Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"You owe me this, sister." "Sister? I thought she was your daughter." "Shut up."

 Once Kitty had a liter of kittens, there were three in that liter. One kitten liked to steal socks, one was ornery and ran races through the house, but the third was pretty mellow and did little, except for his one bold feat we still laugh over.

 One day we were all sitting at lunch. We were in the living room, watching TV while we ate out hot dogs. Sweetie had his cut up into smaller pieces.

 So, we were eating and watching when, from out of nowhere, a black streak jumped on Sweetie's lap, then vanished. We all stared after the mellow kitten, then Sweetie exclaimed, "He stole part of my hot dog!" I believe his bold thievery impressed his brother and sister.
 Well, I was planning on doing a movie review on Oscar, as I've been saying. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it is impossible. This funny movie is VERY complex and to try and do a post on it would either confuse you all or bore you. So, just go and watch it.

 Instead I thought I would share a new book release with all of you. A friend of mine has just published her book. She is a wonderful author and I know if you buy this book you will not be disappointed. She has a exciting, whimsical, thought provoking style and every one of her characters I've ever met I've fallen in love with. You can find her book on Amazon. I highly recommend this book, I've finally been able to save up the money and bought it tonight in fact. You can learn about her and her writing HERE and you can find her book HERE.

 This is the summery of the book that is on Amazon.

 Darin White has been to Pluto, but never as the captain of his own ship. Although interplanetary travel is normal, when the Kestrel encounters spacepirates near Jupiter, Darin learns that space - and the people in it - remains more of a mystery then he'd ever assumed.

 I've had the honour of reading bits and pieces of this book, and I thought the story clever and amazing. I've read and watched a lot of space stories, but this one had a new, fun twist. And yes, I will be doing a book review on this once it has come and I have devoured it.
 As I've mentioned before, I've been having doubts about my title and have considered renaming the book. I didn't think anyone would like the title it has now, and that it would be too hard for everyone to remember. Therefore, I scoured the internet, I racked my brain, I looked all over. But I found no title that fit it as well as the one it has now.

 Therefore, I studied Steampunk book titles and realized they don't have normal titles. Keeping this in mind, I looked deeper into my title, and decided there is no other title that will fit my book. I have explained the title HERE.

 And, another reminder. You now have a chance to enter a contest to design a cover for one of my short stories. Details are HERE. And today is your last chance to vote for the next character picture!

 Now I am going to bed as I have a busy day at work tomorrow.
 Another line from Oscar. Snaps is talking to his OTHER daughter, a girl who lied to the man she loved, saying she was Snaps daughter. Connie is in the same room with them while they are talking, but got behind again, so feels even more lost over this line.
 Interested in The Kestrel? Following the lovely Miss Trisha's wonderful blog? What are some of your favourite Space Stories? Pet stories? Will you be entering the cover contest? 




  1. Awww cute kitten story!

    The Kestrel sounds intriging!

    I've always like Haphazzardly Implausable as the title of the book. I think it's very unique and it makes the reader have to actually think.

    My favorite space stories take place on the U.S.S. Enterprise of course! Hee hee.

  2. Ah! I love Oscar. Such a hilarious movie, and the ending is absolutely brilliant. :)


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