Monday, July 30, 2012

"Just keep swimming."

 I have been tagged, again! 8-D This time it was Pathfinder at PATHFINDER'S FINDINGS. So, thank you! Now, I hope I am doing this right. If I'm not I'm very sorry.

 Post Eleven Facts About Yourself. 

 1. I love clocks and watches. Especially pocket watches with lots of gears that can be seen. 

 2. I love to paint, until I actually do it.

 3. I believe Coulson is still alive, and if you don't understand this you should move to the moon.

 4. There is a rumor someone might build a place on Mars for people to live in. If this is true I would seriously consider signing up.

 5. If I ever get arrested it will likely be because I was touching Wallace's sword, and trying to pick it up.

 6. I have a lot of trouble relying on people.

 7. I think my Kitty is going to kill me one day.

 8. I don't really read blog posts. This isn't because I dislike them, but because of my dyslexia I have trouble understanding something unless I spend a lot of time reading it, sloooooowly.

 9. Even though I'm a girl I don't understand girls.

 10. I'm rubbish at counting and math, I have to count on my fingers, which annoys people.

 11. I wish I had a Scottish accent.

 Okay, now you have to answer the Eleven questions I will make up for you, and make up Eleven of your own for the people you tag. 

 1. What matters the most to you, honestly?
 I think it would be dependability and keeping one's word. I think, if a person says they will do something, even a small something, they should do it to show how important the person they said it to is to them.

 2. Are you a leader or a follower?
 A follower. Like a little sheepie.

 3. When was the last time you had a deep and meaningful conversation with someone?'s been so long I don't remember...but it was a lot of fun.

 4. What do you want to do with your life?
 I want to write, a lot. I want to make worlds for others to visit where they can go on adventures and find new friends. And, I would like to help them draw closer to God through it.

 5. What, in your opinion, makes people insecure? (Think deeply on this one.)
 This is a hard one for me right now. I am sure there is a Biblical answer to this. A lack of trust in God, rejecting Him, becoming bitter at Him...But, I don't think it is just that. I know there are other reasons. I love God and know He loves me, but I am a very insecure person. Mine, though, comes from having certain people look me up and down and shake their heads in shame or disappointment. Or, having them purposefully say things just to hurt me. Even being ignored, or when I talk to someone having them never give me a chance to talk...
 Anyhow, that sounds depressing...but, I guess, I think it can come by people making you feel worthless and in the way and not worth their time.

 6. Do you watch TV? If so which shows do you like and why?
 I watch a lot of old shows. Get Smart, which I like because even though he isn't very bright sometimes, Max is very kind and brave and sweet to 99.
 Star Trek because it is about men doing the impossible, exploring every inch of space, which I want to do. And I like the friendships between Spock, McCoy, and Kirk. Kirk is like Aragorn, caught in the middle of two feuding friends, but unlike Aragorn he doesn't try to play peacemaker, he just smirks and rolls his eyes while he listens to them.
 Doctor Who, again because it is about the impossible and the Doctor is so cool. And he's a lot like me, except I don't have a friend who runs into trouble with me, and I don't have a TARDIS 8-P I'm working on that.
 Sherlock. Because it is about two unlikely friends who try and get along, for the most part.
 Grimm. Again, unlikely friendship. Monroe and Nick are supposed to be enemies but are best friends.
 Merlin. I've only seen two so far, but I like it, not sure why yet though.

 7. If you had one month to live and money was no object, what would you do?
 I'm dying, and everyone is nice to you when you are dying. So I would drag them all on an adventure with me. Sounds a bit selfish I think....I'd also buy my brother a new car since he has had to pay on a debt for a year and hasn't been able to fix his. A cool car, painted blue, TARDIS blue, my friend.

 8. Are you going to watch the Olympics?
 If they have fencing, OH YEAH!

 9. What do you do in your spare time?
 Go for walks, look for any form of trouble I can stick my nose into. Read. Write. Play my banjo.

