Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"I would have followed you to the end, to the very fires of Mordor."

 I forgot all my updates I was going to give. Also, I realized the picture of Arthur was eaten. So here...
  Now, look at the last post of Peter. Now, tell me, don't they look alike?

 Thank you. 

 Moving on.

No thanks, but I will be your human

 I will now tell you why I forgot all my promised updates. You see, as I have said before I'm sure, being an author is emotional. Imagine you are reading a book you like, and said book ends. And you feel as if you just lost your best friend. Yeah, you've been there before if you are a reader. 

Take that, Boromir!

 Well, if an author spends a lot of time writing a certain book they like it. They become friends with the characters, much more so then the reader because we know all that goes on behind the adventure. All the dead end sentences that have to be fixed. All the uncertainty in the plot. We get mad at each other and make up. We cry and laugh together and re-write the whole book if need be. We go on the book adventure together and the behind the book adventure, and if we don't kill each other we kind of become good friends. (Or worse enemies.)

Almost time to meet up again.

 And then it is over, and we go through withdrawls and sulk for days on end. (I have a long post about all this I might put up later.) And it wears you out and makes you sad and happy and leaves you feeling as if your best friend moved to Canada without you and is now ending all sentences with, eh.

My favourite joke 

 I've been going through that for the last month or so. But then I had to go and write something that has left me feeling like a traitor. As if I have just turned on my best friend, which I did in a way. (I won't tell you what it is because it is in the prologue and some have requested it to be released early, so I will. Therefore, I shall allow you to read it, then you can see how I've become a traitor.)

No comment

 That is why I've forgotten my updates though. I'm too busy being sad and lonely. But being sad is good, because I am working on edits and these edits are sad. If I'm happy when I need to be working on sad things it ruins the scene. Being an author can be complex...all the time. 


 If you are interested though I made a discovery today. I've found out why no one can decide if fairies are kind and sweet or mischievous and ornery. The people who believe fairies to be sweet are right, they are. It is pixies that are naughty. They're like little children who love to pull pranks and cause trouble just for the fun of it. Therefore, if you plan to capture an enchanted kingdom, you needs get pixies on your side. They will pull the knight's hair while you are tying to fight them. (This might not sound helpful, or even like a manly plain, recruiting the help of pixies...but have you ever tried to sword fight while someone is pulling your hair? Point proven.)

Again, no comment

 Oh, but, in something that has to do with my writing. I was having trouble connecting Isidore, Peter, and Singur at the end of the first book. I knew how all three were tied to each other, and I knew that they couldn't meet at the end of book one, but I wasn't sure how to let the reader know that the three separate plot lines went together. I FINALLY figured it out today. About time, eh? Again, this would be helpful if my characters talked to me and told me these things before hand. 

And again

 I would also like to say that trailer filming will be completed on Saturday, but I'm not holding my breath. I did get the short story sent back though, so maybe I will be able to get that out soon. (Steed says none of you will like it because he isn't in it and he's the only reason the books are worth reading.)

A bit slow there, eh, Flynn?

 I think I will go though. The editing and adding things and taking things out of the book isn't getting any closer to being done without me to do it. 

Awkward, she'd say, but she doesn't know which is which

 (Oh, one last thing. What would all of you think of me doing special character posts on Fridays? I could tell you how the characters got their names and random facts about them. Let me know if you like this idea.)

 All pictures are from my Pinterest, except for Arthur. 

So you can be as depressed as I am. BAWHAHAHAHAHA!

 Watch out for pixies!

 Again, know this quote or move to another planet. 




  1. That must make Puck from A Midsummer's Night Dream a pixie... He is sneaky.

    Anyway, sorry your feeling sad. I hope your wrist are doing better!
    And I'm glad to hear about the progress of your book and the short story and the trailer!

    And I know another pair of actresses who look like each other! Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman.

  2. What name are you under on pinterest?? (I loooove pinterest) And the squirrel joke is also my favourite. Naturally.

    Ooh, and I am going thru character-withdrawal!! I finished my book. I'm going through that gruelling process called "a break". I miss them already. I have written so many blog-post-drafts today, because I'm lonely for my characters... We do cry and laugh together. Except we cry more than we laugh, but that's okay. I still love them!!

    Frying pans!!!

  3. No moon mansions for me anymore xD

    Ah, Merlin makes for such entertaining jokes!

    Also, I know what you mean! Every time I finish a story, I feel bad because I'm never going to talk to my characters again. Even when I take hiatus from a story I get that guilty feeling. Still, there will always be new characters to befriend and toy with!

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only nutter who has complex relationships with her characters....I even changed what was supposed to be a single story into a series so I could keep them around! ;-)
    Love, love, love the Avengers memes(or whatever that word is)and Doctor Who is da' bomb! ;-)


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