Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"I'm too young to die!" "I'm not! But I don't wanna!"

 I'm in the middle of painting, my new bunk bed. My aunt had it for two of my cousins but they got new ones so she let me have the old one for my new bedroom. It's a nice bunk bed and in the words of the Doctor, "Bunk beds are cool! A bed - with a ladder!" but it was this funky red colour. So I am now repainting it a dark blue with light blue leaves and such over it. And I've only about a week to get it done as I will be moving into the flat next week. 

Darcy: Even Jones does!
Peter: I heard that.

 SO, I am very busy and covered in paint. Dark blue paint that doesn't match my eyes...OH THE HORROR! Anyhow, since I am busy and blue, Peter will be posting today. Answering a question Miss Cait at NOTEBOOK SISTERS put to him. She asked him how he felt, all of you voting for the picture of him getting punched. As of now, only one person voted for something different. Therefore, I will leave you in his capable hands.

This is how I feel about Jones.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

 Um, hello. I'm Peter Jones, though you probably already know that. I think you might know a lot about me, which is strange for me. But, in case you don't, maybe I should introduce myself a little...

 Oh come on, Jones! You're going to bore them to death!

 I'm busy, Darcy. Can't you find something better to do then bother me right now? Jack has given me a very important task to do. 

 And like a good Air Force Aeropilot you are going to do it. 

My reaction when I see Jones in the mornings. 
Are you really going to insult me with every picture?

 Like a good character I am. Not that you would know anything about that. 

 Did you just insult me?


 Never mind! Just, get back to your...whatever you call this., as I was saying before Darcy came, I am an Aeropilot in the Scottish Royal Air Force. 

 In other words he's a soldier. 

That baffled look we all get when Jones speaks.
Really? You're going to use this whole movie just to mock me?

 Aye, he's right. I'm a soldier. Or, I was. I was left at the Base when I was seven and a week later my parents were killed. The General kind of adopted me but I have since learned he now wishes to kill me. So my best friend Tony and I have had to seek help with...Air Pirates. 

 You don't have to sound so disgusted about it! My brother saved your life after all!

 No, Kirk saved my life. Several times. But that doesn't matter...I don't think. Because Jack didn't want me to tell my whole story. She just wanted me to answer one question. I am supposed to share my thoughts on what I feel about everyone wanting a picture of me getting punched. 

 Could you have said that in a more confusing way?

Typical Peter Jones' look.
This is starting to get on my nerves. 

 I'm going to ignore you now. You are only making this worse. 

 Not possible!

 Anyways, I think everyone can guess my thoughts on this. I'm kind of wondering if all of you dislike me, as I think all of you would if everyone was asking for a picture of you getting punched. 

 Jones, no one likes you, I thought we had this covered already. 

 Why don't all of you ask for a picture of me punching Darcy?

 I would like to see that! 

How Jones looks right now. 
I meant the look of annoyance. Sheesh.

 Darcy asked for it. All of you should vote now...I think that is what Jack calls it. 

 Funny thing though, you didn't punch me, so how could there be a picture?

 I did too punch you. 

 In your dream?

 In the hallway. When I stole your key...

Fine, this is how he looks.
Just so everyone knows. I have hair.

 OKAY! Come on you two! Didn't you get the whole, do not give away spoilers bit?!

 I'm sorry, Jack. I let my temper get the better of me. 

 Oh come on! It won't do you any good trying to butter her up. 

 I wasn't. I was being kind and I am sorry I gave spoilers away. 

 You are such a baby. 

How he will look very soon.
What movie is this from anyways?

 And I am so getting your brother.

 Um, I have to go. 

 I thought so. And thank you, Peter. You did a good job.

 Oh, that is good. Thank you. 
I have nothing to add.
 So, there it is. Peter's thoughts on all of you wishing to see him getting punched. (And don't worry, if I remember right, that is the one Clair and I wished as well.)



 Anyways...I hope you all had fun reading. And Darcy did the pictures, so I had nothing to do with them. 

 The quote is from Avatar the Last Airbender. Which, I like the show, just not all the weird mystical, stuff in it. Whatever it is call. I didn't notice a lot of it, so I'm not sure how much there is in it exactly. I just love the plot and characters. 




  1. Nice guest post, Peter and Darcy! A very enjoyable read. ;D

  2. Ah! Meeting Peter! (Very cool) Poor guy, he's probably going to get a complex out of all we nasty bloggers wanting to see a drawing of him be punched (wait, did I vote for it...surely not). We still love you Peter!!

    So the real question is...what did Peter do that made Darcy punch him in the first place? Spoiler maybe?? :]

    PS some of the pictures aren't showing up? Maybe just my computer???

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