Wednesday, September 05, 2012

"I recognise the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid decision, I've elected to ignore it."

 I've been awarded, so you are saved the random picture post. You have MISS MELODY to thank for this. She has awarded me. Which is very kind of her. (Thank you, Melody. 8-))

 (I'd post the image but my computer is being mean and my brain too sleep to figure out why. But, the award is called the Liebster Award. You can find it on her blog.)

 So, here are the rules for this award. 

 1. Post Eleven Random Facts About Yourself. 

 1. I don't set clocks or watches for my time zone. I have one set for England, one for Brussels, one for Africa, and one for France I believe. So, don't ask me for the time. 

 2. I got this idea from a series I will write someday. 

 3. I don't have just one favourite animal.

 4. If there is anything I can hit my head on, or any way to hit one's head, I will do it. 

 5. This is a trait Tintin and I have in common.

6. I want to name my son Sparta so I can introduce him like, "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

 7. I can't sing the song, "I am sixteen going on seventeen, I need someone older and wiser to take care of me."

 8. Some people consider me a wild tomboy. 

 9. Others think I'm totally girly. 

 10. I have very little social skills. 

 11. I'm very observant, unless something is sticking out right in front of my nose, shouting, "HERE I AM! LOOOVE ME!"

 2. Answer the Eleven Questions you've been given and make up Eleven new ones. 

 1. What is your favourite flower? 
 Yellow Roses, I don't remember why...but my sister said I told her they were my favourite once and even if I can't remember why, she made them my favourite by remembering I'd once loved them. Also lilacs. 

 2. Do you plan to see The Hobbit and/or Les Miserables when they come out in December? 
 My mum and I are like two giddy school girls when it comes to Les Miserables. We will be the geeks sitting near the front singing along with the actors. 
 The Hobbit, this isn't an if but a, "How many times?" So far I have three planned viewings of it, more if I can find more friends to take before then. "Hello, random stranger. I don't suppose you'd like to go and watch The Hobbit with me?"

 3. If you could wear a dress from any period movie, what would it be?
 None, I'm a fellow. 

 Ahem, sorry, bad joke. I need sleep. Let's see....oh!!! I'd wear Margret's at the end of North and South, and then I'd sit in a train station hoping Thornton comes by. 

 4. Have you read any of Beverly Lewis' Amish Fiction books?
 No...I read the backs, figured out the plots, and grew board...I'm a hard to please reader I guess.

 5. Do you prefer Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley? 
 This is hard. I've never seen or read anything with Knightley. I've read and watched both P&P. So, I guess I'd have to say Darcy, but my sister and I are mad at him for not being Thornton...and I've heard Knightley is ten times cooler then maybe I should say Knightey...even though I don't know him...can I just make it simple and say Thornton?

 6. Have you ridden a horse and if so, do you regularly ride?
 I have ridden a great deal, but not as often as I'd fancy. I don't like riding in circles much, so I don't go as often as my brother. I'd go on a trail ride in a heart beat though. Every day. 

7. If you could time travel, what historical period would you visit?
 William Wallace. I'd become his own personal shadow. Though...Ben Fane during the Civil War has always been a close tie. Ben and I are friends wherein Wallace and I...I'm more like his adoring, annoying fan. 

8. What is your favourite hymn? 
 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. I love the line, "Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love. Here's my heard, Lord, take and seal it. Seal it for Thy courts above." 

 9. Who is your favourite poet?
 Sir Percy. 

 10. Do you knit, crochet, tat, or embroider? 
 I attempt kitting. And crochet. 

 (Random writing fact. None of my characters crochet, ever, at all. I can never spell crochet without looking it up, and since that is a pain when one is writing on a roll, my characters have always an always shall be knitters.)

 11. What is your least favourite book?
 I assume it should be a book I've read and finished. I think I have a tie though, and by saying this I seal my fate and shall forever be hunted down as a traitor to the book world. 

 1. The Hunger Games. I read three or so chapters, figured out the plot for the next two books, and detested Katniss. (And just so you won't think I jumped to a hasty judgement, I looked up the plots later on. I was only off on one point and that I could have guessed if I'd given it any thought. The fact her sister dies.)

 2. Pride and Prejudice. I shall blame this on my dyslexia. I simply could not understand the plot. Also, I'd came to like Mr. Collins in the movie and in the book, he was so mean! I was crushed as he was the main ish reason I liked the movie. Lizzie bugged me, Darcy...I was so lost in most of the parts he was in. And his proposal, or lack thereof....

 Anyhow, throw the rotten tomatoes. I have Rodger's shield. 

 Now, my Eleven questions. 

 1. What is your opinion on the word Discombobulated? 

 2. Would you fight in a battle or attend to the wounded during and after it?

 3. How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?

 4. Do you think hot dogs should be considered a food or a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong? 

 5. What do you think is in Twinkies, or would you rather not know?

 6. What do you know of the Unicorn?

 7. Is the World Quiet Here?

 8. Did you read too much into that question and think I was being horribly clever and witty and asking about politics or something?

 9. Do you think someone should teach medicine companies what fruit tastes like? 

 10. ROUS', do you believe they exist?

 11. What do you mean when you say, "As you wish"?

 Lastly, tag Eleven bloggers and let them know you've tagged them. 

 I tag ABBEY, mostly because I want to see her answer to the Unicorn question. 

