Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Dude, I hate to say this. But your mom scares me."

 So, as seen yesterday, my characters decided I needed a break and have taken up the task of posting this week. However, I have some fast updates for you. The first is, I hope to be releasing the prologue this week. I've yet to pick the day. Also, my editor has sent me the first completed edited version of the book. I, therefore, need to go over it and fix it up and send it back. (I use was FAR too much so I'm having to re-write sentences without it. It really gives my brain a work out.)

 Now, I'm leaving.
 Um...hello. I think here is a good place to note a few things.
 One: This was all Pete's idea so if you have to endure a crummy entry, blame him.
 Two: My name is Anthony Verne, but call me Tony because people only call me Anthony when they're mad at me. 
 Three: No one may call Peter Pete but me. He wished me to tell you this just in case you started. 
 Four: How come, every time Peter writes on here Darcy shows up?

 Because he's an idiot and needs my help....sorry, I'm leaving. 

I don't do commentary on pictures. Sorry. 

 Anyways, it is kind of a known fact that I am not an Aeropilot like my friend. Instead, I'm the mechanic. I'm scared of heights. And yes, I am a bit ashamed to admit this. I'm also ashamed to admit I'm now sailing about with an Air Pirate by the name of Captain Shamus Steed, his his foul tempered younger brother, a Scot who insists on wearing a kilt and annoying the captain (I'm glad Peter doesn't insist on wearing a kilt), and the rest of the crew. 

 How did I come to this? Simple. I was unable to find a wife before someone offered me a job. (So, young men out there. It is best to get married BEFORE you take a life changing job that takes you far from your home and family and drops you in the worse place you can possibly imagine.)

 I suppose I could go on and on complaining about this new, what should I call it? Path. Maybe. New path in my life that has me dodging a raging mad man and his brother and trying to keep my best friend from meeting an untimely end, but I think I will write about something much more interesting. 


 Did I also mention I'm an incredibly boring person? If it wasn't for Peter, the Air Force, and the Air Pirates I would probably be spending the rest of my life in Russia, sitting in front of a roaring fire, wondering if winter will ever end. Maybe this is why I can't get a girl...Naw. 

 I'm sorry. I know this has no point to it and shall leave you with a poor impression of me. But, as I said, it was Peter's idea. And he should have known I would slaughter it. Now, I think I'm going to see if I can find some coffee...and make certain Darcy hasn't killed Pete. 

 Thank you all for reading. I hope....I hope, I don't know what I hope. I hope you get some sleep. Which I plan to do. After my coffee.
 Captain Shamus Steed here. Now you see why I don't like him. 
 Jack here. Sorry. Tony isn't really...well, this isn't really his field of expertise. But you should see him repair a Zeppelin or Aeroplane. There is no one faster.

 I'm just stopping by to say, quote is from Grimm. Season Two is out! I'm sooo happy! I've missed Monroe so much. Also, excited for the prologue? 



  1. Excited for the prologue?? Ah, gosh yes!! And I think your characters are so nice taking care of you like this. I'll try never to call Peter Pete. Though tis sorely tempting. :)

  2. um... *eh-hem!* that's where I uh... found the photos, Jack..... *grin* :D

  3. I think you're pretty swell Tony! Just try not to look own, okay? ;-)

  4. The last post with Darcy and Peter was hilarious! Just wanted to say, we watched the first three episodes of Merlin to 10 o'clock last night, and the preview for The Poisoned Chalice. (I had a nightmare later that night about Merlin getting poisoned. Poor Merlin :( Never watch creepy previews right before you go to bed. :)


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