Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"You can take the beard off now." "No I can't. It is permanently glued to my face."

  I'm adding to my list of look alike actors. First up is Benedict Cumberbach who plays Sherlock Holmes among many other roles and Colin Morgan who plays Merlin. This one is harder because it isn't as noticeable until Merlin makes certain expressions that look like those Sherlock makes.

Okay, it is harder to tell with these two pictures. But if you watch both shows I'm sure you will notice if you watch for it. I think it is their hair, and cheek bones. 

 Also, so you believe me about Peter and Arthur...

There, believe me now?

 How about you? Have you found any look alike actors? 

 Now, moving on. 

 Today's character I shall present you with is Captain James T. Kirk. (I know at least one of my readers who is groaning inwardly over this pick. She's not overly fond with Star Trek: a term which here means she detests it.)

Kirk in one of his funky shirts, the yellow ones were the best, the green ones were just odd. But at least they were better then no shirt at all. 

 Now, bare in mind, Star Trek was written during the 60's...or 70's, I forget which. But, the point is, back then TV shows seemed to have to have a dorky romantic story in each episode so Kirk very often goes goggle eyed over pretty girls. I think in season one he fell in love every other episode. However, by season two it was less common. Even near the end of season one it was very rare for him to fall in love. 

"I don't even know what this does. Let's find out, shall we?"

 However, in spite of his romantic life, Kirk was still a gentleman. Not like in the movie. Glad we have that cleared up. The main thing I like about Kirk, though...well, the main reason even shouldn't be the main reason. The main reason should be that he is such a great captain and is always willing to do almost anything if it means keeping his crew alive. That's admirable. Gallant. Brave. Sign of a great captain...but that's not my main reason for liking him. 

"Do I need to repeat the question?"

 My reason is because of the kind of friend he is. Kirk is kind of a middle man, like Aragorn. He is friends with two fellows who don't see eye to eye...in Aragorn's case this is literal. Kirk is good friends with Spock, who is a logical Alien who tries to always do the rational thing. (Even when he is unrational he tries to make a logical excuse for it.) 
 Kirk's other friend is Dr. McCoy. Dr. because that is his title, not his name. McCoy is rash and acts almost purely on feelings. So, he and Spock rarely, if ever get along even though they are good friends WAY deep down.

"Why don't you ever wear a red shirt?"

 I'm sure many of you may have noticed this, but when one chap is friends with two other fellows who don't get along he usually plays peace maker. (Example, Aragorn. He is always trying to keep Legolas and Gimli from killing each other.) Kirk, on the other hand, usually eggs his two friends on. Sometimes when the two are arguing he will slyly pick one side and say something to bug the other. And, even if he doesn't say anything his expressions can keep the arguments going. 

There's a reason Kirk is in the middle.

 I didn't notice this right off, but the more I do the more I realize something. I think Kirk enjoys this, probably a little too much. I think it is a hobby of his. Keeps him from becoming overly board while on the ship. I also think it is what makes his, McCoy's, and Spock's friendship unique. He isn't the peacemaker. He has accepted the fact these two will never see eye to eye, but it doesn't matter. They like to get along with their arguing. And they all three know that if either was in danger the others would be there for them. 

"How is the lock picking going?"

 (And, in some cases, being there for each other means annoying each other enough to get them to snap out of being brain washed. In one episode something had happened to Spock and he was brain washed, falling in love and endangering everyone. So, to get him out of it Kirk insulted him, his mother, and I believe his father. My dad laughed so hard during this part.)
"Who's winning?"

 Now that my sister is done cringing at the extent of my geekiness I will change subjects for a moment. I sent a short prequel story in to be edited and it was just returned to me. It is now my job to read over it and fix it up then send it back to my editor who will in turn read over my edits and let me know if it needs more. 

"Shall we vaporize the Captain?" "You first."

 I will be publishing this story before the book comes out, but only in ebook format. However, for those of you who do not have ereaders you needn't fear. I will make certain the format will open on a computer. I cannot, as of now, publish any of the short stories in paper back as it will cost too much and I need to save most money for the book publication. However, if, when I have a lot of the short stories out, there is a request for them compiled together in paper back I will seriously consider it. 

"This is oddly familiar."

 Now, I should explain again. There were many things that could have happened/ been said in the book I had to leave out as there just wasn't room. One of the things is a story that took place before the book begins. And, since there wasn't room for it, I have decided to write it down in it's own little story. I have already done this with some of the other stories which you can read HERE. I'd love to know what you think about them. 

He's a Scot. What can you say?

 I am not sure when the new short story will be out, but I will let you know as soon as I know more. Right now I am stuck on the very first line, not a good sign I know, but I'm hoping to get the editing done tomorrow. 

"Nice hat." "You know, it is logical that I could miss my target."

 And tomorrow I will have more updates for all of you.

 For now...I'm going to bed. 
 Do you like or dislike Star Trek? Do you know of any look alike actors? Like the idea of prequel short stories or no? Are you careful when you wear a red shirt? (I'm not, because I'm Scottish.)

