Monday, June 18, 2012

"What about Mole?" "Don't tell him! You told me and you shouldn't have and now I'm telling you, don't tell him."

 I'm allergic to cats and dogs. It isn't so bad that I cannot live with them, but in the spring my allergies get worse with all the dust and pollen in the air. I'm sure half of Americans have the same trouble. However, this also sharpens my pet allergy, and Kitty knows it. Every spring she insists on sleeping right by my head and shedding in my face. Then in the mornings she will sit on the bed and watch me as I walk about my room sneezing. She is very pleased with this game. I am not amused. (Doctor Who joke)
 Today I am reviewing The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers. 

 This story is about a ten year old girl named Cady. She lives in the Blue Ridge mountains with her Irish village. Cady has done something horrible, something that has cost her her parent's love. It is Cady's one desire to be forgiven this horrible deed, but it is believed that the only time one can be forgiven is when they die. At death the sin eater will come back down from the mountain tops and will take the dead person's sin away. No one can look upon the Sin Eater or all his sins will pass to them. But Cady is desperate. She is only ten, it might be years before she dies and she knows she cannot live with her guilt for that long. Therefore, with her new friend Fagan, she heads off into the mountains, determined to find the Sin Eater and ask him to take her sins now. And if he can't, then she will take her own life. But what she finds will solve many mysteries and will give her, and her village, hope. 

Cady. I loved her dresses 8-D

 (All imagines will be taken from the movie.)

Cady and the Man of God as she called him. She and he and Fagan became good friends

 My mum loves Francine Rivers books but I found them too dull or too mushy. Therefore, I never read them. But I was always curious about this one, and one day I picked it up and went, "The girl is only ten! There can't be any romance in it!" And sure, Fagan is in it, but he is cool. And he and Cady don't really get along. They are friends, but they bicker a lot. 


 Anyhow, only a few chapters in and I loved the book. It was exciting and filled with loveible, irritating characters. And Fagan's dad is a prefectly creepy villain, and the preacher! I loved him so much! (I also loved the Sin Eater too. He is a very sad man, with good reason, but he is also very kind and does all he can to help Cady.)

The Sin Eater
He without his Sin Eater clothing. Doesn't he look like a famous actor, who's name escapes me.

 I also liked how the message in the book was done. It flowed smoothly and fit in well. (Some Christian books I've read, the message is just tacked on to call it Christian. Or it is just about love. This one was much deeper and was very important to the story.)

Cady and the Man of God again

 I also liked the movie, though Fagan was cooler in the book. (Oh! And Lisabeth! Cady's mysterious friend, she is soooo cute!!!! I adore her. 8-D)

Lisabeth, sorry for the poor quality, I could only find one of her. Just take my word for it, she's cute. "Fagan is very handsome, isn't he?" I love that line 8-D Again, SO CUTE!

 Anyhow, I would recommend this book to anyone, as well as the movie. Both have some creepy parts, but not disturbingly creepy. And it is a wonderful story. 

Cady and Fagan worn out after looking for the Sin Eater. 
 Sadly, my friends all had to stay late at work so we weren't able to go up and film yet. However, they said we could go up Saturday. Hopefully it will work this time. I plan to remind them all week about it 8-D I love having friends I can pester who don't get annoyed with me. 

 I hope most of you know what the quote from today is from. This is one of my favourite movies, and one my brothers and I love quoting. Atlantis. This line is one of my top favourites. And if you don't know, the movie is about some people hunting for the lost city of Atlantis. Most of the people know each other, and are like a team, but one young man has just joined them. So one night they are sitting about talking about themselves when one of the men, who they call Mole, digs a hole into the dirt, turns out his light, and goes to bed. And, well, hence the line above 8-D Very funny movie 8-D. 
 Have you read or seen The Last Sin Eater? What did you think? Do you like Fagan too? Do you have pets who like to torment you? And, random, but who cares, have you seen the Grimm Episode, The Woman in Black? If so, were you as surprised and pleased about their surprise as I was? (Geeky moment there.)




  1. I LOVE Atlantis. Never fails to make me laugh. ("Kidnagashugga... you got a nickname?" -- sorry, I couldn't resist! Love quoting movies.) :D

    I haven't seen the movie or read the book but it sounds intriguing! And yes, I get really bad allergies too. Especially in spring. And especially to cats. (Allergies are the worst!)

  2. The movie was very powerful even if its premise was a tad... different. Haven't ever read the book.

  3. I've wanted to see this movie for years - you talk about it so much. :D

    Do you own it? If you do you should bring it when you come so we can watch it together. :D

  4. I read this many years ago and I can't remember the characters, but i remember I felt so sad for everyone who believed that the only way to be free from sin was through a human sin eater. Thank goodness for Jesus!


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