Sunday, July 22, 2012

"I'm a doctor, not a mechanic!"

 Well, I'm back. I had a lot of fun and will have some fun adventures to share with you, starting with today. I thought for this Music Monday I would share some of the songs we listened to the most while driving around. I'm also going to put up last week's picture vote as it only got two votes and both were different. 

My sister likes this song a lot, I assume, as she listened to it a lot. I think it is from Mr. Young's newest CD, but I'm not completely certain. 
All of my friends like this one. It is, I KNOW, from his newest CD. I didn't like it at first but it kind of grew on me and now it will always make me think of summer and holidays and friends. 
MADDIE really liked this song. We listened to it a lot. 
This was the only song we all sang to. Windows down, speeding down the road, all dressed up, we sang as loudly as possible. We had just finished it when we came to a stop light and some dudes pulled up next to us and asked my sister for a date. Weird, I know, and creepy. I wonder what they would have thought if they had heard our song only a moment before. (That was the day my sister and I looked Gothic because we had dressed all in black to go and see The Avengers. She was the Blackwidow and I was Hawkeye.)
 And now for the votes, again 8-D Thanks to all the votes on the first one!
 These will be from Chapter Nine.
 1. Darcy and Peter walking through the woods and Darcy letting tree branches slap him in the face.
 2. Isidore sleeping in a closet.
 3. Steed punching Peter.
 AND I got blog awards! My first on this blog! Well, on blogger all together. I was given them by Mime at NOTEBOOK SISTERS. So, since I've never gotten one before, I'm not really sure how it works so I will do my best. Here we go.
 So, I think I'm supposed to tell you seven unknown things about me. Okay, I can do that, I think.
 1: My sister is not my blood sister, my half sister, nor my adopted sister. She is my best friend and we claim sisterhood. And I call her sister because I've always wanted to say I have a sister, so that is my nickname for her.
 2: I'm not at all talkative, even if I do chatter a lot online. In real life I barely say anything.
 3: I copy other people's facial expressions. Usually actors. However, I have been known to mimic people when I talk to them, which can be a bit embarrassing.
 4: I collect swords. I now own five.
 5: I hardly even get worn out. As my sister puts it, I'm a freak of nature. I am perfectly fine just getting five or six hours of sleep.
 6: I love butterflies.
 7: I could probably pass for an Alien.
 Now I am supposed to answer these questions.
 What are your favourite song lyrics? 
 Hidden Away by Josh Groban.
 What is your favourite book/ book series?
 Book is Prisoners of the Sea. Book series...I've too many just to pick one. The top list is Percy Jackson, Tintin, Narnia, and The Lord of the Rings
 What is your favourite movie/ TV series?
 Um, I've really too many to name. Get Smart, Star Trek, Tintin, Monk (Yeah, I became a fan on holiday.), The Avengers (John Steed), Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Heart, Sherlock (SEASON ONE), Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes with Ronald Howard, Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Junior, The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, get the idea.
 Who inspires you?
 People who do impossible things. Like, the dudes that decided to make a dumb spy (Max), or an Alien who saves the world and travels through time, or who wrote a book recreating WW2 with machines and beasties. People like that. And my sister, for a ton of reasons, and my brothers.
 What is your dream job?
 Being an author. But since you probably knew that I will tell you my second dream. I would love to be an actor. I think it would be jolly fun, even though I'm too shy for it. (I want to play the Doctor's companion one day.)
 Now I get to share the award to seven bloggers. So, I pick....*Master, if you please?*
 CLAIR, my lovely artist.
 KATIE, me adorable sister
 ANNA, me cute sailor chum
 MADDIE, me very pretty friend
 MOLLY, me charming seamstress friend
 ABBEY, me Trekkie friend...I think. I forget if she's a Trekkie or that other one, pretty sure it is Trekkie.
 JESSICA, me friend who let me read her book.
 The End, please don't forget to vote!  Quote is from Star Trek. Someday, someone will get it that McCoy is a doctor, nothing else!  Allons-y!!


  1. Aw, thanks for awarding me! :D

    And I will vote again: STEED PUNCHING PETER!!!

  2. Welcome back!! I'm so glad you had fun on holiday. =)
    I vote for the 1st one (the one with them walking through a forest).
    Swords are a super cool thing to collect! I own a WW2 reproduction sword... I feel safer having it around, even though it's dull. :P
    Thanks for the award!
    And yes, I am a huge huge huge Trekkie. =D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. McCoy quotes always make me smile - he had so many great one liners! :)

    Collecting swords is pretty cool!

  5. I will probably go "Steed punching Peter" too. (Man, now I sound really violently minded...oh well.)

    I just watched the lastest (is it 2009?) Star Trek movie. Very funny. Now I "get" all these Star Trek references! And I love your movie taste! Go the Avengers...and Sherlock Holmes. And Narnia. And...yeah, you get the picture. I should probably stop now. :P

  6. I'll vote for 'Steed punching Peter'...I'm a fan of the more action-y scenes xD Does that make any sense at all?

    Thanks for the award! (Although I have no idea what it entails...Hehe xD) I'm glad you enjoyed my book so much!

  7. lol that story about you and your sister in the car is SO very much like what would happen to me!

    You like Josh Groban. I LOVE finding someone who likes the same music as I do! **goes to click the follow button.**


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