 The quote is from Avatar, the last airbender. A reminder to use care when gluing beards to your face. 



  1. Oo I agree! Peter (Narnia) and the other guy look a lot alike! How weird is that?! Unrelated-twins!! :D

    I've only seen the Star Trek "movie". The recent one. I quite enjoyed it (though Kirk was presented as pretty self-absorbed). Vulcans are so cool! And I love the scottish guy (he's hilarious). Now at least I "get" all the StarTrek references, even tho I haven't seen the series! Loved this post!!

  2. The only Star Trek I've liked so far is the movie thatcame out in 2009. Mind you, the only other Star Trek I've seen was one of the reeealy old ones that seemed pretty sexist...
    Anyway. I have a friend so much like Spock,it's scary. He has no clue about it - it's great.

    I almost never wear a red shirt. I'm Scottish, and most reds clash horribly with my hair.

  3. I have been hearing a lot about this Merlin show--makes me wish we had a TV--but I checked on Netflix and they have the first four seasons of Merlin on DVD! I need to convince my mama to get it for me. :) Wish me luck. *gulp*

  4. You know who else looks alike? Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Martin Freeman (Watson, of course)! I just noticed this a few days ago. They should play brothers in a movie or something.

    I've only seen the Star Trek movie, and I imagine it was different from the TV show in a lot of ways, but it was still really fun. Beam me up, Scottie! :)

  5. I love Star Trek alot!!! My favorite character in tos is Spock, then Dax, then, will riker and wesly crusher, and lastly tripp from enterprise...

    Those r most of the series I've seen in my day.

  6. lol Yeah, I guess Merlin and Sherlock resemble each other.

    I quite like Star Trek. But my favorite is definitely the original series... Picard's okay, but Deep Space Nine and Voyager just don't do it for me. The original series had the best characters, even if the plots and effects were pretty lame. I'll like something just because the characters are awesome.

    As for Kirk's shirts... did you know they made them specially so that in the fights they would always rip? :D

    Yeah... they were late sixties and Kirk is awesome. 'Nuff said.

    Scotty, Kirk and McCoy are tied for favorites of those series. (Scotty-- the actor-- was actually Canadian, I think.. and my Scottish friend informed me that he's never heard a Scot with an accent like that. hmmmm. It sounded great to me however.)

    Okay, and finally! I refuse to watch the Star Trek movie. From what I can tell of it, it was absolute crap and did no justice to the show. My dad informed me that Spock and Uhura had a fling, which is retarded. (the only human I can see Spock falling for would be Nurse Chapel and even that seemed a little far-fetched.)
    The ONLY reason I could see me checking out CLIPS from the movie would be to watch McCoy and Scotty. Karl Urban would be great as the the doctor, and... Well... I like Simon Pegg, he's a fantastic comic actor and he'd be fantastic as Scotty.
    But I find the downfalls of the movie to outweigh the good of it and therefore I will shun it. :)

    And now I am done. Sorry for the length of the comment, but I had a lot to say! lol

    God bless


    ...... P.S: Our family tends to find a red shirt in Star Trek and say, "Ooooh. He's dead. No question." Go figure that Scotty is the only Red Shirt to last through an entire episode, eh? :)

  7. Kirk... Oh my word. The cliche hero! You have to love him! (And Star Trek Orignal series was in the 60's, Star Trek Next Generation was in the 80's-early 90's I believe. Star Trek Deep Space Nine was 90's. Star Trek Voyager was middle 90's-early 2000's. And Enterprise.... I do not count because I hate it).
    I LOVE Kirk's friendship with Spock and McCoy! I find it so interesting in the new movie how they switched it up and have Spock and Kirk hating each other and McCoy the middle man. It will be interesting to see what they do with the friendship in the second movie...But really, I'm more excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie.

    Haha Andy Serkis carrying his own dots... That's funny! Another cool thing about him is that he plays saxophone!
    Haha I don't like to call grown men cute either... But Martin Freeman... He's just a little boy! He's so adorable in the I-think-your-baby-is-cute way!
    I think we should make up a petition for people to sign that makes Benedict Cumberbatch Calculas. He would be brilliant! And he's worked with both Spielburg and Jackson before... And he's done the motion capture for the Hobbit... And Jackson is in charge of the next film.... I heard somewhere that the writers wanted one of the Doctors to play Calculas. 6, 7, or 8 I think. I can't remember which. Either that or the weird professor guy in Indiana Jones 4.
    Yeah, most authors don't kill their main characters... Except for Doyle who hated Holmes (HOW is that possible?!). I don't think Herge hated Tintin no matter how much trouble Tintin gave him over the years. But who knows, maybe he was getting tired of him. I mean, he was writing Tintin from 1929 to his death in the 80's. That is a SUPER long time to be writing about one character! We'll just hope that he didn't have it in for Tintin....
    Haha, when I die people are going to read my notebooks and go, "O.o This person loved to plan, didn't she?" My notebooks are SO full of ideas and plans it's not even funny.


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