Friday, August 17, 2012

"I will keep it until you come back." "That's just it. We won't be coming back."

 I usually write my posts the night before they go up, but last night I didn't feel like it. This morning is looking no better. I can tell today I'm not going to get much done. If I was to give you the real reason behind this I would have to say I am completely, sulking. Unreasonably so, very likely. And now that I've said that I suppose I should say why. I found out yesterday we will not be going up Saturday as planned to film. And right now, it again looks like filming isn't going to be happening. 

Right behind you.

 So right now I am trying to cool my temper and remind myself things happen and I cannot get upset about them. Not sure how the battle is coming...

 But now you know why my post is late-ish. 

"We were both supposed to get the boat, Ed."

 Not all is glum though. If we can find a time my dear Clair and I will be skying today. Yeah 8-D. I will tell you why later, I want to make sure it is going to all work out before I go off on that. 

 Now, I'm not going to just post this and leave you. I had requests to reveal the prologue early. However, to just throw it out there, well, that seems far nicer then what an Evil Over Lord would do. Therefore, I am trying to come up with a test, or contest, or something fun that should take place before I reveal it. Or at least something more interesting then the Master doing drum roll. 
 I will probably put it up on Saturday or next week. I will let you know what I am more awake and am out of bed. Right now I am being sleepily lazy and am lying in bed while I write this and comment. 

The question you should be asking is, did Susan and Lucy turn bad or did the witch join the good guys?

 But, enough of that! Today is Friday, and there is one last character who has yet to get his picture out! So, to end my short, sleepy post, I will present to you....

 Anthony (Tony) Verne! Peter's best and most trusted friend. 

I think Clair did a better job of drawing him then I did of describing him. And I love how she did his boots, she is more more creative with their boots then I am. She makes me wish I could join the Air Force just so I could get a pair. 

 Now I should go because if I am skyping with Clair I want to be dressed and looking more awake then I am right now. 

 I won't say where this quote is from because if you don't know I shall have to go into mourning. 




  1. Your characters and posts inspired the dream I had a few nights ago.

    The United States had made something like Starfleet Academy, and all of my friends and I were indirectly forced to join. Kilts were mandatory, but they looked quite a bit like stereotypical all-girls-private-school uniform skirts. Everyone had to have their ears pierced. Orientation was at 1 in the morning.

    It was strange.

  2. Aw! Sorry about the filming! That's awful. I hope you can re-schedule some other time!

    I love Tony Verne's picture! He is very handsome and his boots are way cooler than Steed's. :P Plus he doesn't look like he snubbing me.... Heh heh.

    The Secret Garden is a really good book. You should read it sometime!

    Today's cliche hero really isn't heroish at all.... I mean, the good guys now are usually bad boys that have something big and important happen to them. What ever happened to Prince Charming? I'm glad that in the Star Trek future men went back to the way they were in the 60's.

    Haha Benedict Cumberbatch is my only reason for wanting to see Star Trek 2 as well.
    And I totally agree: Cumberbatch has the acting talent to act like a really god guy and an extremely good guy. The reason he is one of my favorite actors is because he acts so well!

    If you called Thor handsome wouldn't he hit you with his hammer? Either way, that would NOT be good.
    I thought of another just plain cute and adorable actor last night but I forgot who it was.... I think it was someone in Doctor Who but I can't remember!

    We really do need to watch/read more British things. Especially older British things because Britian's not much better off than America in terms of content in their newest stuff.... My sax teacher (who is from England) was just telling me at my last lesson that British people swear way too much but he knows he can't do that around his students so he doesn't (we were talking about how certain cultures grow up different ways and make them treat people differently. For some reason only 10 or 15 minutes out of the 30 minute lessons are actually playing saxophone. The rest we discuss deep things. xD).

    I looked it up, the writers of Tintin think that the 6th doctor would make a good Calculas - the Sylvestor McCoy one.
    I've seen clips from the Tom Baker doctor and they were selling his DVD's at the store yesterday! But I didn't get any, sadly... I have some on hold on netflix. I think I'll like him. I love his scarf. I also think 5 would be pretty cool to see. I like his celery. It would be funny to see why he always carries it around.
    I love how Tennant got into acting because he wanted to be the doctor. Then he became Ten. Then he married Five's daughter! "It's a small world after all...."

    I agree, they do need to tell us who is Calculas. And which books the next movie will be! I've heard that since Jackson is doing 3 Hobbit films, the Tintin movie may be pushed back... That would stink. Although since the third Hobbit movie is supposedly coming out summer of 2014, that leaves December 2014 open for a Tintin release....

    Plus Doyle was a doctor! I didn't know he could fence... That's so cool! I read somewhere that he wanted to work on writing quality stuff that he would be known for so he killed off Holmes. Now Holmes is all he's known for. Poor Doyle...

    And I have ANOTHER pair of look-a-likes for you!
    Varina Davis, who was the wife of Jefferson David, president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, looks a LOT like the lady who plays Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. I think he name is Michelle something... maybe... I'm not sure.

  3. ooooh Narnia. I loved the costumes in those movies. :)

    Tony Verne is awesome. I love his build, it's great. :D (He actually looks a bid like David Henrie from... Something that I don't watch, just because I find the series lame and tweensy... a little too "Disney channel" for me. Just look him up. :)

    Aw, I hope you can film some other time then.

    God bless


  4. "So right now I am trying to cool my temper and remind myself things happen and I cannot get upset about them."


    We all have days like this.

    Hope you can re-schedule your filming!

  5. Hope you can re-schedule the filming. Great sketch!

  6. Hehe! I've officially met you now! I'm still not calmed down yet...

    Sorry about filming. Should I come over and give everyone a good talking-to?

    Cheer up! I don't like it when people are glum. "Sigh no more, lady, sigh no more..."

  7. FOR NARNIA!!!
    (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

    Looove the sketch. You're right. Boots are awesome. I'm signing up for the AirForce too so I can get a pair! (And I like the rolled shirt sleeves. Nice.)


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