Thursday, August 02, 2012

"You are so petty...and tiny."

 Well, it is Friday! And you know what that means! Yes! This is the day Steed tells you all how proud he is of you and how it is about time you voted for him. 

 Yes...he won. The votes were three for him and one for Jack. And, now he is gloating to Jack and Tony so I will post his picture before Tony stabs him. 

 Steed was one of the ones I had an idea of what I thought he would look like. Actually, my sister thought he looks like this man. He slightly acts like him, when he is the Tenth Doctor....

This is David Tennant as the Tenth and bestest Doctor. (I know, there is a lot of debate out about that, but come on! He was cool, even without the bow tie...)

 Anyhow, so that was our base idea for Captain Shamus Steed.

 And here he is...

CAPTAIN SHAMUS STEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sorry, he said his name had to be in all caps....

And a clearer picture. Notice the name on the box, I missed it the first few times. 
  Well, I'm mostly all moved in and my room is nearly all put together. As soon as it is done I will share pictures, and my commenting should be getting back to normal. 

 But for now, I am going to sleeeeep. I hope you all have a dandy weekend! 

 (Steed says you will because you can bask in his glow...ignore him.)

 Quote is from The Avengers. 8-D




  1. I LOVE it! SOooooooooooooo much. It's an awesome picture. <3 Man! Now I need to go draw. **heads off for pencil and paper,,,,**

    God bless!

  2. I must say.... That is one of the COOLEST most BESTEST pictures yet!! Great job Clair!! I love it!! He looks like he trying to snub us! And the box! I love it!
    He looks kind of like Westley from The Princess Bride... I think it's the upper lip mustache thingy. Or it could just be that I just watched the movie....
    And the spy glass in his hand! Cool! And his boots. I love black boots like that. And the shading on them is perfect! So are the clothes. They really look real.
    Again, great job Clair!

  3. Lovey photo! Claire does such a good job. :)

    And I totes love Steed. :D

  4. Such an awesome picture!! That drawing has personality!

    Have fun sorting out your new room, eh?! :D

  5. This is probably my favorite of all the pictures you've shown of the characters. It's just...Amazing. I can get a real feel for the character's personality!


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