Thursday, August 23, 2012

"It was a short cut." "To what?" "MUSHROOMS!"

 Ciao a tutti!

 Oh wait...none of you speak Italian, do you? Let me try that again. 


 My name is Singur. I'm Italian, a Scientist, and an Inventor. I'm also on the run for my life...but that is besides the point. I also like ice cream, in case you wanted to know. Italian ice cream...because it is the best ice cream in the world. Italian, cream ice cream with vanilla and cookie crumbles on it...


 Okay, I'm back. I had to go and get some ice cream. Oh, yes, and I'm supposed to write a post. This was Peter's idea. I think it is a good idea. Not as good as going out for ice cream, but still. 

This is for Jack and her sister.

 I decided I would share a machine in this post. I think Jack has already written about it, but I like this machine a lot. And I don't have anything else to write about, unless it is ice cream...or Speeders. I like Speeders. Not as much as I like Electrical Lights though. 

 The machine I'm going to tell you about is called a Marcher. Jack has compared it to a tank. I don't know what a tank is, I think it is something in her world, so I don't know if a Marcher is like a tank but if it is, I would say it is much more interesting then a tank. Can a tank crash through whole cities? Can it level walls? Can it blast forests to...splinters? (Jack says it can...I don't really believe her.) And I know what you're thinking. None of this sounds good. But if this machine was used by the good and those fighting with me...we wouldn't be using it to blast the world to pieces. 

 (I have never used the word blast before...I kind of like it. It is so descriptive.)

 Jack wrote about the Marcher's legs and levers. She told how the men who run them are trained for years to work together. And all of that is good to know. But she didn't tell you how to stop one...I don't think she did at least. 

 She says the Marcher is made of hardened metal. Let me give you a further description of this. The metal is in fact two plates, each two inches thick. The two pieces are then forged together and hardened with fire and water. Also a special chemical I cannot reveal because it would get me in trouble. In short, the Marcher is practically unstoppable. Unless you know of its one weak spot....

 *Glances over at Jack.* Should I not reveal the weak spot yet?

 Thank you for asking. See, this is why I like you. Ummmmmmm...................................try not to go into too much detail. If that is possible. 

 I shall refrain myself. Okay. Well, the best way to stop the Marcher, I've learned, is to shoot it. There was one small fault in the design...SMALL fault. Tiny. It is hard to find, unless you know it is there...faults happen even to the best of us...


 Sorry. Um...O Si. The fault. The Marcher is run by an oven which in turn runs the boiler system which in turn feeds steam through all the gears. The oven needs to be kept hot at all times. And, if the Marcher is being run, for a long time or at a very fast speed, the oven heats up the metal around it. Therefore, a powerful rifle bullet, well aimed, can pierce the metal, destroying the oven, and crippling the Marcher. 

 Keep in mind. Bullets are the best way to stop it. Bullets. 


 Right. Anyhow, here is a drawing of the Marcher. A wonderful rendition done by Signorina Clair Caprice. (Don't worry, I don't think she works for the enemy. Though she did a very good drawing of it...and no one could do such a well one unless they have first seen great!)

 If you wish to learn more about the Marcher you can read HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I...and Singur...would love to know what you think. 



  1. Totally fascinating!! (And love the picture too. Amazing.) Did you invent it from scratch? Totally cool!! :)

  2. Singur is hilarious!!

    What a fascinating machine the Marcher is!

    That quote is one of my favorites from The Fellowship of the Ring!

  3. AWESOME! I love it! FantAStic! and all that Doctor Who-ish-ness...

    I'm definitely going to that link. :)

    God bless


  4. Don't worry, Singur! I'm nice, I promise! I'm not working for, the enemy. So you can relax.

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