Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Dun, dun, dun, we're dead."

 Somewhere between the painting and the packing I lost my marbles. I'm now sitting in a messy room, watching fall roll in, and wishing I hadn't packed all my sweaters. (It was boiling hot out yesterday, and then today it feels like snow. This is very common. We don't get the slow change in weather, it is just a sudden leap. This is why everyone in Wyoming will end up dead someday from some kind of weather stroke.)

 I know I said last week I was painting my new bunk bed. Well, I spent one full day painting it and I almost had it all done, then that night it poured and hammered my newly painted bed, taking most of the paint off. Now I have to start pretty much all over. And I didn't realize, but the first is on Wednesday, not Thursday, so I have one less day to get it done. But this is me, and I'm weird so I can probably get it done in time.)

 I also found out I cannot take Indiana with me. This is depressing news as he and I are very chummy and will miss each other a lot. (You probably doubt me, but that snake has a ton of personality and when I came home from holiday he did crawl out to see me and looked very pleased.) I'm hoping I can bring him over later on in the year. 

 So, what with painting and my room being a messy (I cannot work in a messy room) writing has all but stopped. I get some words out every now and then but usually there isn't much. I know it will pick up once I'm moved, in a clean room, and have a system going again. Right now I'm just trying to keep my thoughts on packing, not on how much I want my room back in order. 

 And that is pretty much all my writing news, except for some small updates about Haphazardly Implausible. I finally confronted everyone and got answers from them. The trailer is still going to work out, at least, everyone is going to try for it. We will try and film next Sunday afternoon after Church. 

 Book cover is still up in the air. My amazing artist (I call her that as I cannot spell illustrator without spell check) Clair Caprice, as volunteered to do the cover for me as has William Knisley. I am not sure how it will all work out, but we will try a few things I guess. I might have to get some kind of art program or something. Does anyone know of a good one? One I can learn how to use? I've heard Photoshop is good but I've no idea really. 

 As for art news, Clair emailed me the other day with three new LOVELY pictures. I can't tell you much about them but trust me, you will LOVE them. They alone would be worth buying the book for. Just look at all the character drawings if you doubt me. 

 Speaking of which! I never revealed the winning pictures. 

  You know the drill...Master, if you please? 

Don't you dare threaten me with that, thingy!

 The winning picture of the first vote, which will be in Chapter Three, is Jack Following Isidore Around London. Jack, of course, is pleased with this one, but Isidore is not. (I don't remember the numbers on this vote, but I think most everyone picked it.)

 Now, the second picture which will appear in Chapter Nine. This one almost won unanimously. There was only one vote for something else. And the winning picture is Steed Punching Peter.

 You have one more chance to vote. This will be from Chapter Eighteen.

 1. Aden hiding in a corner of the submarine as it is attacked.

 2. Peter and Steed fencing.

 3. Kirk leaning on the Zeppelin's wheel, right before something bad happens or as something bad happens.

 Thank you for your votes so far! Also, I have three more character pictures to reveal, so you can start voting on the side bar again. Now I will leave you with a very non Music Monday post, and don't worry, next week my life should be more normal ish....

 This quote is from How to Train your Dragon, because it is a cool movie and it proves I'm not insane for thinking of Indiana as my friend. 8-P




  1. I vote for Steed and Peter fencing. Just to even things out a little. :]

    Looove How to Train your Dragon! Such a fun movie. :) And that must be super annoying about your bed. I hope you get it finished in time. So is it a far move?

  2. I'd have to go for the fencing, too. Fencing is pretty cool, after all. :)

    I have to make a book or movie cover for an assignment in school. I have to use a program called Gimp, which looks pretty dodgey. And tacking. So I'm afraid I have no recommendations. (But whe the teacher was saw my book synopsis, he was pretty impressed. I didn't tell him I was actually writing it, though.) :)

    Have fun paiting. May the weather dry the paint fast. :)

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  4. Fencing! I love sword fighting of any kind.

  5. I vote for the picture of the two fencing. Fencing is something I wish I took the time to learn more about.

  6. PhotoShop is the best for that kind of project.
    Sorry you can't take your snake.

  7. Moving is an all-consuming venture. Give yourself time to get settled and organized and you'll be eager to jump back in! :)

  8. Thanks for the comment! The characters are from the book the Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman, which have been and am currently hooked on. :) Your steampunk book(s) look awesome! Are they a series? Will you be selling them on Amazon?

  9. Peter and Steed fencing or Kirk, please. :D

  10. Fencing - absolutely!

    I hope moving goes well for you! I've only moved once... when I was 6. I don't remember it. I hope Indy can get along with you! (Ok... that's a song lyric. I know it.)
    Good luck with your move!


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