Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"I'm Rory's queen...wife! I'm his wife! Don't tell him I said that."

 So, it seems I'm not the only one who thinks I need a baby hedgehog. I've even been given a name suggestion for him, John. And since one of my nicknames is Sherlock, and every Sherlock needs a John - that kind of sets it in stone. I need a pet baby hedgehog. (Just try and argue with my logic.)

 I suppose I should spend a bit more time in writing out actual writing related posts. Then again, editing should be done middle of next week, if I can hold out with doing two chapters a day still. Therefore, technically, you'll only have to endure the randomness for a little while longer. Then I will share my good/ bad news with you all. It is not good and bad news, of course, but good news with a hint of not so good in it. Kind of like, you tell someone you got out of going over seas on a dangerous, death defying bungee jump, but the only reason you got out of it is because you broke your leg jumping off the diving board. So, the person has to say, "THAT'S GREAT!" and then "THAT'S HORRIBLE!" It's really a mass of conflicting emotions and confusion.

Sometimes, being friends with an Elf can be a pain

 Don't worry, I didn't break my leg.

 And right now I'm getting off Facebook because someone things spider pictures are funny. This world needs serious help.

 Let's see, what else can I bombard you with?

This is how me and my sister look during movies. Except she just glares at me instead of stuffing popcorn in my mouth. 

 I have nothing. I'm going back to reading my book and making a feeble attempting at writing. And listening to the neighbors shout their grand, important, secret news right outside my window. Spies, they aren't.

 Quote is from the new series of Doctor who...which is fantastic because it had Lestrade in an Indiana Jones hat and dinosaurs. I think that episode is now one of my favourites and I'm sad Lestrade isn't in more of them.





  1. Man, I'm getting more curiouser by the second (yeah, *curiouser" is actually a word, go figure. Ask Lewis Carroll). What happens when your pet baby hedghog grows up?


  2. Can't wait to hear what the news is..... =)
    Gotta love loud neighbors, oh and those people that talk about EVERYTHING at top volume on their cell phones then glare at you and stop talking when you pass by them .....

  3. HA! That picture is so me and MY sister! Only we trade places depending on who's read the book

  4. Everything about that baby hedgehog is YES. Especially naming him John.

    This 'news' you keep talking about has me intrigued. WHAT IS IT???

    (Also, yes, I loved that one with Lestrade in it! I watched it last night courtesy the internet! Epicness)

  5. I would love a hedgehog! They are so cute! And the Sherlock comic was wonderful!

    ~Robyn Hoode

  6. Your logic is impeccable. You certainly do need a pet hedgehog!

  7. To Robyn Hoode,

    Thank you for your comment! You are officially my first Anonymous commentor. I mean, first who wasn't a robot spamming me.

    Also, glad you too want a hedgehog. I think my goal is to make everyone in the world want one. I'm off to a good start 8-D


  8. Baby hedgehogs are adorable!!!! I personally never thought about having one for a pet, but it is a good idea! Hmm, but not one I will share with my family. If my younger brother gets a hold of the idea... i can just see the look on my mother's face. And, no, I don't want to imagine what she'd think up for a punishment. :)

    Love John and Sherlock!!!! My sisters don't have to do that to me because I just think that, I don't speak it. (I know, boring, huh?)

    Spider pictures are funny? Right. I agree serious help.

  9. 2 facts; When I go to a movie it usually takes all amounts of self-control to NOT yell at the character/plot. sometimes I'll mutter bits of advice... and all my sister shush me. Sniff. So the characters and story don'[t have a chance to listen. 2) lately I've been saying "Fantastic" a lot. I must have Who fever :)

  10. Ps.
    Your posts are hillarious


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