Saturday, June 23, 2012

"That's a lot of money. Where are you heading? The Bahamas? South America? The moon?"

 It is almost July. Which means I will be gone for two weeks. I'm going out to see my sister and have lots of adventures and give her the cool gift I've been saving for months for her. I will be gone the 5th through the 22nd, or something like that. So, I will not be able to post or comment, because I won't have internet and I will be having too much fun enjoying my holiday and getting my sister into trouble.


Yes, even fake brothers can be annoying

 However, I don't want to loose all my lovely readers, and handsome if any of you are fellows. Therefore, I will share with you my plan. And my reason for writing a boring post on Saturday. 

No one told Matt Smith the sonic screw diver didn't work in real life

"Don't look now, but that man is sweeping the sand."

 I finally made it up to get some trailer pictures! My friends were wonderful and they all did great! (Even if the costume stuff I took up was my size and didn't fit any of them too well. I think they looked smashing though.) Sadly, though, we couldn't get a lot done because it went dark on us. Therefore, we will be going back up when I get back from my holiday and will spend a whole day filming and being weird. (We are a weird lot.) And we might also get some others to come up and help us.

Awkward behind the scene moments. Notice Hawkeye

 Anyways, I have decided this week I will not be posting music Monday or book reviews. The only post that will be the same is the character picture, which you should go and vote on. Also, on that note, don't forget you have just one week to send in a cover picture for the short story. Read more HERE

Filming is all fun and games until someone is poked in the nose

"They do know we don't eat Alien food in real life, right?"

 As for the posts, they will be some random pictures of behind the scenes or our filming, some of the actual pictures AND a film of two of my friends country dancing near a highway. (Of course, that is just if they give me permission.)

"Him? He's insane."

 Okay, this is turning out to be a long post, but I have a lot to explain so, you'll just have to endure I suppose. Now, I asked three of my friends if I could use their names on here and they said yes. The other two in their family, the youngest, weren't as sure yet so I will wait. Also, let it be noted I'm not appearing on camera. In fact, I'm so top secret and spyish you won't even hear my voice. BUT when I get back from seeing my sister I will have an author photo for all of you. 

"Wait! No one said they were REALLY going to flood the room!"

If you know what this is you are cool

 That said, I will now give the names of three of my friends. The one who will be doing the filming and acted both Steed and Isidore, unless we can get more help is William Knisley. He is a wonderful photographer and I'm really grateful he is doing this for me. Here is his site CLICK ME which has just been set up so it is still being worked on. But at least you can look around, see him, so forth. 

Only a very brave man can wear a skin tight suit and causally stand next to Steven Spielberg

 His older brother, Ryan, will be acted Peter AND he even agreed to don a kilt and be Kirk for part of it. This makes me happy beyond words as I'd given up on having Kirk in. Ryan doesn't have a website or anything, just a facebook he never uses. 

And walk a wire dog for that matter

 The girl who will be playing Jack is Heather, their sister. She has a blog which you can view HERE. She's studying to be an Archaeologist but is also writing a book. 

"Oh look, that's me."

 The two younger ones, who aren't sure about revealing their names yet, will be playing Darcy and Singur/ Tony. Both are great at acting, and a ton of fun to be around. The sister though is slightly camera shy so if I get any behind the scene stuff of her I will have to sneak it. The brother was born to be an actor. 

Stapler anyone?

 So there, as of now, is my cast. And we decided that our first filming was more of a test so the clips we took might not make it into the final trailer, but it was nice to get a start and FINALLY figure out how we would be doing this. 

" look...different."

 Now, all of that said...when I get back you can look forward to my author photo and the actual trailer pictures and more behind the scene stuff. I forgot my camera's card when we went up last time, as well as Darcy's jacket, so the second will be better and I will have more to share. (It is easier to get more pictures when I don't have to steal William's camera for them. Though he was very kind and got some for me.)

You mean he wasn't REALLY dead?!

 Now that I have all that down I will go through the pictures we have and pick the ones that will go up on Monday. ALSO if anyone would like to guest post while I'm gone do email me! If you are working on a book and would like to talk about it, would like to talk about Steampunk, or just random things I would be honoured to feature you! 

"Don't look now, but there's a giant marshmallow over your head."

 Okay, now I'm really going. Lots more work to do today. And I'm working on something for the short stories, which HOPEFULLY will be coming very soon. 

"Do I really have to jump like that?"

  Excited for the trailer pictures? Or my author picture? Interested in guest posting? Visited my friend's blogs? Do you have any upcoming holidays?


 P.S. Sorry this was such a choppy post. I have a ton going on today. 

 This quote is from the Steed Avengers. Mrs. Peel is kidnapped and is calmly annoying her captor, who has stolen millions of pounds. One of my favourite episodes 8-D



  1. As usual the pictures are funny and awesome. I'm sad you won't have internet, but I hope you have fun! And I can't wait to see the photos you promised.

    Now I'm just sitting lol'ing over the captions you put... they're hilarious. My favourite is "only a brave man can wear a skin tight suit and stand casually next to Steven Spielberg." I love the looks on both their faces, hehe.

  2. I can't wait to see the behind the scenes photos! And I hope you have a great time with your sister - I hear she's planning a really great party, which should be lots of fun. :D

    ~ Emma River Rose Wastson Thornton

  3. Ahahahahahaa!! I literally just start giggling when I see you have a new blog post because your posts are so entertaining.
    "Aragorn, you look different!" Haha my favorite. I laughed out loud.

    I can't wait to see the trailer!!

  4. Very excited for the trailer!

    The pictures never fail to make me chuckle xD

  5. Katie, that is SO weird! It's like you KNOW my sister or something....

  6. I'm looking forward to trailer pictures...AND an author picture!! Have a fun time away. :)

    PS Yeah, life must get boring on movie sets..."here, you, go sweep the sand a little. Make it look more...sandy or something". :P

  7. Love that first picture of Luke, Han, and Leia. :D
    Have a great time filming that trailer; it sounds awesome! So excited.


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