Saturday, August 11, 2012

"What about elevenises, supper, dinner, tea, do you think he knows about that?" "I wouldn't count on it."

 I've been having an emotional weekend. It all started when my sister left on a three day holiday, just as I began to read Lemony Snicket's autobiography. I finished the series a year ago, but it has taken me this long to read this book. It has nothing to do with the book itself (nor should you think I disliked the series because it is one of my favourites.) However, Snicket was my favourite character out of the series and I don't like endings, too much like saying goodbye to a good friend. Therefore, I put it off until I heard good news, which I will share soon.

Why are these grave stones blank?

 Anyhow, my sister has read the last of the books and insisted I finish. When I did finish the last one it is she I rushed to, talking about it, and all. (She's the one who always pointed out to my slow brain that the woman Snicket loved was the Baudarlires' mum.)

Uncle Monty, there's a snake around your neck...

 I finished the last book in two days, but I didn't have my sister to talk to. I couldn't rush and tell her about how I am certain their mum is still alive and married Snicket in the end. I am going to hold to this theory as desperately as I hold to the one that Howard Stark married Rodger's girlfriend, and nothing you say will change my mind. *Smirk*

Howard would have married Peggy after they both thought Rodger's was dead. Very often in movies if the best friend dies his friend goes to comfort his girlfriend and they fall in love. Neither would have known their son would end up joining the Avengers with Rodgers seventy years later.

 However, back to Snicket. I jumped up and down when I learned he was writing a new series and hoped that it was about him. Today my hope was fulfilled when I found online not only a picture of the cover but the first chapter, told by a 13-year-old Snicket. I was sooo happy and my joy was only dampened by the fact that there will only be four books in the series. (There's a list of reasons why this isn't fair. Mainly because the Baudarlires got thirteen books.) Still, four is better then none, and I will be buying the books as they come out.

Personally, I love the cover. Looks like an old spy movie.

 Now, Snicket aside for the time being. I have a list of other emotional events. Second being Matt Smith has changed his mind and will be playing the Doctor until 2014. Now, don't get me wrong. He is brilliant as the Eleventh Doctor, even if the actor did let fame go to his head and no longer appears as nice as when he was first cast into the role.

"I hope this is Pond's hair and not mine."

 However, most of you know, I've been having forgiveness issues with Moffat, who is the main writer for Doctor Who. My sister and I believe the reason he killed Sherlock Season Two so mercilessly is because he is a huge fan of Matt Smith and spent most of his time on writing Doctor Who, giving little time for Sherlock. (We follow him on twitter and haunted his tweets during the writings of both shows. Trust us, this is very likely what happened.) Therefore, we haroured a secret hope that Matt Smith would end this year as the Doctor, Moffat would retire from sorrow of loosing him and give Sherlock the brilliant writing he deserves, and someone else would be head writer for Doctor Who.

The man who forgot about Sherlock

 *Take a breath now*

 Now...sorry about this, but IF HE RUINS ANOTHER SEASON OF SHERLOCK I WILL DO SOMETHING SO HORRIBLE, SO SIMPLY DREADFUL! (I will plug my ears and drag metal finger nails down a black board while he is forced to listen.)

Sherlock agrees

 So, at the moment I am mad at Moffat, still, and mad at Matt Smith for not retiring like he should. We only got David Tennant for three years, not fair Matt Smith gets longer.

"Wait, he's staying for HOW long?"

 And, because of Moffat's cruel betrayal I am now tempted to watch the American version of a modern day Sherlock. (More on this later, so all you Sherlock geeks, save your tomatoes. And trust me, I'm still a huge Sherlock geek. I've not turned traitor to him. I have a reasonable explanation.)

Please, Sherlock geeks, don't hurt me. I know Watson shouldn't be cast as a girl.

 Next, I'm a bit wary of admitting to this, but I've been watching the Harry Potter movies over the last week. (Again, more on all this later. I have a longer post planned to explain everything behind this as well.) But, all I need to say for this is...THERE ARE HUGE SPIDERS IN IT! And not just huge ones, but little ones. All over. And then they threw in a huge dead one, just to see how badly they could get me shaking. Who writes about that many spiders anyhow? They need serious metal help.

(Incert spider picture...I think not.)

 And I bring up spiders to add this. My phobia was never this bad, but ever since I had spiders invade my bedroom last summer and crawl on my face I've lost it. I can't even watch fake looking spiders on TV. I have trouble going into stores around Halloween because they have spider pictures everywhere. (Also note, CGI has gotten much better since Harry Potter. Also, Peter Jackson is brilliant and has Weta. And he is making The Hobbit into three movies, which is VERY cool.) But, as you should have noted by now, the forest scene, with the spiders...Jackson, Weta, three movies, spiders....I'm going to loose it.

Bilbo wouldn't be smiling if he saw Gandalf's scowl and the size of his sword.

 Of course I will be going to see the movies, and I will see them on IMax 3D. But, I'm probably going to be the only person who faints during them. I can only hope Jackson has some kind of sympathy and makes the scene short...I don't have much hope, but still.

"Um, mates...I think we're in the wrong movie..."

 Also, my flat mate killed a spider that was in our bathroom. (Just when I thought the flat was free of them.) Not to mention there is a huge one living in one of my employer's laundry/ basement. And she's been sending me down there a lot lately. (I knew she had it in for me.)

I was looking for a picture of the basement in Season One of Sherlock, but this one is much funnier.

 (Random.) I read somewhere that Rowling was going to kill Ron's dad instead of Black. It is evil of me, but I kind of wish she had. And the shouldn't be allowed to kill a twin. (I'm on the last last movie now. Not looking forward to the twin dying at all.)

Can't kill one without the other.

 So there you have it, my emotional weekend. And now I'm going to go to bed because I am sleepy and my one still sore wrist is starting to hurt.

 You should know what this quote is from. If not, you need to be banned from this planet.




  1. New Lemony Snicket books!!!! My life just got infinitely better. :) Well, anyway. I loved those books.

    And 3 Hobbits? How they are going to do it is beyond me. Unless they are just doing it to torture the audience as they wait THREE YEARS to finish the trilogy. Ah, that part of new movies is a pain. :)

    And I just read the Lemony Snicket excerpt, and I can't wait for the books.

    P.S. I loved your post. Made me laugh so hard...

  2. AHH SPIDERS!! Evil things. Totally unnecessary creatures. And oh my gosh, Lemony Snicket's coming out with a new book?! Have to read it.
    And you know what? I never considered that theory of Stark marrying Roger's girlfriend. But now that you say it...I LOVE it! Definately happened, yep, because Tony Stark and Captain America so don't really like each other... :D

    And I knew the quote! Love that quote!!


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