Monday, August 27, 2012

"This could be our last moment together. There's something I need to ask you. Did you cut my fuel line?"

 Actress look alikes. 


  So, I've been editing all day. My editor pointed out I use "was" too much. I didn't think it possible. Here is the proof. 

It was Isidore's job to travel to London and scour the city until he found this Peter Jones, then take him to the Baron. It was a simple enough case and normally he wouldn't have taken it but the Baron was paying extremely well. Yet, now that he was here he was wondering if it was worth it.

This is for Clair, who loves Watson's Jumpers. (Kitty?)

 That sentence is just bad without all the was. But, now you see what I'm up against. I'm now having to re-work many of the sentences, as in, all, to fix this problem. From what I've been able to understand, was is a pass adverb. (I'm sorry if I get this all wrong. I went to a class to learn all this, but no matter how much I learn it I forget it.) And I need to use present adverbs. Was usually directs the action to the thing instead of the person, I think. 

 In short, my poor brain looks like a fried egg and for the life of me I can't think of one single book review to do. So, you don't get one. Sorry, kind of. Part of me is sorry, the other part is asleep and wants a marshmallow. 


 This will be my brain for the next few...however long it takes until I'm done editing. 

 Until then you shall have to endure me. My long, random rants about nothing. My posting lots of pictures because while I'm thinking of new sentences I look up funny pictures. Now is a good time to start following me on Pintrest. 

 Who came up with that name?

 So...sorry about the randomness, but at least this means the book is making its way closer to being published. 

 Tomorrow I think, if it is all right with Clair, I will share the rough ideas we have for the cover. For now though, I'm going to bed. Maybe after I finish a cool movie Clair told me about. And yes, I will be sharing this later. It is so cool it gets a review. 

No wonder he's bad.

 Quote is from the movie I plan to review. 
 But for now...

 ALLONS-Y!!!! And back to the editing!!!



  1. Oh the joys of editing (not). I'm in the process of rewriting my 2nd book (tho haven't technically started yet) and yeah...going thru all that old work and seeing how passive it was! (*was* is passive. You were right! I think your brain deserves that marshmellow.)

    LOVE your random posts. Truly I do! The pictures are great and you're so funny! :D

  2. Semi-colons and the word just are my downfalls when it comes to writing!
    I just can't seem to help it! Good luck with editing (which in my opinion is WAY harder then writing the story in the first place!!) ;-)

    That quote was tickling the back of my mind, I finally had to Google to find what movie it was from! I can't for the life of me remember if I've seen it before.....

  3. I am so bad with using passive voice! It just sort of happens that way whenever I'm writing, and then I don't know how to fix it. Also I don't spread my adjectives around evenly, apparently. *writer troubles*

    Yay Watson's jumpers! I do like them, quite. The stripey one's a bit odd but it suits him somehow :)

    Yay! You watched -- (ooh, should I tell or wait for you to review it?) But anyway you watched it and I'm glad you liked it! I love Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law both. But he looks very young in -- that movie.

    LOL at the Jeremy pic...I love his face!! I would also ask Chris Hemsworth to help me, if I were him.

    Aw, poor Loki. I remember first watching Thor and shouting NOOOOOOOO at the end when he falls off the Bifrost. Why are those movies so good? And why do they give me such intense emotions?? Augh.

    Good luck with the editing, I know than can be a chore and a major pain.

  4. I *love* that picture with Watson..."We must kill him." LOL.

  5. Ooooh, I love that picture with Watson. He's just a downright decent character, isn't he?

    Actually. I love all the pictures. They're all hilarious. :)

    As for the "Was"... I do that with "and" and "rather". Such sadness, eh?

    lol can't wait to see the rough drafts for the book covers!

    God bless

  6. Ahhhhh!!!

    "I understood that reference"

    I know what movies that is...heehee.

    Hil-ar-i-ous :)

  7. Oh my word... Who is that first actress? She looks SO farmiliar! Is she Mary from the new Sherlock Holmes movies?
    Also, I have another pair of look-a-like actors for you. John Barrowman and a young Jonathan Frakes without the beard (who plays Commander Riker in Star Trek Next Generation).

    Opposite characters are so fun to write about. I have a pair of them in my book. One is really loud and obnoxious and ALWAYS interrupts the other characters and his friend is very quiet and has a grand total of probably 40 lines of speech or less in the entire 60,000 words.

    I'm not sure if the seasons with Mrs. Peel were at the bookstore... I went back and took one off the shelf to look at and it didn't have Mrs. Peel on it. But there were, like, 10 DVD collections there who so knows.
    At the same bookstore (well, the same chain. Different store) they had Doctor Who as well and Star Trek and I so badly wanted to buy them both!! But $40 for 13 episodes is kind of a lot of money...

    Haha I love the complicated family trees in Doctor Who. So complexly funny.
    I just finished watching The Christmas Invasion and oh my word what an amazing episode! I loved the singing Christmas tree trying to kill people. And the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference at the end! And Ten!!! I've finally made it to Ten!!!!

    I really don't like the second season of Sherlock. The first episode is possibly one of the worst shows I've ever seen. There wasn't really a plotline and Irene Adler... *shudder* I really really really don't like that character.
    As for Sherlock dying... The episode wasn't too bad. It was very sad at the end. But the rest of the episode was good.
    I actually don't remember much of Reichenbach... I need to find it somewhere and watch it again.

    Haha I was looking on your Pinterest and I am so totally decorating my ginger bread men in red shirts this Christmas.

    And now I'm off to get a wavier so I can go to drivers ed without a permit! Scary... Get off the roads!


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