Sunday, June 03, 2012

"When did your brother get married?" "When everything was hopeless."

 Indiana, my pet snake, shedded for the first time two weeks ago. He was very moopy during it, kind of like he was tired or in pain or something. He hid most of the day, and I didn't hold him so as not to stress him out. He didn't come out of hiding until it was over. Then he crawled over to the glass and stared at me, accusingly. 

 I tried to apologize, and said I had tried to tell him this would happen. He wasn't very pacified so I tried something more encouraging. 

 "Well, you're not a baby anymore," I told him. 

 Instantly he turned around and crawled off. 

  So, I really like Enya's music, and it has been the inspiration for many of my mid evil books. And this song of her's is one of my favourites and fits almost all of my characters, though I listen to it most when working on Hemlock. And I really had to find one of North and South, because...well, right now I really love that movie 8-D

  I stole the quote today from a friend of mine. I'm not sure if it is legal, but I know he wouldn't mind. At least, I highly doubt he would. Anyhow, it cracks me up still, so I had to use it...I will likely even put it in a book. *Eyes the characters it fits*

 Do you like, or have even heard of Enya? What is your favourite song by her? Do you have different music for each book you write? 




  1. I've only really heard May It Be, off the Lord of the Rings sountrack--she's a really nice singer, though.

  2. Oh, yes, I really like Enya! I got my first Enya CD when I was twelve (after I watched Lord of the Rings), and I've collected more and more since then.

    She's usually part of any playlist I make, plus random soundtrack music. *shrug* It depends on my mood.

  3. I think the only song I really know is the one from the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. Fit the scene in the movie very well.

  4. I have a couple of songs for some of the books I'm writing, but not for all. I'm trying to find one for one of my current stories, but I haven't yet. L)


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