Thursday, August 23, 2012

"How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?"

 Sometimes it is nice having someone else post for you. This morning I woke up dead tired. I forced myself to eat, then when my boss said I didn't have to work today I went back to bed and slept until nine thirty. Thinking I had slept too late I stood up, and promptly fell over. I then lay on the floor until I could move again, crawled back into bed, and have not moved much sense. (In short, I caught a cold that has turned into a nasty case of the flu. One of the worse I've had in awhile. So, I'm leaving. Sleep sounds nice.)
 Have you ever ran into a fellow you can't stand? Someone you are around and you just wish to throw them into boiling hot oil? I meet a lot of people like this, but at the moment Peter Jones has surpassed them all in his ability to be annoying. I've never met anyone like him, thankfully. However, seeing that Jack is ill, I suppose it is the least I can do. I don't see the point in all this though. But, it isn't for me to question how Jack runs things around here...not usually at least. So, I will do this task the little Aeropilot has thrown at me. 

 My name is Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann and I am the most brilliant man you will ever meet. I'm a German detective who's abilities are known world wide, and with good reason. There has never been a case yet I've not been able to solve. Nor will there ever be one. I...

 Blimey! I don't think Peter meant for you to use this post to brag about yourself. 

 I wasn't bragging, Jack O'Malley. I was just stating the facts as they are. 

 No, you were bragging. Stating the facts would be saying you're a detective. Bragging is when you try and snub everyone.

 I'm much more then a detective. And I don't "snub" as you put it. That is Steed. 

 Oi! I think you two could be best friends if you both weren't so stuck up. 

 I will never have a best friend. 

 You could. 

 No...and I fail to see why we are even talking about this on here. Don't you have something better to be doing? Feeding Max, for example? 

 I fed him. 

 I don't suppose you fed Peter to him?

 ... I was saying. I am from Germany, originally. At the moment, however, I am in England. 

 With me! England with Jack O'Malley and her confused dog. 

 Oi! He's not confused!

 He thinks he's human...


 There is no possible way he could be any less confused! He tried to sit and have tea with us last night!

 He did have tea with us

 Only because you gave him his own tea cup! He's a dog, Jack. Dogs don't drink out of tea cups and eat cookies. No wonder he is having identity issues. 

 It isn't kind to have tea in front of someone and not invite them to join in. 

 He's a dog. What did you do to him, anyways? I don't think puppies are born thinking they are human. 

 O'Malley says it is because I used to talk to him all the time. But, I kind of had to. He was my only friend. 

 Right...anyways. I think we've completely messed up this post. When Peter finds out you must tell him you are at fault for it. 

 Blimey! You're supposed to be the gentleman!

 Stop saying blimey. And no, Max is the gentleman. 

 He also has your cloak. 

 WHAT?! Get back here you dumb dog!!!!!!

 And now that he is gone, I shall take over. Oi, this should be fun! You will have to pardon Isidore. I think something bad happened to him as a child, like, he lost his favourite teddy bear as a baby or his pet frog was hit by a wagon...don't tell him I said he had a teddy bear. But, as you probably noticed, he's not the jolliest chap on the planet. I've never even seen him smile in fact...maybe he can't. I think if a chap never smiled once in his life, such as Isidore, and suddenly was to his face would break. It would be a pity...he has a nice face.

 Don't tell him I said that either. 

 But, even though he's grumpy and doesn't smile, he's very nice. You should see what he did to help me out...

 JACK! Spoilers! Ug! See, this is why I can't get sick around here. Give me that!

 Okay, sorry. I'm ending this post before Jack gives away everything from the books. And I need to go and break up a fight between Max and Isidore. Tomorrow should be more interesting. Singur says he has something special planned. I'm going to bed. 

 Who put up the girly, tea party pictures?...Wait...JACK O'MALLEY! I did not have a teddy bear!!!!!



  1. Hurrah for surprise days off! Especially when your feeling under the weather!
    Hmm, sounds like we have a classic case of there is only room for one ego in this town.....
    And Max? He's welcome at my house for tea anytime! ;-)

  2. I'm interested to see how all these characters turn out!

    Ugh, colds and flus are NO FUN. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh how awful! Being sick is horrible. Get lots of sleep and drink lots and if your characters are too loud, send them to the bookstore.

    I must say, I enjoyed this post immensely. Detectives are one thing... But if said detective has a super cool name and a cloak, it's even better! I can't wait to read about you and Jack O'Malley in the books, Mr. Reichmann.

    And now I will respond to the comment that was left by Jack on my blog a few days ago:
    I don't play guitar, but I would love to learn ukelele! I think they are so nice to listen to.

    You can tell Steed that sorry, I think I'd rather trust Peter and Tony. They don't seem like the kind of guys to throw people out of air locks when they get angry.... And you can tell Tony that I don't date but he can practice his charm on me anytime. Just so long as he tells me how it goes when he tries it on a potential girlfriend. :P
    Clair did a FANTASTIC job on your characters! I can't wait to see the rest of her illistrations.

    I agree, old fashioned men who treat us like ladies are the right kind of men. The more gentlemanly the better! Speaking of... sort of... I saw all the season of Avengers (with the cool theme song!) at the bookstore (they sell used DVD's also) the other day and thought of you! I forced myself not to pick them up and look at them, though, because then I would only want to take them home and watch them...

    I LOVE how David Tennant is his favorite doctor's son in-law! And didn't his wife play the Doctor's daughter in one episode? In a way, that makes David Tennant his own father in-law! I had fun figuring all that out a few nights ago. I love figuring out complex family lines like that... It's fun.

    I heard that the first Hobbit movie will be out this December, the second one next December, and the third one summer of 2014. If that is so, Dec. 2014 is open for a possible Tintin release.... Hopefully that is what Peter Jackson does.
    A few years ago I kept thinking that 2011 and 2012 were going to be the big movie years (because back then Tintin, The Hobbit, and the Star Trek sequel were all coming out in 2012). Now 2013/14 are the movie years because of The Hobbit, Tintin, Star Trek, and the third season of Sherlock, and more Doctor Who, and probably more!

    I hope you feel better soon. =)

  4. I have decided, after much scrutiny of your blog, that I am very happy I decided to follow you.:)

  5. You're hilarious!! :) A lot of fun reading when you're characters take over (man, they sound like high maintenance, eh?! Got to keep them in line and not give away all the spoilers...)

    Oh, get better soon! Being sick really sucks. :(

  6. Oh no! Don't be sick! Being sick is awful, particularly if it's the flu. :(((( This makes me very sad.
    However, Isidore and Jack are hilarious. "Did you feed Peter to Max?" LOL
    That is SO like him.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE it when the characters post. Isidore needs to get his head out of the clouds, though, eheheh.

    Get better as quick as you can!
    By the way, I'll try to leave a couple more sketches in your inbox this weekend. I have a sewing project I'm also working on but last night I finished a painting so that you can see how the watercolor looks and if it fits what you want.



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