Wednesday, September 26, 2012

COULSON LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

 Where to begin. Should I tell you about the contract today, or the short story? Which needs more fanfare for the weekend? Or, should I post an editing picture and go to bed to drown myself in the sorrowful fact that the Ponds are...oh wait. Most of you haven't made it to the Ponds in your Doctor Who watching, so I will save the spoilers. River Song I ain't.

 I could tell you about how I fell against the shower door while I was...well, taking a shower, and how I almost flooded the bathroom again. Or, I could fill your time with regales of pirates and dancing trees. I could weave a tale about an evil king who desired to crush a land under his thumb and the gallant knight who stood against him. Though, such tales always have a knight. Let ours be a timid maiden, frightened of her own shadow. Her journey takes her into places where her deepest fears lurk and alone she must face them, finding in the end a friend has always been at her side, taking her hand when she needed it most. 

 Okay, enough of my feet dragging. I'll do the contract today because I wish to do something special with the story. Not sure WHAT yet, but just throwing the summery out there is very unlike me. Sometimes I relish drama too much. 

 I will admit outright, my choice I made on the contract wasn't easy. I've been dreaming of something like this since I was thirteen. That's more then ten years. Having to pick between a glittery contract and rights was like having to decide if I wanted to be shot or stabbed, only less painful...or not. 

John and his brother

 I will admit, all of your thoughts on it helped. Also, talking about it out loud to someone who at least listened for fifteen minutes, or was it fourteen, helped as well. You would not BELIEVE the trouble I have in keeping people's attention. "Do I have the kind of face no one listens to...again?"

 I took into consideration what everyone had said, but no, I didn't let other people's opinions sway me. (I don't mean that rudely. Just, sometimes, when someone tells someone something the first someone will change their mind because of what the second someone said and then it isn't really the first someone's choice, just what they think the second someone wishes.) Get it? Got it. Good. I can say without doubt the final decision was the one I felt best, because I felt it thus. 

 So, in short, I've turned it down. 

 However, the silent screaming is small, MUCH smaller then the twisted dread which filled me every time I thought about the contract. Give up so many of my rights? Keeping my rights is one reason I went with self publishing. 

 Okay, now this part sounds selfish and greedy and...all that. But here is the truth of it. I WANT complete rights over my work. I want the final say. I want the cover I want, not one someone else who didn't put hours into the story thinks will fit it. I've put too much hard work and research into covers, too much thought to give up cover rights. 
 On that same note, I put too much hard work into the actual story to have something changed I want left in. I'm open for ideas and help, don't get me wrong. I'd kill for a Critic partner - no, I wouldn't kill the partner. I'd kill a certain someone who ruined a certain character because he didn't use his brilliant brain *Eyebrows go up* Okay, fine, no killing. 
 But it isn't that which I'm talking about. It is the story itself. It is the plot in the first book which seems to have no connection at first but which I've worked hard in tying together. This is my story, and I want it to stay mine till the end. 

 Though, I guess that isn't completely true. Right now the story is mine, but when it comes out I hope all of you will make it yours and enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. I want this story to be yours as well, but since it isn't out yet...I guess it can't be, yet. 

 One of the other reasons I don't wish to go with Hydra is the wait. I know, time is good in most cases. But eight months? That is almost a year. And yes, you all said you would wait but I don't think it is wise for me to put it on hold. And I don't wish to wait another eight months to release book two. I'm hoping to have it out six months after the first. *SPOILER!* But that is the only spoiler you're getting. 

 Anyways, there it is, laid out for you in black and, gray and purple. 

 All this means I'm back to where I started. Cover on my own. I'm not worried though anymore. I know the cover I want and I will do it alone if I must. It is the trailer which is my main concern at the moment. I'm back to hounding my help, unless I can figure it out myself. (I don't suppose any of you knows how to make movie things and wouldn't mind in helping put a trailer together?)

 Okay! Okay! 
 Sorry, John is telling me to finish. He says it is his turn to post now. So, I will close. That is all I had to say anyways. Tomorrow I will show you the story, or, kind of. SO! Come back! Your evil over lord commands you!

 Real fast though. I updated the book summery again. What do you all think? And who else has seen The Avengers this week?! Did you watch the gag reel? Deleted Scenes? All the cool extras?! (As you can tell...I did watch it. Last night, with my brother. It's just as cool the fifth or sixth time 8-D)


 P.S. John posted and he answers all his comments in the post they are left in. (Since he's still a baby, he's not so great at reading over people's blogs. Usually he is too busy napping and playing and eating. But he loves comments and will answer them all.)



  1. Oh, big desicions! I hope all goes well with self cover and trailer making. Best of luck. :)

    And a question that has been bothering me for a while... What does Allons-y mean?

  2. Ok, I have to go to bed so I have to make this really short so I'll answer the conversation we've been having in the blog comments tomorrow.
    I am very happy for you! And proud! I think you made the right decision. Rights are perhaps the most important thing in the world. =D

    Also, I know a thing or two about making movies! I'm not exactly sure what kind of help you need... But last summer I filmed and put together a 120 minute movie (its longer than Tintin... I couldn't believe it). I'm pretty good with techknowledgy in that I press buttons and experiment until stuff works. Shoot me an email or a comment if you think you could use my help....

