Monday, July 09, 2012

"Get that thing out of my face." "It's not in your face, it's in my hand." "Get what is in your hand out of my face."

 Singur and Darcy tied in the character picture, so I will be revealing Darcy this week and Singur next!

 And don't forget to visit CLAIR and THE SHORT STORIES!

 The First Vote! These pictures will be from Chapter Three. So, have fun voting! As I said, I will announce the winners when I get back. 

 1. Tony finding a letter from Morcoft (who is the main bad guy in the series.)

 2. Aden in the woods, fleeing Rome. 

 3. Jack following Isidore around London. 

 Have fun! I'm eager to see which ones you pick!

 (Quote from Sherlock Holmes.)

 I wasn't able to find a person who looks like Darcy, so I don't have one of those for you. Also, Clair drew two of Darcy but I'm only revealing one for spoiler's sake. *Evil Grin.*

DARCY STEED! What do you think?




  1. Looks great! Artist did a nice job with the shading.

  2. I am jealous of Darcy's boots! Wonderful picture as always!

  3. Did you draw that Miss Jack??


  4. Wow! Darcy looks great! I really love his outfit and am amazed at how muc his pants look like something Sir Toby wore in the production of Twelfth Night I was in! He looks exactly like someone that would swagger about (I just went and read his profile on your Hap. Implausible page because for some reason I always forget who he is).

    As for the picture, I would love to see one of Jack following Isidore around London!

    Hope your having fun. =)

  5. Ha! Love the quote. In's the exact same one we have to go up on our quotable thursday!! (have to love sherlock holmes) :D

    so how does the vote work? do we vote for which picture is going to be drawn next? (if that's the case, I go for #3). :]

  6. Oh, I'd like to see the third one. :) These are amazing pictures you've been putting up. They're so cool. ;)

    I gave you three blog awards back at my blog, so if you wanted to do it, that would be fun. I really enjoy following your blog!

  7. Can I pick Aden attacking the stalker? Pleeeeeeeeease? If not, I vote the scene with Jack (but the scene with Aden is my first pick). ;D


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