Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Do you have any free time?" "Oh yes, lots."....."Bye!" "Right, bye."

  Since I now have most of you curious for my news, the evil side of me wishes to keep hinting at it but never disclosing it. Bad evil side...did I mention that most of my side is evil? Anyhow, I really want to do this news justice, so I can explain it without making it very complicated and leave everyone going..."Huh?" as I so common do. Therefore, I'm putting it on hold still. 

 However, I do have bad news. My mum and dad think I'm insane for wanting a baby hedgehog named John. I can't imagine brothers took one look at the picture and agreed they'd never seen anything cuter. I must get my sister in on this, but since she is very logical she will probably side with my parents. 

 Anyhow, today I'm going to show you what I become while editing. This will be done through a series of songs and interpretative dances...haha. I don't dance, and if I sing you are libel to run away and never come back. So, I think I will use pictures instead. 

 Picture one: 

Look me in the eyes and say you wouldn't become a hermit too if it meant meeting him every ten years.

 As mentioned above, I become a hermit. This is the first sign of editing. I lock myself in my room and spend hours alone, tapping and alternatively yelling at my computer. I do not, contrary to popular belief, turn into an emotional grump who yells at everyone I cross paths with. This is just a myth made up by my brothers who think editing shouldn't be considered real work and who say, "Get a life." 

What I DON'T become.

 Two: Remember that post I did awhile back about people who can get away with wearing odd clothing? Well, that's pretty much how I dress. I don't spend much time putting outfits together but throw on what I have (only I don't look half as cool as Watson.) The other day I lost a sock so rather then find a new pair, I just wore one. As Sweetie puts it. "Maybe you should let your mother dress you."

Like this, but not as Classy

 Three: I turn into a mad genus, minus the genus. Whenever I cannot take the editing anymore I usually make my way to the kitchen to cause damage. So far I've put an egg in vinegar to dissolve the shell and make a bouncy ball (It works in case you want to try it, just don't squeeze the egg to hard or it blows up. Kind of nasty.) Warning: Imagine smelling a rotten egg, this is pretty much what your house will smell like - I think. I kind of had a cold during this and didn't smell much of anything, but when I opened the was rather nasty. I think it is worth it, not sure what my flatmate thought of it. 
 I've also baked a rock in the oven. (To de-germ it for Indiana). I then forgot about it, and my flatmate found it. I wonder what she thinks of my cooking skills...(Future husband, I will not feed you rocks for dinner.)
 My latest experiment is a banana. I took a slightly rotten banana on a car trip, then left said banana in a hot car all day. It turned black and mushy. Rather then throw it out, I've put it in the cupboard to see what happens first, mold or turning hard as a rock. Don't worry, it hasn't smelled up the flat - yet. 

I promise I won't scare my flatmate off...if I haven't frightened her already.

 Four: I eat nothing but frozen meals or instant soups. I'm not much of a cook naturally. There's not much I can eat and I find cooking a waste of time. One has to prepare the meal, eat it, and clean up after it. I'm a writer, not a chief. However, I do usually make pastas and such for dinner. While editing though, I save a ton of time by - heating food up in the microwave and living off ramen soups.

How many people really make soup that looks as pretty as this?

 Five: I spend a ton of time on Pintrest, looking up funny pictures to ease my aching brain. Those who stalk me on Pintrest already know this. Those who don't have seen the results here. (E.G. John.)

Because John is that cute. 

 Six: And that pretty much sums it up. Except for the extra burst if sanity and muttering to myself. (Everyone who is around me during this editing process, I'm NOT insane. So don't send me off to any kind of funny farm. I'll be back to my normal, weird self soon enough.)

 There, now you know...some weird things about me that really have nothing to do with anything. I'm going now. I have a book and a movie waiting for me. 

 I've still been able to keep at two chapters a day. If I can keep at it I will be done the middle of next week. I say that carefully because whenever I'm on a roll flus like to throw themselves at me and taught me while I'm too sick to roll out of bed. So, if any flu is out there reading this, I'm battling a cold and other weird, unnamed illnesses and you should pick another victim because if you attack me I'm likely to die and then you'd feel rotten. 

 Quote is from Sherlock. He's on my mind a lot lately because it isn't fair he has a John and I haven't.  




  1. Oh, you're brilliant. These posts are so great... :D But you're driving me crazy wondering what this THING is. ;) Rope up that mischievous side of yours for a while, eh. xD

    I'm starting to want a hedgehog too...oh sigh. SO cute. I'll have to content myself with patting my nephew (do hedgehogs bite? my nephew has been known to...) and avoiding getting his cold. Happy editing! (funny phrase that.) I hope it doesn't jinx for you. ;)

  2. These are great! I really enjoyed reading this post.

  3. I think you've gotten far more than just half the internet to agree with you about John the hedgehog.

    Also, I have seen soups that pretty. I live with two cooks, both of which are nearly OCD perfectionists. My food may not always be yummy, but it is almost always pretty!

  4. that hedgehog is so cute. You must get it. MUST. :)

    and hehe, turning into a mad genius minus the genius was a brilliant description.

    I am SO becoming a hermit!

    God bless!

  5. Hermits always make me think of hermit crabs... Which I guess is fitting because hermit crabs retreat to their shells and authors retreat to their rooms.
    Your experiments sound like fun! Let us know what happens with the banana.

    And every Sherlock does need a Watson! So you get that hedgehog!

    I haven't seen season 7 yet... I'm in the middle of season 2 right now. xD I watch slow. It doesn't help that my disks from Netflix keep being scratched so I keep having to send them back for new ones!
    Anyway, the dinosaur episode sounds AMAZING! It has Egyptians, Lestrade (he found his division!), and dinosaurs!! I absolutely love dinosaurs... I always have. I can't wait to see it.

    If/when I write a fanfic about Watson and Amy, you will be the first to read it. =D

    It is a pity comment boxes aren't bigger! It's annoying, that's what it is.

    I agree about The Girl in the Fireplace, brilliant plot but there's just something about it... I can't put my finger on it. It should be on my favorites list but somehow it just doesn't make it.
    Doctor Who is by far the saddest TV show I've ever seen.

    I'm in the middle of watching Star Trek the animated Series first episode so I'm gonna go finish it! Adios!

  6. Brothers. They are genetically modified to be unsympathetic. :)

    'I'm a writer, not a chef.' Hahaha!

  7. The hedge-hog is so cute. really. John sort of suits him :D


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