 10. What do you dream of?

 11. What is your favourite season?
 Winter. It is perfect for wearing trench coats, and writing. Also, I like melting pens on our fireplace.

 (He has more then 11, so I will answer more.)

 12. What do you think of bow ties?
 I wear a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

 13. Do you wear hats?
 Every chance I get. I love hats. Don't tell River.

 14. Shoe size?
 Eight and a half. I have big feet for my height.

 15. What do you see yourself doing in twenty years?
 Writing with Indiana around my shoulders while waiting for someone to knock on my door asking me to help them solve a crime, mystery, or join them on board their TARDIS.

 16. If you had to move to another country under an alias, where and what would it be?
 Scotland, or Mars. And I would be the Doctor, or my enemy's name so I could run up his credit cards.

 17. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
 Um...well, my faith and love of God. And, hopefully, the fact that I was always and completely myself.

 18. What are your thoughts on society?
 The world is weird, it needs an evil over lord. ME!

 Now, my Eleven questions for you peoples I tag.

 1. What was the first book you ever remember reading alone?

 2. What is your biggest fear?

 3. Who is your favouritest actor?

 4. Would you eat fish fingers and custard?

 5. Do you think being Lady Like is a lost art?

 6. Do you walk in the rain?

 7. Do you get into rows with the chip and pin machines?

 8. Do you change your personality in the hopes people will like you?

 9. Have you ever tried to pull Spock's Vulcan Sleeping trick on people?

 10. What are your thoughts on Kitties?

 11. Who makes you smile most?

 NOW! You have more to do.

 Thank the person who gave you the award. 

 Tell 7 things about yourself. 

 1. I'm not a very serious person

 2. I like Science Fiction. HUGE shock I know.

 3. I love to read outloud, but I'm not too great at it because of, yeah, you got it. My dyslexia. (I sometimes sound like I'm whining about it, I'm not though.)

 4. When I've not slept much I can babble incoherently for hours.

 5. I'd only move from the mountains to live by the ocean.

 6. I think everything is better if you add a sword.

 7. I think pink is a pretty colour.

 Now, I shall tag peoples.

 CLAIR  For her sweet comments and encouragement.

 Both CAIT and MIME, two very sweet and fun sisters.

 TRESKIE Who has a fun, pretty blog and a cool name.

 So, let me know when you do this so I can come and read all your answers!
Thank you everyone who has voted so far on the picture! You still have a chance to vote if you want, and the next character picture vote is up. As of right now Steed is in the lead which makes him happy. 

 I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers.




  1. You are awesome. I don't know many people that watch mostly BBC shows and love steampunk. And the fact that you write and that you're dyslexic is very admirable.

  2. Ooooh!!! WE got tagged! Thanks! :D I'll confer with mime, but maybe we can post it next week?!

    I liked reading all your answers. So. Cool. I believe Coulson is still alive too (they killed him too fast for him to stay dead...) Oh man! It must get frustrating be dyslexic, eh? I'm mildly (and I mean, VERY mildly) dyslexic -- mostly I just say things backwards and mix up notes when I'm reading music. And yes, rubbish at maths too. :]

  3. A lack of trust in God - now that is the truth!
    Think you better keep an eye on your cat.

  4. I've heard that the moon can be a pretty boring place. I don't think I want to move there...

    Merlin is an amazing show. I'm a huge fan of it, and watch it when ScyFy or however they spell it gets it. It's certainly an interesting take on the Arthurian legends! The first season (although lacking good CGI) and the second seasons are the best, personally.

  5. Haha! I love your answer to question #10! And yes, bow ties are very cool. ;D

  6. And don't you DARE move to Mars!!! You KNOW what happens in 2051!!! >.<

  7. We tagged your amazing blog for a blog award!!! (A really fun one, this time.) :) The details are on our blog. Just so you know. ;)


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