    Goodnight! Until tomorrow!

  3. That would be such a hard decision to make--but I understand why. There are some things that you just know you should or should not do. So, good for you.:)

  4. Tough call, but it's your story. Now that you've made your decision, embrace it completely and move forward!

  5. I'm glad you decided to turn down the contract, even though it was hard. It's probably better to get published through an actual publisher. that's what my sister (also a writer) says. plus, they do all the grunt work. :) We are watching the Avengers tonight, and I can't wait! I've only seen it once, when it first came into theaters. So yeah, I'm excited. It will be fantastic, because we are going to have cake too :) I like cake. cake is good. Hows life? how's john? How are YOU? God bless!
    Ps. I like your pooh picture. Pooh is so cute :D

  6. So when is your book coming out?

    ~Robyn Hoode

  7. Oh gosh, I know that can't have been an easy choice, I'm happy you came to a decision you can live with!
    Can't wait to read your book when it comes out!!!!

  8. wow! That must have been a tough decision! :) I'm sure you made a great choice. ^_^ <3

  9. I'm glad that you are confident in your decision! I look forward to the day the book comes out :)

  10. Here we go.... I'm about to start watching "Army of Ghosts" and then "Doomsday." And by then Elementary will be on so I don't have to be sad the whole evening. =) AH I'm already dying....
    Anyway, yes I am looking forwards to Elementary! I feel a lot better about it because Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be watching it as well. xD

    Well I guess John is partially right.... Bananas are kind of alien. Don't they come from the groves of vilanguard?

    Mickey and Jackie rock! Jackie just kissed the doctor... xD He's like, "Let me go! Put me down!"
    Oh my word... my friend has the Doctor's glasses. I just realized it. And she doesn't even watch Doctor Who!

    I can't wait to see the Fourth Doctor as well!! I absolutely LOVE his scarf. I want one like it. And his hair is so scfruffy and cute.

    I'm not a crier in movies either. Actually, I really hate it when I get emotional in movies... Benji always makes me cry.
    Actually, whenever something happens in movies that makes me really exited I get all teary eyed and super excited.
    Well, if you teared up during Doomsday, I'm sure I will as well.... Oh my goodness I've already almost started to cry twice. Once at the beginning with Rose saying she died. And again now because the Doctor was just imitating Ghost Busters. XD That was super funny. And now he's wearing 3D glasses. Ok that is cool.
    Oh my word.... "Doctor they have guns!"
    "Yes, and I don't. That makes me the better person. They can shoot me dead but I'll have the moral high ground!"

    I'm gonna go watch this now!

    Allons-y! (He just said that for the first time. Heh heh).

  11. WOw I have missed a lot! A miss visiting the blog for a few weeks and suddenly there is a contract. There is someone called John. There is a movie called Avengers that is out now... ohhhhhh wait Avengers is OUT NOW???? (rushes off to store). Okay, I'm back.

    Love your careful consideration of the pros and cons of contracts vs. self publishing. You've put a lot of thought into this.

    Now, who is John?

  12. Bella,
    I loved Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. He was...kind of, my first Doctor. I've first Doctor ties between him and David Tennant so I've a special fondness for them both.

    Yes, the Doctor does miss Rose, which makes it even sadder. I want to cry for him.

    Your king book sounds really good! I love books with swords...I'm even writing a series based on a sword.
    Kings and swords and evil warlords always makes for a great story.

    Your pirate and thief story sounds good too! And never fear, all stories need torn down and fixed, it is part of being an author. The non fun part.

    I love the original Star Treks. Watching them with my dad and brother is great fun.

    Did you like the Avengers? See the gag reel? I'm geeking about it because of Coulson.

    John is doing good, just worn out because we had a long day hiking and then a late night. I am going to let him sleep in tomorrow.

    Pooh is fantastic 8-D I adore him.

    And now I'm kind of, rambling and not sure what to say so I will say,


    and go to bed.

  13. Robyn Hoode,

    For now, all I can say is, that the book will be out in December. I'm hoping to get a day soon, then it will be easier, to like, look for it. 8-) Count down, at least, I hope someone will want to count down to it. Right now though, everything is balancing on a fine wire and I have to see which way it will all crash. Very likely on my head.


  14. Jack;
    Thank you for your encouragement. I'm upset with my 2nd book because characters keep doing things that I Specifically told them NOT to do and ending up in scrapes that I can't get them out of. "I WARNED YOU NOT TO GO DOWN THAT HALLWAY!!" Its so annoying. We weren't able to watch the avengers because it was all checked out :( But we'll watch it this weekend then I'll tell you all about it.
    The more I see of David Tennant the more attached I become. I can hardly wait for season 4. *spoiler* Rose returns!*End spoiler* I am must be very emotional because I've been crying over Dr. Who. I watched an episode where Martha says "there's someone for everyone" then the Doctor says "maybe..." and I felt so sad! his look.... I miss Rose. I even miss Jacki and Mickey! Martha IS good. But she's not Rose.
    Maybe Christopher is my favorite *because* he was my first Dr. Him and his nothern accent and huge smile :D He's was so fantastic... I'd better sign off or I'll never stop rambling. God bless


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