NESSIMA: just so she will be forced to post again

 SAMI: Simply because she's cool and fun

 UNA: Because she needs a break from her character Justin. 

 ANNE: Who is enduring the torture of editing with me

 And...that is all this time. I know, it isn't eleven but have pity on my poor brain.

 Quote is from The Avengers.




  1. Hah! what a hilarious post. Sometimes the eleven question things can be boring, but you always make them funny and interesting.

    The first thing that really stuck out to me was WHAT NO MR. KNIGHTLEY?!?! You must go and read/watch Emma right this instant! Mr. Knightley is my favourite Austen hero evaaar. This is an order.

    I am totally going to watch the Hobbit multiple times as well (if you see it three times, and there are three movies, doesn't that technically mean you will see it nine times? Sounds good to me). It seems more and more awesome the more I hear about it. And I've always loved the book.

    Les Miserables, too? Yay! I love both the book and the musical thingy. I'd love to see it live someday. It's so sad, though...

    Hmmm...I don't read Beverly Lewis' books either. Too boring for me. There's a lot of romantic Christian literature I just can't manage to get through because it's too predictable. Francine Rivers, though, has some really good stuff. She writes quite well.

    I was singing 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing' just today, while I was doing my chores...I do love that hymn.

    And the Sparta thing...LOL. I'm going to name my son Luke so I can say, "Luke, this is your father" whenever his dad walks by.

  2. I'm going to see the Hobbit. The end. But for Les Miserables I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on dvd because I just don't know how they'll handle Fantine. :)

    WILLIAM WALLACE! I saw his sword. His real sword. It's like... as tall as I am. lol. ("Braveheart" was lousy though. Too many historical inaccuracies and too much inappropriateness. It was a major turn off. grrr.)

    eh. Hunger Games. Yeah. I could not like Katniss, I tried, for my friend's sake... But I just didn't like the books! You should never, ever, EVER, end a series of books by killing off the person who was rescued/saved in the first book. Bad call! (Primrose, in case you didn't notice) The Hunger Games movie was probably one of the ONLY things that I much preferred as a movie rather than a book. The books were too dark and they didn't end on a happy note. (It didn't even have to be "happy" per say, just more... hopeful?) I won't be throwing rotten tomatoes at you... can I hide behind Roger's shield too?

    The "Unicorn" as a book or as a ship? As a ship I can say, "It sank! Haddock's family got cursed! And Tintin saves the day!"

    ROUSes exist.

    As you wish = I love you!

    lol that was probably one of the most fun tags to read. So thanks for that. :)

    God bless!


  3. I was not aware Les Mes was being made into a movie. Since I'll be seeing it at a theater in Chicago in a few months, I suppose I'll have to keep an eye out for the movie as well!

    Also, I feel good recognizing the quote. I finally saw that movie, and it was amazing.

  4. I literally snorted (very unladylike, I know) when you said you're favorite poet is Sir Percy. He IS a master-poet....but most people don't know it! (see what I did there?! Eehehehehe! I'm tired....and need to finish my school......I don't want to though......I really ought'a though.)

    I wish I hadn't finished The Hunger Games. But, life is life. Darcy.........hmmmmmm........I used to LOVE him, but then that really died off....(like two days ago when I geeked out about Persuasion again and forgot all about Darcy.) *blink* *blink* yeah. Knightly is better though. Seriously, girl!? You need to go watch the 2009 miniseries of Emma! *eyes you* You ARE going to....aren't you? O.o

    I like William Wallace. And Robert Louis Stevenson. I know he has nothing to do with WW, but he's also Scottish. So that's cool.

    I'll watch the Hobbit with you one of the times!!!! Buy me a plane ticket...? *grin*

    Les Mis....I remember reading on HSB that you went to go see the play....doth my memory serve me well? And dids't thou do such a genius thing? I bought "The Confrontation". It's AWESOME to blare in the middle of the Summer with the car windows open at a stop-light. *evil grin* I want to see it, btw, when it comes out. Why?

    1 - Anne Hathaway has a GORGEOUS voice.

    2. Captain "Lucy" Jack Aubrey is Javert. (Master & Commander. If you haven't seen that again, you need to. Pippin's in it!!! He's pretty cool.

    3. Marius doesn't look like a dopy 70's dude. (the version I saw....he looked.....*shudders*)

    4. Uh....I don't have a 4.

    I love you're Cars quote.

    Please never sing I'm and Sixteen. Hopefully you'll stay clear of any Ralph's that come into your life.

    I am going now. I wish you a very fond and happy "farewell". Goodbye.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Loving the Sparta idea. :) I want to name my son Luke for some of the same reasons.["Luke, I am your father."]

    Ahhhhhh, The Hobbit! I would go with you to see it if we didn't live so far away from each other. The whole spider thing makes me nervous, though. I don't do well during the Shelob on our TV, much less Bilbo fighting bunches of spiders on the bigscreen. Eeek.

    Yeah, Katniss annoyed me too. And the end of the last book kinda fell apart because it was written from her point of view while she was having a mental breakdown. Confusing! I read the series for the irony: a culture [Panem] is demonized for their practice of having people kill each other for the entertainment of the masses in a book whose content consists largely of...having people kill each other for the entertainment of the masses. Call me a creep, but that amused me.

  7. Naming your son Sparta....
    WOW. I think I laughed for five minutes straight.

    And I love that Sir Percy is your favorite poet. That was awesome.


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