Thursday, June 14, 2012

"She's marrying Doctor Poole now." "Doctor Poole!" "Hello!"

 My dad and brothers were board one evening so they found this old cartoon show on Netflix and started watching it. It was called Gray Star and was about this Indian Ranger who lived on a Texas like planet and fought bad guys with his side kick, his trusty horse. 

 Anyhow, I was in bed but I over heard this conversation while they watched. 

 Sweetie: "How does he spin that shot gun around?"

 Daddy: "They were designed so that men could spin them around their hands."

 Sweetie: "He has hooves..."

 (About this point in watching dorky old movies {Not all old movies are dorky, just certain cartoons 8-D} my dad will say, "Don't mock the classics, man!")
 I was going to think up something witty to post as a lead up to today's character picture reveal, but I took the four girls I baby sit hunting for pirate treasure in the river and wore myself out. Therefore my brain is asleep, and the bit that is awake is working out details for the newest Haphazardly Implausible Short Story. (I will be releasing these soon.) Therefore, all witty posts are...on holiday. 

 Still, it is rubbish to leave you all with no clever lead up. Slapping the picture up without any form of delaying it as long as possible goes against my evil ploys. Therefore, I will do some random things, since I featured The Kestrel in the last posts. Pity, it would have been a dandy Friday Feature!

 I got this idea from another blog I read. I will now bombard you with as many random facts as pop into my head. 

 I am drinking a cup of hot tea. 

 Posting random facts makes me think of Monk and the show where the man boiled all his gold down, disguised it as ink, and used it all up writing as many random things as he could think of into journals. 

 Monk also makes me thinks of elephants. 

 Elephants make me watch to watch The Lord of the Rings and don my cloak. 

 I'm excited for the Ren Faire and the chance to chase, and maybe even trip, Robin Hood again. 

Sorry, couldn't resist.

 I cannot wait for The Kestrel to arrive!!!

 JOHN IS....oh wait, I can't tell you that. (It is from a book I'm reading.)

 I want to go on an adventure with lots of danger. 

 The Scarlet Pimpernel is cool, but someone PLEASE make the wife go away. 

 I'm rubbish at spelling French names, that is why I called her the wife. 

 That is a weird fact, since my last name is French. 

 Please tell me everyone else finds it weird, but sweet, that Sir Percy was kissing steps. 

 Sir Percy makes me miss Percy Jackson. 

 Comparing Sir Percy to Percy Jackson might get me in trouble with my friend Anna. 

 I am also reading North and South and Margret annoys me so much I would have stopped by now if it wasn't for the hopes of getting to Thornton. 

You KNEW this was coming.

 I need to finish the books I'm reading so I can read The Kestrel when it is arrives. 

 I'm probably going shopping tomorrow. 

 I dressed almost all day as a cross between Peter Jones and Darcy Steed. 

 I taught myself how to run in heeled boots because Air Pirates wear them and I want to be ready when I go on board a Zeppelin. 

 And now, I have decided to move on and show you the pictures...but first, to reveal the winner....

 Master, if you please?

  The winner is, Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann!

 Isidore was a complex character from the moment he came into being. He went from a kind, thoughtful person to the grump he is now. His looks changed as well, from a typical looking man to someone who resembled Sherlock...a lot...*Looks innocent.*

 I never really changed him from the Sherlock phase, he still has the long nose and high forehead, but now he is no longer Sherlock's twin. 

 Anyhow, this is how I now picture Isidore. (Minus the croaked nose.)

  And, at long last! Isidore as he will appear in the books!

  When the scanner wasn't working.

  Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann!!!! (And I so just learned how to make pictures bigger!)
  In writing news, I discovered why these short stories have taken me so long to get done. I HATE writing short stories. It is my bane. I don't like compressing everything, leaving out things I want to add. But I will keep writing them, and hopefully get them done faster then I have of late. 
 In Oscar, Snap's real daughter Lisa gets engaged three times in just a few hours. The last engagement is to Doctor Poole, whom Snaps and the last man she was engaged to decide she should marry. Well Snaps' wife still thinks she is marrying the other man, and telling the minister about him. Snaps interrupts and says, "No, she isn't marry him now."

 Confused, the wife asks, "What happened? Who is she marrying now?"

 "Doctor Poole," Snaps answers. 

 "Doctor Poole!"

 And, at that moment, he leans over the banister above them and yells down (All cheerful) "Hello!"

 That is one of the funniest moments in the movie. 
 I will now fix the voting thing so it will have this weeks list up. But I will put the names here as well. Again, if you wish to learn more about the character's up this week you can go to their PAGE

 This week you can vote for...

 Jack O'Malley

 Captain Hogan

 Darcy Steed

 So, go and cast your votes! Please use the side bar thing, that way I can find it easier 8-D
 What do you think of Isidore? Is he how you pictured him? What are some random things you have done this week? Was anyone else annoyed with Percy's wife in The Scarlet Pimpernel? 




  1. I liked your little bits of random in your post. It's interesting (and, let's face it, entertaining) to read!! :D

    I hadn't really thought about how I picture Isidore. But I probably thought of him as older. No idea why. I like the drawing tho! Neat. :)

  2. I love your random ramblings. Hee hee. I thought you said in an earlier blog post your last name was German? Mine's Dutch.

    Who is the actor that you imagined Isidore to look like? He looks so farmiliar but I can't place a name...

    And I LOVE the drawing of Isidore!! =D He looks so cool! I especially like his cloak.

    My vote would be for Darcy Steed this week.... Or Jack O'Malley. So hard! I want to see them all.

  3. Your random stream of conscious thoughts is hilarious!
    And just how does the horse spin the gun anyway?

  4. Isidore looks awesome and forboding. (Forebearing? I'm not sure which it is.)

    Rambling is fun, regardless of what it's about. xD

  5. Love the pic! He looks great! :)

  6. Eh, I guess I didn't mind Marguerite that much.... she's better in the layer books. Odd, I know. And Sir Percy and the steps -- *shudders* I LOVE that chapter, btw. Just not the kissing-the-steps part! :D *grin* my thoughts while reading that last paragraph: "Daaawwwwwww!!! He's so swee- WHY is he kissing the steps?!?!?!?!?"

    I also wanted to throw the book across the floor during that chapter and knock BOTH their heads together! Ugh! this iPod is driving me crazy! I'll comment longer tomorrow! :D night!



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