Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"I want to know about these Strangers like me."

 Well, as I said. Once I finished editing I was getting a baby hedgehog and naming him John. And well, here he is! And you thought I was joking about getting one. *Smirk*

 Anyhow, John wishes to be a writer, like me. So I set him up his own blog because he wanted to meet all of you and share his adventures with you. (He enjoyed reading your comments on the posts about him.) He would love for you to stop by his blog and say hi. He says he will say hi back...ug, I should have had him write this post. 

 I have a story to finish working on, a sad story I've put off for too long. (It is connected to Haphazardly Implausible and should be released in October.)  But first I need to finish it. So I will just give you the link to John's blog where he makes a proper introduction. And I will go finish the story. 




  1. John is really funny :) What's the sad story about? How are you feeling? Better? I hope so! The book I mentioned (the one I'm writing) is coming along, but I tred warrily. This has happened before. I am also polishing another of my "Attic" stories. I dunno how that wil work out. :-/ I watched "Blink" on Dr. Who last night with my sisters. *Shiver* It was as bad as the one with the gas masks "Are you my mummy?" **Shiver Shiver** angel statues will never have my trust again. Ever. I am also reading the hobbit aloud to my younger sisters (in preparation for the movie. EEK!) It is as Fantasticas as remembered!! (if not better):) God Bless, Jack!

  2. Good luck on your new story. I'll be sure to stop by and say hi to John!

  3. John is so cute!! HIs blog is adorable!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97/Eliza

  4. I love John's blog! (I can't comment there becasue there isn't an anonymous option.)
    But he is soooooooooo cute!

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. Aww! John's so cute! And his blog is amusing. I can't wait to see him grow... But I can't believe that he doesn't like bananas! Bananas are good! :P

    George Lucas is a pretty amazing guy. =) I have a whole lits of amazing people. Maybe I'll share it someday.

    I'm horrible at mimicking accents as well. English ones are the only ones I'm remotely good at. And I used to be able to do Elvis...

    Its a pitty, British television is so much better quality than American television, especially BBC. Its a shame that Americans decide to watch awful stuff like MTV and TLC (The Learning Channel is far from The Learning Channel now...).

    So far my favorite companion is K-9 :P I love him. The tin dog... I like Mickey and Jackie to. It doesn't seem like many people like them, though. Oh well, I have a habit of liking characters no one else likes.
    I like Rose, though. It seems like she and the Doctor really love each other. Not Hollywood love (which is just lust basically). I really really like how (thus far) there's no romance between Rose and the Doctor, although you can tell they love each other. Their love seems very real as opposed to the Hollywood love we get in America... I appreciate that.

    I am about to go watch "Fear Her" which is the 3rd to last episode in the second season. I'm approaching "Doomsday" and I've heard about that one... I'm worried I'll cry.

    Anyway, goodnight. And keep John warm!

  6. Awh! John is the cutest li'l guy! <3

    oh, a sad story? "Sad is happy for deep people." ;) Can't wait to read it! <3

    {P.S. is this the first time I've commented on here? I can't remember. lol. Anywho, I'm a follower! Your blog is adorable! Plus, It's always fun to find a fellow whovian!!! <3 <3}

  7. Aw, John is adorable! I'll be stopping by his blog soon :)


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