Monday, September 03, 2012

"He knows what he's doing...I think."

 I have two posts I've promised to write. One is on why I watched the Harry Potter movies and the other is a review on one of my new favourite movies. And I'm having a major case of da ja vu while writing this....

 Anyhow, I'm going to do my best at writing both this week. Can't promise anything. But I'll give it a shot. 

 Today, since I'm battling a cold and still have to edit, I will do the review because it is easier, takes less brain work, and is more fun. 

 This movie I learned about from Clair's blog. And the moment I saw it had Jude Law in it I decided I wanted to see it...yeah...the chap plays Dr. Watson AND Lemony Snicket, I can't help but like him. Plus, he has a cool accent. Anyhow, he wasn't my only reason for wanting to see it, but he was the main one. (It helped that it also has the girl who plays Pepper Potts in it.)

"I'm going to ask Sherlock what those things are behind me."

 According to Clair, the entire movie was filmed in front of a green screen, which is cool. Also, it was made to look like an older movie. The picture isn't very sharp and clear, kind of faded with lots of grays, which I think is brilliant. 

 Now, the title. It is called Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. Think old superman cartoons meets WWI or WWII fighter pilot and you have the basic idea. 

 The main girl, Pepper Potts, is named Polly Perkins. She is a cute blond reporter who is very noisy, who will do whatever it takes to get her story, and who is completely disaster prone. If she can make something go wrong, she will do it. She has the ability to be annoying but something about her makes you love her. I think it is her adventurous spirit. No matter what she faces, she keeps going if it means she can write a good story. 

"How have you been, Joe? Did you miss me?" *Joe points his pistol at her. "Get out!"

 The hero, Jude Law, is named Joe Sullivan. Joe is a pilot, a fantastic pilot who flies one of the coolest planes ever invented. (I half think you should just watch the movie so you can see his plane.) Joe is bold and slightly reckless. If he thinks he can save his friends he will fight robots, fly into Tibet, climb all over frozen mountains, and chase down islands that don't exist. He really is cool, and he has a really cool leather jacket. He's also a gentleman, though sometimes not toward Polly (more on this later.)

*To Dex* "Escort Miss Perkins off the Base. If she resists...shoot her."

 Some of the other characters are Dex, Joe's geeky inventor friend who loves comics and bubble gum. Frankie (Angelina Jolie), who I will always believe is Nick Fury's mum (she's a...seriously, the best way to describe her. She's a SHIELD agent before SHIELD was around.) Then the Editor, who is cool even though he had, like, five minutes in the whole movie. He's a famous actor who has played in Doctor Who, (The Christmas Carol). He played Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Mr. Woodhouse in Emma, Mr. Holbrook in Cranford, and some chap in Wives and Daughters. (I say all that so you will want to watch it.)

*While looking at a robot. Speaking to Joe.* "You said it was big...can I have it?"
*Sees Joe pointing his pistol at Polly.* "So glad we made up."

Frankie. She even had a helicarrier thing.
*When she sees Polly for the first time.* "What is that?"

 So, anyhow, really fast, the plot. The movie is set after WWI. All over brilliant Scientist are disappearing. Polly is working on the story, but while she is, giant robots come to New York and other big cities, tearing them apart and taking things like coal, electrical things, and so forth. Joe is called in to fight them, and when Dex is taken he teams up with Polly to find out what is going on, find the Scientists, and save his best friend. 

*Joe to Polly when she wants to fly with him.* "I'm coming with you!" "You're stupid. Remember what happened last time you flew with me?"

 Now, first off, I will say what I didn't like about this movie. Because it is best to get the bad out first. 
 There was some language in it, but not a lot from what I remember. 

*While they're flying.* Joe: "Are you okay?" Polly: "I'm fine." "You don't look so good."

 One scene caught me off guard. While in Tibet Polly gets into trouble (surprise) and almost gets her, Joe, and a friend killed. They escape but a bomb explodes behind them and they all are knocked out. Next scene shows Polly in a bed, covered with a quilt, but with no clothing. Joe is with her, and at first it looks really bad. But it turns out these monks found all three, burned their clothes because they have bad thoughts in them (batty Tibet Monks) and put them in a bed. So, this scene wasn't great, but at least nothing bad happened in it. 

*Flying through New York* Polly: "Turn right!...back there." Joe: "I could use a little more warning."

 What I loved. 
 Joe's aeroplane. 

Polly: "Go left!" Joe: "We're going around in circles!" Polly: "Will you trust me." Joe: "It's a dead end." Polly: "That's not supposed to be there!"

