Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Get it?" "Got it." "Good."

 When an author dreams of publishing it is usually with thoughts of becoming famous over night and making it to the New York Times Best Seller list in a month. Then having their book made into a movie a year later. If they knew what it was really like their would be less authors in the world.

 This is the post where I share with you the bad things about getting published. And where I sound like I'm whining and saying the whole world is against me. I know they aren't, but right now my room is a giant mess, everything is falling a part, and if I find a cave this week I'm becoming a hermit. But this is all part of publishing and it seems rubbish to only share the fun bits without showing some of the bad stuff that goes on.

 As I've said, I had a book cover helper and trailer helpers. I had editors, but with one thing happening after another, I was finally able to hire one. I'm not trying to say everyone has been rotten...maybe I should start at the beginning. 

 First off, as you all know, I've been hunting for an editor for awhile. Everyone I contacted (authors) said not to edit the book on my own. That was their one firm advice. "Get help." But usually my help kind of forgot, or got busy. One I understand completely. I mean, I understand both. I'm not trying to sound like I'm mad at them. But, anyhow, my mum found this editor who charged a dollar a page. The lady now has my book and should be sending it back to me soon. Editor, check. My advice to all you authors out there, look for an editor even while you are writing. They are NOT easy to find.

 Now, book cover problems. As I told you all, I had a cover person...I wonder what they are called? Everything was in motion with the cover. I had it all set up on my end. Costumes, sketches, plans. And, my helper, has more or less backed out. It isn't the kind of back out like, "I'm sorry, but I've suddenly become busy and I'm unable to help like I thought I would." That I can handle. Life happens, I'm okay with it. But no, this is different.

 My helper was supposed to find a day she was free to go up and get pictures. I left it to her to find a day as she is busier then me. But when it was taking awhile I thought I would just do a nice reminder without trying to sound rude. And she said she was still trying to plan a day. That was about, two months ago. And we're no closer to going up and getting pictures then we are to actually making the cover. But she won't tell me if she no longer wants to do it. So, I am trying to find other help, knowing she won't be too happy about it. And I'm not sure if I'm being rude or not, but I have a deadline, and it is fast coming up. And covers take a lot of work. (No, I'm not mad at her. I just wish she would tell me if she can't do it so I can find someone else, or find a day to get started.)

 And, to add to this, there is the trailer. My helpers with that seemed to love doing it. They were very excited and it appeared they had a lot of fun. They even said they would go up with me a whole Saturday so we would have a full day to get it all filmed. But, they have company and I had a holiday so we put it off till August.

 When I came back I got in contact with them to ask if they were free the first Saturday in August. I tried not to sound pushy, just ask. And, I think I upset a few of them. But, again, they won't tell me if they just don't wish to do it anymore. So I'm not sure if I should be looking for help elsewhere, attempting it on my own, or what. And this muffs my backup cover plan as I was going to have William do it.

 So, right now, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm at a dead end. I'm hoping I can figure out how to do the cover on my own, though I will still need someone to dress up as Peter for me. The trailer, I think I can do on my own, though it won't be half as cool. I might have a backup plan with the trailer. It just depends if I can rely on this person. (I can't have too many more people back out on me, I'm running short on time. I think I just might have to confront everyone and ask if they wish to help or no, and if so then sit them down and explain I'm short on time and we have to get going.)

 Anyhow, add all this to packing and job hunting and friendships that need worked on and family and everything else happening to me, I want to quit. But, of course, I can't because I know God wants me to do this so I will somehow accomplish it. Besides, I have Clair and she is the only one I can rely on right now. And you, my readers, who give me hope that someone will at least buy my book when it is out. But if you all could pray for me, I could sure use it 8-)

 And no, I'm not trying to discourage you all from publishing. I would just suggest you plan all this way before hand. But if you want to be published, I encourage you to go for it. Yes, it is a ton of hard work, but it is worth it in the end...at least, I hope so. I'm not to the end yet.

 And now I think I should sign off and get some sleep. The quote is from The Court Jester 8-D




  1. Oh good luck, eh? It's so tough staying motivated through the hard times. But yes, I will SO buy your book. I'm looking forward to it so much...

    Don't give up! We all hit walls. The important part is busting through them and getting to the awesomeness on the other side.

  2. You know... I think that if you didn't have bad luck, you'd have no luck at all! I mean... talk about getting the raw end of the deal, eh? Sorry! Hopefully things will start picking up from here on. :)

  3. I am one of the rare people who doesn't want her book to reach the kind of success that would be made into a movie - filmmakers usually butcher it! :-)

  4. Sorry you're having such a challenge with your book! You should find out who does Roland Yeomans' covers - they are excellent.

  5. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. :( I know it will all work out in the end, though!

    Love you!

  6. First of all, I love The Court Jester. =) It's such a great movie. Danny Kaye is one of my favorite actors. I love him in White Christmas.

    Secondly, I'm so glad your not giving up! It's hard when all your friends seem to disappear from beside you.... If I were you, I would contact everyone personally (not through email - give 'em a call or something) and ask them whether they still want to help you or not. If they do want to help, work out dates and times and such.

    I'll be thinking and praying for you. =)


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