Jack, I just loved Jack, but I don't know what he saw in Myrtle! (And his crew was amazing too.)

 The book is filled with Aliens, all new and fun, but so well described it is as if you've known them your whole life (the pictures throughout the book help with that!) (I also loved how much the characters talked about Creation in this book. It was a nice surprise.)

 I think everyone should read this book. And the second. (I still have to find the third! No library around me has it!! So sad.) But, this book is fast paced, a fun, exciting read, and Art is delightful!
 This quote is from the movie Oscar (I'm going to do a movie review about it this week. I love this movie, but no one will endure me telling the plot, so I will make all of you listen. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Anyhow, the basic plot is this gangster promises his father on his death bed that he will become honest. Determined to carry out this promise the man, "Snaps" Provolone, tries to become a banker. That is until the day his account shows up, and tells him he wishes to marry his daughter...his OTHER daughter. (I'll explain in the post.)

 This line is when Snaps finds out his account has been stealing his money which he stole from others, (Being a gangster and all).
 Have you read Larklight, or any other of Mr. Reeve's books? Do you like stories about space? Which are your favourite space stories? 




  1. I've read Reeves before- the first two novels in the Hungry City Chronicles. (Mortal Engines and Predator's Gold) I have yet to get around to the third, but I like the series because its good sci-fi/steampunk.
    I'll have to see if our library has these Reeves' novels...They sound interesting!

  2. Aw, mean kitty. :-P

    Libby found my kitty outside yesterday. Apparently me dumping a glass of water on her (twice) when she tried to go outside didn't do the job. :-P I may have to resort to the garden hose...

    I think you told me about that book once... If only I hadn't stopped reading! :(

    And I would love a review on the movie Oscar! I still want to see that with you sometime...

    Hope you have a lovely day, sister!

    ~ Emma River Rose Watson Thornton


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