Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Is that hot?" "Yes..." "Pour it into my eyes! Blind me!"

 This is to be a rotten post of me. You'll find out why if you keep reading. Also, since I am feeling very British, this post is being written in my sorry attempt at a British accent. (And just so you don't imagine me with one of those cool British accents, think David Tennant, excited, when his voice goes high and squeaky...yeeeaahh.)

Not many chaps can look cool just doing nothing.

 Anyhow, so, I have internet in the Flat! Which is BRILLIANT! I find I need it more then I thought, it's a wonder how much one needs it for book publication! I feel very dependent on it, which is a rubbish feeling. Like a teenage girl. "I MUST HAVE MY INTERNET!" But, to be honest, I did miss it. All of my friends live far away and this is the best way to say hi to them. Also, I wasn't able to answer all your comments or read all  your blogs as much as I liked.

Are you an Alien?

 However, all that aside, you shall be pleased to know that on my second day of moving in I managed to flood the bathroom floor. Sadly, HOW I managed this isn't half as interesting as you might be thinking. Our bathroom is very small and has just a shower, those stand up kind, and no bath which I don't mind. However, it is such a small shower that the water squirts out of it if you turn it on with the door opened. I didn't know this, so opened the door, turned the water on, and got showered in the face. 
 Now, since this is me we are speaking of, I didn't turn the shower off but closed the door, then stood there wondering how I was going to get the shower off with the door closed. In the end I had to reopen the door, then mop up my flood. (Now I know to step in, THEN turn the water on. Of course, then you get blasted with cold water while it takes it's jolly time to warm up.)

Don't worry! I see the drain!

 Another of my mishaps this week happened when I ate dinner with my family. I, of course, had to go and say hi to Indiana while I was there. Now, before I go further let me explain. Indiana is a chap, and therefore thinks that skipping meals is a death sentence. Every Friday he acts like he is starving. And I always feed him on Friday, but this Friday he had no mice, so he had to skip. No harm, unless you asked him. He made himself flat and acted like he was not going to make it.
 I went to dinner on Tuesday. Naturally I went to pick him up, thinking he would be pleased to see me. He missed me during my holiday, but when I tried to pick him up he crawled off. Usually he does this and I chase him, it is our game. Then when I catch him he will lay happily in my hands. 
 This time when I caught him he fought. He wiggled and squirmed and writhed about. I told him to behave, so he turned, glared at my free hand, and eyed my finger with menace. Then, with a hiss, he made a lunge for it. Thankfully I had my free had far enough back and saved a nip. 
 Moral of this story? Indiana has a temper when not feed.

He forgot my steak...

 Now, I have some good news for all of you! And it is good news because it involves brilliant Clair. I probably mentioned, but the whole start of having pictures in the book started because she said she would draw some of the machines for me. I thought it would be nice for all of you, to actually SEE some of the things that will be appearing in the books. 

 She just emailed me today, sending me an amazing drawing of one of the most important machines! And, I will be putting it up VERY SOON with a description  of what it is and how it works. Also, I will tell you about its naming process, which went through a lot of laughter until it got the name it now bares. 

 However, that is for later, because for today I have a new character picture! And this is the bit where I'm rotten. I've been holding votes for all of them, but since there is only two left, I had sore wrists, was commandeering the library's internet, and am thoroughly annoyed with the poll box, I didn't hold a vote for the last two pictures. I was going to just pick the next one, and then the last would, naturally, win by default. However, the poll went longer then a week and before it closed someone got some extra votes. Therefore, it only seemed fair to put that someone's picture up this week and the last next week. 

 Therefore, may I present to you, the lovely and quirky, Jack O'Malley!!

Jack was hard to find a look alike for Clair to work with. She's a pretty girl, a bit sweet, and very mischievous. This is, well, I don't know her real name but she is David Tennant's wife, and in one Doctor Who she played his daughter Jenny (before they were married.) She is the closest I could find for Jack. Minus the blond hair. 

This was the first sketch Clair sent me. 

The second. (I love how Max looks personally.)

And the third!!!!! (I love her smile)

 And, as I said, only one left. I will leave you to guess who it is. Now, I shall be off. I'm reading a very interesting book, watching some good movies, and need to get the machine ready to show all of you. 

 Thanks again for all your comments! You don't know how encouraged they've been making me. (Which reminds me! I made all of you guess where I'd heard discombobulated. I liked all your Sherlock guesses 8-D I don't know if he used it or no, I mean, it sounds like a word he would like, but that's not where I heard it. If anyone has heard him or read him using it can you let me know which movie or book? I'd love to find it, it would be fun 8-D. However, Hayden wins. I heard it from Bolt, which is one of my top favourite cartoons of all time.) (P.S. The Tintin guess was a good one too.)

 Now, I should be going, I'm still supposed to be resting my wrists...shhh...

 Quote from Monk, when he finds out his favourite childhood actress is a not very nice person. 




  1. Haha oh no... Flooding things isn't very good! Neither is an icy shower.

    Oh my word! Jack is so pretty!!! I love her face! And her dress! And her dog! And I just realised that her name is Jack and your screen name is Jack.

  2. Aw! I love those pictures! Jack is sooooo cute!! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's in Sherlock Holmes... the new one. When he's fighting the fellow in the tavern, planning the entire fight... he uses the word discombobluate. Such a cool word. I managed to use it in a reasearch task for geography--discombobulating--but the teacher never saw it, so it was an effort wasted. All the same, I was proud of it. :)

  4. I LOVE the 3rd picture of Jack best. But all of them are awesome!! How cool is it to see your characters on paper like that?! :)

    Ha! I think your shower escapades are hilarious... :P I've had that same problem. Standing in a cold shower while it warms up is the WORST!

  5. Hah! I always thought it was cool that he was short, too! :D Small world, eh?

    Yeah, I just saw a video that was a bunch of his interviews put together and he was SOOO funny with Natasha Rom -I mean Scarlet!! :D


  6. Glad you have Internet again!
    Very nice drawing.
    Now, go get Indiana a steak.


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