 Polly and Joe's relationship. Now, I'm not crazy about romantic movies, which is probably why I like this so well. Joe and Polly loved each other but got into a fight before the movie starts. She thinks he was with another girl and he thinks she sabotaged his plane. Neither believes the other when they say they didn't do it. 
 So, anyhow, even though they like each other in the movie they torment each other a lot and it turns out to be really funny. Polly insists on flying with Joe and when she gets motion sick he just kind of snickers because he told her not to come along. 
 Polly acts all smug around him just to annoy him and won't tell him all the information she has, which leads to them almost getting blown up later. 
 In one of the last scenes Joe has to go stop the world from ending and likely will die. Polly insists on coming but he won't let her, so he kisses her, then decks her to knock her out. She follows him, of course, later on, then punches him for revenge. 
 Yet, in spite of all their "hating" of each other they are very fond of one another and Joe is always trying to protect Polly, who is always getting into trouble. 

"Good boy, Dex." Somehow, the way Joe is always saying this, makes Dex sound like a puppy.

 I LOVED the outfits. So spy ish and cool. 

*Polly meeting one of Joe's friends.* "I don't trust him." "Funny, he said the same thing about you."

 Dex. Dex is just brilliant. 

*Joe, speaking to some bad guys who are threatening to kill Polly* "I told you, I don't know what you're talking about. You'll just have to kill us."

 During one scene Joe has to fly his plane through New York while Polly sits behind him and shouts out directions. Whoever thought up this scene should be given a medal. Fantastic idea. 

*Joe and Polly are about to be blown up and are hiding behind some creates.* "Polly, this could be our last moment together. There's something I have to ask you." "Yes, Joe?" "Did you cut my fuel line?" "I didn't sabotage your lousy plane!"

 So, anyhow, this movie has done poorly from what I've heard, which is sad. I think it is because everyone wants movies to change their lives, to leave them feeling inspired or crushed or full of emotions. This movie won't do that. It is just a fun, adventurous movie. Which I think is just as nice as movies like The Lord of the Rings. I would recommend it, and the ending! The ending is the best movie ending I think I've ever seen. Or close enough. 

Joe: "Can we for once die without all this bickering?"

 Anyhow, go into it, expecting Superman, spies, and nothing too serious or believable (unless you have a good imagination) and you're likely to like it. And, it has Jude Law...

*Joe after Polly has to wear a very hairy robe the Monks give her.* "I think you look like a woolly mammoth."

 Okay, I'm going now. I have to redo something in my book, so I really need to get at it. (I'm rubbish at escape plans.) But I'll leave you with more lines and pictures, because I have some left over.

*Polly, speaking about her camera.* "I can't believe this is happening! I only have two shots left!"

*While flying over the ocean.* Polly: "Is that light supposed to be on?" Joe: "Everything is fine." Polly: "We're out of fuel, aren't we?"

*Polly and Joe end up on an island and see a dinosaur. Polly goes to take a picture of it, then stops.* Joe: "You're not going to photograph that?" Polly: "I've only two shots left. Who knows what's waiting for us." "Suit yourself."

*Polly almost dies because she runs back for her camera when she and Joe are being attacked so he scolds her and she begins to cry.* Joe: "'s okay." Polly: "No." "I didn't mean-" "I shot the ground." "What?" "While we were running. I shot the ground. I only have one shot left." *Joe laughs*

Joe: "What is it with you and that stupid camera anyways?"

*Joe when Polly won't use her last picture.* "You honestly think you're going to find something more important then every animal on earth being lead two-by-two into a giant rocket ship?" "I might." "Like what?"

*Joe is using a gun Dex made while the others hide behind a statue for cover.* Dex: "Hey, that's my gun." *The gun stops working.* Joe: "DEX!" Dex: "Try shaking it."

*Dex unplugs an electrical weapon* Joe: "Is it safe?" Dex: "Well, there's only one way to find out." *Joe and Polly walk over it.* Dex: "I meant throw something."

 Quote is from the movie, when Joe runs out to fight off a robot and someone asks Dex if he will be all right.




  1. Now THAT sounds like an interesting movie. (And two very cool actors...I mean, what's not to love?) Sounds like it'd be quite funny too. I looove a good funny/action movie. :D

  2. Just realized I've had this movie in my instant Netflix queue for awhile, which means I can go and watch it right now! =)
    Good luck with your escape plan!

  3. I've awarded you, Jack!

    Oooh, this movie sounds interesting!!! I had never heard of it before reading this post, but now I might just have to look it up.

    I like making up escape plans in stories! I love seeing just how many twists and turns I can throw in.... :)

  4. Oooh, we own this movie! I need to re-watch it, it's been absolute ages. :)

    Good review! :)


  5. Polly's hair is pure awesome-ness.

    Just sayin'.... :)

  6. Looks like a great movie! I should watch it!!

    Thanks for sharing. <3

  7. It looks like just the kind of movie I would enjoy! I'll have to check it out. =)


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