Thursday, June 07, 2012

"You threw off my groove!" "I'm sorry, but you threw off the Emperor's groove."

 I once helped in a Valentine's Day Dinner. There were lots of plays and skits put on, but one skit I liked more then the others. In this skit, a young man was trying to talk to a pretty girl. He sat down beside her, smiled, wiggled about, and then said something, which she ignored. She even moved her chair away from his. Following, he smiled again and said, "I seem to have lost my number...Can I get yours?"
 If a fellow ever uses that line on me I think I would have to give him my number, just for his sense of humor. 
This Thursday I have something fun to talk about, but since I'm me I'm going to making you suffer my weird randomness before you can get to it. begin!

 Actually, I'm not feeling at all random. Kind of tired, worn out, and lost somewhere in another reality. In fact, I have an idea. I will now post up random pictures of things that are on my brain. Then you will have something to look at! (Brilliant of me 8-P) 

 This one shocked you enough to cause you to jump out of your boots, I know. 

 Because my Indiana is so cute (And no, this is not him.)

  This, because I started the book, and I think I'm going to adore Sir Percy. (Oh, and there was a picture of Thornton along with all of Sir Percy's. Does that tell you something or what?!)

I'm always thinking about swords, I'm a fencer after all. 

  Enough said, and Thornton is in it. 

 Because I'm reading this book as well. 

 Need I say more?

 Again, no explanation. 

 This, because it says I'm the Doctor, and a Narnian...

 Book covers, my friend!

 Okay, so I'm thinking about him a lot...
 Now, this wasn't as random as you might think. You see, I have been thinking a lot about pictures lately, because, as I've said, my book is now to have them. We already have some that will be in the book, and are now narrowing down the others. But I was thinking, all this picture talk might be dull to you readers. After all, you aren't getting to see anything, just hear about it. Therefore.....

 Drum roll, Master...(Yes, he came back. Seems I'm the only one willing to hire him.)

 At least you have a job, stop complaining!

 Anyhow, I have decided to release one picture a week of one of the characters from the book! I will do this on Friday's, unless someone wants to guest post on my blog, then it will be Thursday. Later, I might consider releasing one of the scene pictures, but this is further down the road, closer to the book's release. 

 So, tomorrow I will reveal a character, then after that all of you can vote for who will be shown next. Now, be happy and send me cookies so I can take over the world and make a law that every Monday is Marshmallow Day. 

 The cover is still not moving, we've been having cold, rainy, knock-you-down-and-laugh windy days. However, I have costume stuff for the book trailer, if only I can round up a, cast. But things still are moving, though to me they don't feel like it. I might join Sherlock and start shooting the wall (Oh, I should have put a picture of him up!)

 However, all that aside. Be sure and come back tomorrow so you can see Clair's wonderfully amazing work, and see what the mystery character looks like! 
 The line today is from The Emperor's New Groove which is a funny movie that I think almost every living person has seen. If not, see it. Then you will get my line. And if you have seen it, you can giggle with me. 
 Have you ever done a week of your life in pictures? If not, or if you have, what would it/ or did it, look like? Do you know who Sir Percy is? Looking forward to The Hobbit (In other words, are you human?) Would you consider helping the Master out and hiring him? Excited to see Clair's picture, and one of the characters? 




  1. Costumes for your book trailer? Can't wait to see it then.
    And yes, can't wait for The Hobbit!

  2. Thornton's on my mind too. ;) He's very sweet. I wish I knew someone like him. Wouldn't that be grand? :D

    Ooh! I cannot wait to see the picture! Even though I already have, it will be cool to see it on the blog. :D

  3. Jack,

    *smirk* That's a great pick-up-line! :D *grin*

    *gasp* YOU?? Have Thornton on your mind??!! Hehehe! :D I need to re-watch North and South. It's been a long time since I saw it! :) I will definitely have to do that soon! I remember he was REALLY cool and sweet, but like I's been awhile! :)

    AWWW! I've always wanted a snake. But then I read that they live for twenty years....I changed my mind about getting one. :(

    *Eyes grow wide and ridiculous grin spreads over face* Sir Percyyyyyyy!!! The photo there is from one of my top favorite scenes, too!!! :D *fan-girly-nerdy-ness*

    OOH!!! Our community college offers classes in fencing, using daggers, etc., etc., etc., and they actually count towards as college credits!!! O.O Awesome, I know!

    Enough said, is right. Super excited about it! Here is one girl that is dressing up as a hobbit to the opening night! I *am* Rosie Gamgee, after all! (wow! I haven't used that name in a LONG time!)

    I should read the book N&S. *adds to already huge list*

    No. You needn't say more about the Avengers OR Hawkeye! :)

    You're a stormtrooper? Cool! I like the stormtroopers. They're cool. :D

    And the Emperor's New Groove is a great movie. Almost as good as "Inconceivable!" But not quite. :)

    Do I know who Sir Percy is? Hmm....I *think* I may have heard of him.....once or twice...perhaps?

    I am VERY excited to the see the photos!! :D Will be looking forward to Fridays!! :D

    Ending a very long comment,
    S.I.C. Anna

  4. Haha I love Emporor's New Groove.

    And AHHH!! You know about Liberty's Kids! I used to watch it ALL the time when I was little. I just re-watched the first episode a few days ago!

    I am looking very forwards to The Hobbit. =D And I can not wait to see the picture from your book!

  5. I'm human. I'm looking forward to The Hobbit. And HA! to the quote. LOVE that movie (particularly that line...) Oh and you're The Doctor? Very nice...and a narnian (ah, we share something in common then). But you're a vampire. How did that happen, eh?!? Go Dauntless!!


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