Monday, August 13, 2012

"Merlin, look what I found. I found a place you can put things. It's called a cupboard."

 I was going to tell everyone how I almost died again today but I then worried someone would send me a personal body guard and I'd have to make him sleep outside in the rain. Therefore, I won't be sharing how I was almost flattened by an electrical garage door, for the sake of the body guard. I don't wish him to get a cold. 

 Instead, I will do a book review. See, I'm getting all my posts back in order. 

 Before that, however, I will pass along a new writing update and a question. I've decided I left too much out of Haphazardly Implausible and will therefore be carefully reading over it, adding in things that I think will help the story along and bring the characters to life more. One of the things I will be adding is more back story about Peter's parents, as well as Singur's. I won't say more, because you will have to read it. 

 However, I did add a prologue to the book. AND I am willing to release it early if anyone is interested. So, what do you think? Yes or no?
 Now, book review. This is a book that was sent to me by one of my readers. Jessica Hammond at AUTHORLY INSANE. The book is titled Finding Lily and you can learn more about it HERE on goodreads. 

 Finding Lily is set in America, but in an America not many would recognize. A law has been passed which bans all books and creativity. And Lily, at the age of...fourteen I think it was. I'm sorry, I'm rubbish with ages. But trust me, she wasn't very old. Anyhow, she has a job at a well to do business, she has finished school, and she has everything a person in that world could want. Until the day she is kidnapped by a loony lady and the chap who loves her, the lady not Lily. Both are part of a rebellion that wants creativity back, only the lady is completely batty.

 The story was a fun read. It had some surprising twists and turns, and though I was confused through bits of it, I did enjoy it. One part was quite sad, but I liked the overall out come of the ending. Jessica has a lot of promise as an author and I will certainly be reading anything else she publishes. (Which, from what I gather from her blog, she is working on another book.)

 But, yes. It is a very nice book and if you would like to read it you can find it on Smashwords.

 Thank you, Jessica for sharing it with me! And if anyone else has a book they would like for me to read and/or review let me know!

 Lastly I leave you with a series of pictures because I have ALWAYS been convinced actors Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood look remarkably alike. No one believed me for the longest while, not until Daniel Radcliffe was older. Now I see it all over, everyone thinks as I do. (See, deep down I'm brilliant. Not as clueless as I first appear, so you should take my word for most things. ;-)

  Sorry they are moving and not all squished together like on my Tumblr. I couldn't find them any other way.
 Have you been reading any good books lately? Do  you plan on reading Finding Lily? What do you think of the idea of me releasing the new prologue early? Yea or Nay? And lastly, do you think the two actors look alike?

 This quote is from the BBC TV show Merlin. I've just started watching it and already like it a lot. (Arthur and Merlin remind me a ton of two of my own characters in fact.) This quote is from Arthur after he has come into Merlin's room to find it a complete mess. (For being a wizard, Merlin cannot keep his room clean to save his life.)

 And now...




  1. I LOVE FINDING LILY! Haha sorry... Jessica happens to be one of my best friends so I'm a tad biased. But I love stories set in alternate American future... The Freedom Factor is the best.

    I think that it would be cool if your book was released early! But don't rush yourself. Make sure it's absolutely the best it can be.

    Oh my word! Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliff do look a lot a like! Long lost twins perhaps? Hee hee kidding. Actually, when I first heart about Harry Potter I thought that the guy who played Harry was the same guy who played Frodo.
    I love finding actors who look like each other. I used to think that George Harrison from the Beatles and Edmond Pevensie looked alike... Now I'm not so sure. And there was someone else but I can't remember who.

    In answer to the comments we've been passing back and forth:
    I love those little short bread thigns with the jelly in the middle! I never knew what they were called... Now I know and now I know what Jammie Dodgers are as well. Hooray!

    Of course the fez will help win the war against the electric garage door. Fezzes are cool.

    Yeah, too bad he didn't leave notes about Alph-Art... I guess we'll never know. Sigh. I think that Snowy is definitely part of the plot to save Tintin. Remember how Tintin gave him a note? I think the end of Alph-Art probably played out a lot like Secret of the Unicorn, where Captain Haddock and the Thom(p)sons come and save Tintin at Marlinspike from the Bird Brothers.
    An unfinished Tintin book. How awful that sounds!

  2. Love that show! Funny, 85% of the shows I really like happen to be British...their humor actually makes sense.

  3. I'm definitely interested in reading Finding Lily. Looks cool! And totally cracked up on your quotes about the look-alike actors. I agree!
    And sheesh, aren't garage doors deadly?
    Good luck with your editing and a sneak-peak-snippet sounds exciting! :)

  4. Prologue? *Perks up ears* Yes please!

  5. Aaah! O.O Unless my eyes decieve me, you QUOTED MERLIN!!!!!!!!!! *dies* *happily walks away* okay, so I thought the two actors looked alike for a long time. When I saw the first Harry Potter I thought: "Oh my! He looks just like Frodo!" :D Glad everyone agrees now. :)


  6. If I read Finding Lily again I might explode. xD Regardless of that, thank you so much for the review! I loved the emails you sent me chapter-to-chapter with advice and reactions.

    Also, you're completely right. The two of them look startlingly similar!

    Yes, I would love to see you putting up the prolouge early! Stories are good, and previews just as good!

    Yay for Merlin!


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