Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I would cut off your head, Dwarf, if it stood a little higher off the ground."

 First, this picture is proof of how much I like you all. I scrambled over every inch of the internet looking for it for you all - those who have not seen it. So, if you think I'm cruel for not telling my news, look at this picture and be reminded just how liked you are. in the words of Jack Sparrow (CAPTAIN!) I will NOT be doing that again!

 Also, I disobeyed orders and have completely worn myself out. BUT I've only a week to go. I should be done next Wednesday, then I'm falling over for the rest of the week before I start up my attempt at raising enough rent to keep from being kicked out on the street. 

 Let's see, what else? I think I'm FINALLY ready to watch Sherlock's death. I'm over being mad at Moffat because he had Lestrade in an Indiana Jones hat in a spaceship, with dinosaurs, with the Doctor. Though it doesn't redeem his ruining Adler, it does give me enough reason to look at him without making the following faces. 

Yeah, if I ever make an expression like

 So, anyhow, soon enough I will be bawling like the rest of the world, and Watson.

 Okay, but I'm sure you want me to get to the point and show you the picture I hunted all CyberSpace. (Also, I found out my computer is a Trekkie. A page died and it said, "He's dead, Jim!") Yep. 

 Now, I don't know how this all came about. All I know is this....
THIS is the reason my hedgehog will be named John.

 Lastly: Modern Scientists have figured out you can bite of your own finger as easily as biting a carrot in two. However, you cannot do this because your body won't let you inflict that much pain on yourself (if you've just bitten off your own finger to test it, don't blame me.) HOW they figured this out, I don't know. (I hate to think they all bit off each others fingers.) BUT now we know, Gollum had no problem in biting Frodo's finger off. Though, Frodo couldn't have done it to himself. 

 The End. 

 Good night. 




  1. First of all, I'm brushing my teeth and your making me laugh. Not a good combo (I'm already too clumsy with toothbrushes... When I'm super tired I always end up brushing my nose and glasses somehow...).

    Second of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That first picture of Watson is priceless! I love it!

    Third of all, xD Thank you for scouring the internet for that picture. It is by far the best evidence that you need a baby hedgehog named John.

  2. My finger is tingling now. I'm not sure I wanted to know that... I reckon they probably did a hardness test or something and decided that the similar hardnesses or something. But yeah, I did think Gollum must have strong teeth. Good to know that's clarified, though you have grossed my out for the evening. :)

  3. Not going to chew on my fingers, promise.

  4. I tried it. And it didn't work. But I'm ashamed that I tried it.

  5. I saw that last picture on Pinterest and thought of you! =)
    Guess what we're testing today?! Yikes, worst day of work EVER!

  6. *bursts into laughter as she remember Maddie, Jack, and herself all trying to bite off their fingers this summer* :D Hehehe! that was fun. :D

    I want to see that episode also! But it's not online anywhere and I don't really want to pay for it on iTunes. :( Humph!


  7. *Snickers delightedly* Those glowering pictures are how I felt about Steven Moffat when I watched an edited version of the Sherlock with Adler. But the other two episodes were AWESOME. And yeah, I cried over Sherlock's death. I didn't want to, because I knew he wasn't actually dead. (since they're making a third season) but Watson's reaction? *sniffle* Martin Freeman is such a brilliant actor.

    I will not be attempting to bite my fingers off, thank you very much. But hey, it's good to know, right? (In case of emergency, bit attacker's finger off. The end.)

    Lol God bless!

  8. That thing about the finger is disgusting!!!!

    As for Sherlock's death, you will have to let us know you're theory on how Sherlock faked it. I love hearing those theories.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  9. The carrot-finger thing freaks me out a little...My younger sister came home from school one day last year and told me that's what she learned from the guys in her advanced math class.

  10. I figured something out. Mark Gatiss HAS to be an Elvis fan!
    In The Hound of Baskervilles (which he wrote) he had Sherlock think of Elvis and his song "Hound Dog" while he was in his "mind palace." Sherlock even struck an Elvis pose.
    In the Doctor Who episode The Idiot's Lantern (also written by Gatiss) the Doctor and Rose and talking about Elvis and the Doctor strikes an Elvis-ish pose.
    Proof that Mark Gatiss likes Elvis!

  11. Wow. Finger-biting-information-overload. I'm glad Gollum's probablity case has been cleared up now. Good to know. I can sleep well (can I? After reading THIS!!?)

    :) Just kidding.
    you're funny...

  12. Oh my gosh...this post was so funny! *giggle*
    That picture of Sherlock and Watson is so very strange. Yeah, if I ever wanted a hedgehog I would be sorely tempted to name it John. Or Watson. Depending on the hedgehog.

  13. Modern Scientists do not have enough constructive things to do.

  14. Hello Jack!
    So I've just started following your blog, and wanted to say, I LOVE IT! especially the parts about Dr. Who, Sherlock and LOTR. Your really funny, and I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun on your site. (I also follow Occasional Randomness, So there! you know me from somewhere :D)

    PS. I love your pics. So Fantastic

  15. To Robyn Hoode,

    I agree about the finger thing. No idea why I find this stuff out. There's a reason I'm not a doctor.

    Aye, I will share my ideas on how Sherlock lived. I've already been trying to guess from pictures but I've no clue as of now. I bet it is very simple though, and Moffat slapped a clear clue there for us to see, just to laugh at us for not getting it.


  16. Hello Bella ,
    Thank you not only for coming by but for commenting! Really, it was grand fun to find a comment from an anonymous reader and it not be spam. And you brought me up to fourteen comments on this post, which was rather fun.

    I am glad you've been enjoying my blog, I hope you will continue to do so. I love meeting other Sherlock, Doctor Who fans 8-D
    "In what way do you resemble a means of keeping one cool?"

    Aw, Treskie has a brilliant blog 8-D Good choice to follow.

    Again, thank you for the comment! I enjoyed it!


  17. My finger is tingling now. I'm not sure I wanted to know that... I reckon they probably did a hardness test or something and decided that the similar hardnesses or something. But yeah, I did think Gollum must have strong teeth. Good to know that's clarified, though you have grossed my out for the evening. :)


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