Monday, July 02, 2012

"Why do you want us to go?" "Because. We. Don't. Like. You."

 Okay, so as I've said, I'm going on holiday for two weeks. And I won't be posting. I think, as my Dr. Watson says, I need some time off to rest. Always listen to your doctor, doctors are cool. 

Touch my fish and die.

 Anyhow, I am now writing this post early and unless I somehow find time this week, this will be the only post you get. Monday I have to work two jobs, go to a job interview, skype with my sister so we can know what I should pack, and pack. Then on Tuesday I have to work all day and HOPEFULLY get a cloak sewn before the Ren Faire (Mine is heavy and will be too hot with my Steampunk costume. I'm going as a Steampunk Ranger from The Broken Blade.) Wednesday is the forth and I have to work two hours in the morning, then my family is going on a picnic and then to watch fireworks. Then on Thursday morning I leave. So, posting, I'm not sure it is going to happen. 

Peter just fell off his horse.

 Now, while you try and catch your breath, I will explain this post. I have decided, in an attempt to make up for me running off and leaving all of you, I would share some of those short stories I was talking about. Right now I will just be putting them on my blog. When I get back I will make covers for them and put them on Smashwords. I will even have a longer one for sale, but it needs a cover which I can hopefully get when we are up filming the trailer. (I'm going to rest a lot on this holiday I think, when I get back I will have a ton of work to do.)

I just shot these, with my bare hands

 (This post is just going to be a dull update, sorry.)

WHAT did you say?

 (That was a random place to warn you about dull updates, but OH WELL.)

 The CyberSpace story is coming along well, I think. I am on chapter three and am trying to write 2000 words a day so it will be up to 50,000 in five weeks. If my math is right, which it NEVER is. 

Sorry, I had to listen to lots of people shouting that whenever I mentioned I was going to watch The Wrath of Khan. And I didn't get it, till I saw the movie, now I want to go around yelling it. Along with I AM SPPARTTICCUUUUSSSS!!!!!! (And I have Kirk's voice stuck in my head...odd. Oh, and he is cooler in the TV show then the movies...)

LOOK! A clue!

 The cover contest flopped, but I am thinking of holding another again. Would anyone be interested in trying to make a cover for CyberSpace? It would be like the short story covers. ALSO I will need ideas and characters for these books. My plan is to ask a bunch of questions for book two. Such as, what do you think the crew will eat in CyberSpace? And if I use your answers I will mention you in the book. But, there will be people they will meet, and crew members. Anyone interested in getting into the book? I could use your name, or pen name, or any name you fancy. And you could tell me about yourself and what you would like to be. 
 I've already stolen Clair, but I suppose I should ask her before I throw her in. 

How is he related to us?

 Speaking of my dear Clair. I would suggest you visit her blog lots while I'm gone, and even when I get back. I can never talk too much about the book she is writing, or about her. CLICK ME! I'd give you the link for my sister's blog, but I'm kidnapping her for two weeks and I don't wish to share her. AT ALL. 

How do I get my hair to stay this way? Lots and lots of gel.

 Now, for the new, fun, exciting, will give you something to read while I'm gone bit. Look at THIS my friends! Yes! The Lost Stories of Haphazardly Implausible has its own special page. You can find it on the HI blog, just click on The Lost Stories near the top. This will be the first look anyone gets of the stories. When I come back, as I said, I will be putting them on Smashwords with covers. That is if I can get the covers to like me and not do naughty things. 

PLEASE can I throw something at my sister?

 In the story about Kirk and Steed, Steed almost says Kirk's first name. Cheers to anyone who can find it. (And no, I don't reveal his first name until the second book. Only then do you learn why he uses his last name.)

Robin said all we would need was bows. He told me my ax was useless. Well, I'm the only outlaw with a nice, roaring fire.

 Let's see, what else? THE SKY IS FALLING! Oh wait, it was part of an Alien's Space Ship...

 ACK! Wait! I will have posts up while I'm gone!

This is why we sweep every week. Look at the size of these dust balls!
I told Scotty it was pointless to have a camera right there.

 Okay, really fast explain since this post is already long. I think I have said this before but I will are cool. Clair, my sister, Clair's brothers, and I have compiled a list of pictures that will appear in the book. However, we didn't want you lot to feel left out. SO, while I am gone (because Clair needs the list very soon) I will post at least two posts. They won't be real posts, just picture options. Here is how it will work. 
 We have three chapters that you will be voting on. We picked three picture ideas from each of the chapters. Therefore, I will put up the three options and you vote on which you like best and the winning one will go in the book. I am sorry, but I won't have time to reveal the winners until I get home, but I will kind of be keeping track on it all. I have internet on my phone. 

Snowy just ate my sandwich?

Now I need to close this post. I hope you all have a lovely two weeks, and remember to come back by and vote on the pictures!!! And enjoy the stories!!
 Interested in throwing out ideas for the CyberSpace books? Do you think it would be fun to join Jim's crew, or the CyberSpace Pirates? Would you like to suggest things you think will make it into the future (such as Ipods) or what they might be replaced with? Do you think it would be fun to hold another cover contest for the book? Did you enjoy the short stories? Eager for more? Are you ready to vote on pictures?!! 

 Now I leave you all! I shall share my adventures when I get back and though I will miss you all lots, I shall enjoy my holiday.

 P.S. It was my sister's idea to do pictures from books that had been turned into movies. Or, in the case of Star Trek, the opposite. And I only did two for them because The Trouble with Tribbles is so funny.

 The title is from Star Trek, by the way. It is from one called I, Mudd where Kirk and the crew end up on a planet run by robots. Kirk doesn't like them and makes it obvious, though they still can't get it.




  1. Talk about being busy! Sounds like you're going to have a packed few weeks. Well good luck! :) And I really loved todays post. Loved seeing all the pictures and covers like that... :D (It wasn't boring!)

    Getting random people into your books sounds very cool, I must add. :) Such a neat idea.

    PS I'm not very artistic (like, not at all) so I probably wouldn't be up for the cover contest. :( Sorry!

  2. I know several great cover artists! Vic Caswell, Rusty Webb, Dafeenah... Their links are all in my sidebar.

  3. Have tons of fun and relaxing moments on your holiday!
    I would absolutely LOVE to throw out ideas for your CyberSpace book! I think it's a brilliant idea! And I wouldn't mind slipping into the book either. :P I think that's brilliant as well! I would love to hear more about it.
    I think you should hold another cover for the contest. I would probably join this one... It depends on what sort of cover you are looking for.
    I'm off to read your short stories! I can't wait. And yes, I'm ready to vote vote vote! =D

  4. Ah Will Scarlet one of my favorite characters from Robin Hood series and wait for it MR THORNTON!!!!! I love him so much!!!



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