Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"He looks funny, people throw darts at him."

 Sooooo, I was awarded again and it seemed like a nice way to finish my commandeering internet posts. Then I can get everything back in order and make Monk happy...

 I was awarded again by the lovely NOTEBOOK SISTERS again. And this is what one has to do. 

 1. Tag five others and write a line or two on why you like their blog. 

 2. If tagged post your five favourite words.

 3. Make up five questions for the persons you tag, and answer the five the person who tagged you asked you. (Did I confuse you or what?)

 So, here be the people I tag. 

 ANNA: And I love reading her blog because she is a witty writer and comes up with the funniest, best posts. 

 ANNE-GIRL: She has some very well thought out characters who, the more I read about the more I love. 

 ABBEY: Who has a lovely, charming style of writing. (And she loves Tintin.)

 SAMI: Who has fun, clever posts and always finds the best pictures to share!

 HAYDEN: Who always has either fun or thoughtful posts...and who likes Thornton.

 Now, my five favourite words. 

 1. Discombobulated. Points to whoever knows where I learned it from!

 2. Allons-y! is just cool and fun to shout. 

 3. SPARTA! For the same reasons...though, I don't know if it counts since it is a name. 

 4. Muff. (Learned from Narnia, and since I muff things a lot I say it a lot.)

 5. Great Snakes! I know, it is two words, but it is still fun to shout. 

 Now I answering the questions the sister's have left me. 

 1. What was the first post you ever blogged about?

 I don't really remember, but it was likely some kind of dorky, "Hello, my name is Jack, but not really, and I write books."

 2. Have you ever walked into a glass door?

 A, as in one? Um..yes, and I think I did more then one. I know of one I plowed into really bad and bent my glasses. 

 3. If you could do anything you wanted (expense aside) what would you do?

 Um...I know it would involve Scotland...Wallace's airplane...and something very dangerous. 

 4. Lime green or fluoro pink?

 Pink, just so I can watch my sister's jaw drop. 

 5. If you could be bald or have webbed feet which would you choose?

 Oh, this is hard...see, if I was bald it would help with my spy work as I could carry a bunch of wigs with me and change them very easy. But if I had webbed feet I would be the best swimmer in the world..."I only dog paddle." Hm, I guess webbed feet. 

 Now, my questions. 

 1. Have you seen the Lizzie Bennent Diaries?

 2. Would you wear bell bottom pants, a funky coloured sweater, and a huge wig and go about pretending you have master time travel?

 3. Have you ever pretended you were a Jedi and used the force to open the sliding doors at the store?

 4. Do you have any quirky characteristics that match Monk's?

 5. Would you ice skate with really sharp skates just to see if you could slice a hole in the ice?

 And, that is all. Again, short posts, but my wrists need a break. 

 The quote is from The Quest for Camelot. It is one of Sweetie's favourites. 




  1. I think our first posts were very similar...

  2. Discombobulated....hmmm. Bolt? :)
    Thanks for tagging!

  3. Haha! You're so nice!! :] And I loved your answers, made my day. Is discombobluate from Sherlock Holmes?? (That's where I learnt it. mime says it all the time...just to discombobulate me.)

    PS I'd go for the webbed feet. And it's nice to know we're not the only ones who walk into glass doors! :P

  4. "First: discombobulate..."

    Original TinTin television animated series, or new movie (or the comic book)?

  5. It's so much fun to read a blog post and get all the quotes. Or when you say muff. Then I immediately say to Cait in a highly English accent, "We've already muffed the first sign!" You're a brick. :)

    (And I'll say Sherlock Holmes for discombobulate, too. I love that word.)


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