Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Thank you for everyone who told me about the comment's on John's Blog. I had forgotten new blogs are set right away to have those annoying words under them. Now it is word free and even users without blogs can comment. 

 I've a better update coming soon on the contract but right now I just need sleep, lots of sleep - I should probably stop staying up so late. And chocolate because of the short story I'm working, which I will talk more about later as well. 

 I attached the link to John's Blog up by the book pages on the top of mine. I'm not sure if I will leave it there, I will likely move it to the side, but at least for now you will be able to find it more easily. 




  1. John is very cute (just sayin'). Aw, sleep is over-rated. You can sleep when you're dead, after all. ;) Looking forward to hearing about the contract! And I like the new blog font so much. It's a lot easier for my little eyes to distinguish. 8)

  2. Bella,

    Josh Groban seems very nice. I know that often he lets people sing with him when they ask, which is cool. I don't know of many other singers who do that, though I don't know of many singers. Also, he has a weird sense of humor, at least from what I've seen on twitter. I like weird senses of humor.

    School is evil, especially Math.

    What is your new book about? If I may ask.

    I have lots of books sitting in dust as well. I think it is an author thing.

    Do you like Martha? I know there is a lot of...debate about her.

    The sad story, well, I cannot say here but I will be sharing it soon on my blog. Maybe later today or tomorrow even.

    Are you my mummy is one of the creepiest, and sweetest, Doctor Who Episodes ever! Blink is creepy too as well, and sad. I sometimes wish Sally could have been a companion but I'm glad she likes that other guy now.

    Yeah, Doctor Who fans, we have many weird, but practical, fears.

    Aw, I love The Hobbit. I'm going to re-read it too before the movie.


  3. Robyn Hoode,

    Thank you for telling me about the comment thing. I forget to fix those when I set up a new blog. But, it is all fixed now 8-D

    And John says thank you 8-D


  4. I love John's blog, he seems like a very intelligent and adorable fellow!!
    Ahhh, sleep, how I love thee, let me count the ways..... ;-)

  5. Jack;
    "Are you my mummy?" is one of those good episodes which make me miss Christopher Eccleston. I do like David ALOT he is really awesome, but Christopher will always be my favorite. he was so unique, ya know? "Everybdody lives! just this once, everybody lives!!" :) I do like Martha, but I find myself REALLY missing rose. I keep expecting to see her. and The Doctor obviously misses her too. when he talks about her "I wish rose was here. she'd know what to do" it is so sad! *Spoiler* Rose comes back in series four though... Why am I worried? *end spoiler**
    the book I am writting- or trying to right- is about a king who loses his kingdom to a black warlord and is forced to flee. The warlock has torn a veil in the Magic of Weavling and it must be repared. So the king sets out with his knights of the White Flag to do so. The book isn't really centered around the king, but around his squire, Angelo. it is in medieval/fantasy times and has a bunch of sword fights and fantastic things like that. yeah. the other one I'm trying to polish is one about a young thief who meets a pirate from goodness knows when and is forced to join a technical and magical battle. it needs SERIOUS tearing down and rebuilding >:(.
    of coueaw Math is evil. So is english. I think the Public is trying to destroy our brains with these ridiculous subjects. maybe they're Krillitanes in disguise.

    Josh does have a weird sense of humor. I like it :) Btw your pic of the red shirts is hillarious. "Dying in 3... 2...1..." lol. I like the original star treks. though they're sort of stupid. We're watching the Avengers tomorrow! FANTASTIC!!! I should go off now. God bless. I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope I didn't bore you. :)

  6. That photo of the walking dead is awesome!


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