Sunday, September 02, 2012

"My memory isn't what it used to be." "And what did it use to be?" "I don't remember."

 Today's My Brain Is Too Tired From Editing Post. Can't say I didn't warn ye. (The prologue is still in the post below if you wish to read it.)

 First off, to all the superheroes out there. When parts of buildings come crashing down on my head I won't stand there and scream, I'll get out of the way. So you don't have to worry about saving me when you could be stopping some funky looking Aliens from shooting millions of people. But I'll only do this if you stop by and say hi later.

 Now, to get down to business. Today's post is all about fellows. And not just any fellows, but fellows who can pull off funky looking clothing. This is a rare gift and should be acknowledged.

 First up is Mr. Bell from North and South. He dresses very normal on the top, it is his pants that are funky. However, I cannot find a picture of his watch the movie. (Though I know most of you already have. I have such brilliant readers.)

 Next up is David Tennant, who can dress funky in real life and in movies and still look cool.

 BEHOLD! David Tennant in The Decoy Bride!

Observe the plaid bell bottom pants. 
The shaggy, burnt brown vest. The...shirt...yeah, it is kind of those, you have to believe it to see it.

 Now, if you were to pass a man walking down the street dressed thus you would think, "Who's the loon who escaped the funny farm?" David Tennant, however...he somehow pulls it off. 

Reddish...velvet jacket with purple ish tie.

Reddish velvet suit

Totally cool

Not sure what to say about this one. Teenage clothing with Sherlock's skull?

Overly large sleeves

Dangerously high collar

Okay, kilts are cool on all men, but still

I know, I know. His outfit is very normal, and cool...BUT HE HAS A KITTEN!!

 After Tennant we have a tie. Because these two go together. Fred and George vest. Purple doesn't work on most men, but yellow works on even less. 

Not so bad, sweeter vests. Unless you are the every day man

Sixties looking plaid

The hats...fits their expressions. Or their expressions fit the hats...

Again, not so odd. But on any other fellow, nope

I know, all the brothers had sweaters like this, but these two look coolest in them. 

80 ish type clothing, which looks good on few people. Trust me, I should know.


There's another, but for the life of me I cannot find it. And it was the reason I'm writing this post. I'll keep my eyes opened and share it later if I find it. Clair and Katie probably know which it is. 

 This chap I wasn't planning on putting onto this list. But this outfit kind of fits. His name is Wood, again from Harry Potter. He's a handsome fellow, no denying that, and since he is handsome he could wear anything he fancied and no one would notice as they'd be too busy looking at his face. So I suppose he doesn't count. But this sweater, again, not many can pull it off.

 Next up is for Clair specially. Dr. John H. Watson.

The kitten jumper. One needs to ask Clair about t his.

The French jumper

 Now, last on my list, and the only girl, is Luna Lovegood. Again, for most girls, these outfits just wouldn't work. But, somehow, they look pretty on her. Maybe it's her hair. 

 And there it is, the end of my list. Who would you add?

 So, now that I have you all hoping I finish editing soon so I will stop these random, weird posts, I will give you a tiny bit if hope and then crush it. I made it to chapter five, and I have to redo all five pretty much. I might be getting the hang of it though, I've been reading through a lot of young adult books to see if I can figure it all out. Don't hold your breath though. 

 Now, I am going to bed. And if you don't know what the title is from...I disown you. Okay, maybe not, but near enough. I'll move to Mars and mourn you. 

 Yes, I need sleep. 




  1. Hooray! Chapter 5, that's good! You are making progress!

    Haha I love this post.... And oh my word I love David Tennant's red velvet suit. We have some red velvety type fabric almost that exact same color in or closet.

    Haha John Watson's jail jumper.

    Are you the one that is going to be watching Elementary? If so, I'm going to join you. Because of my mom. She isn't into Sherlock Holmes at all but she's watching it for Jonny Lee Miller AKA Mr. Knightley. And since she's watching it, I can't really refuse Sherlock Holmes can I? And Jonny Lee Miller? Even if the two don't neccesarily go together very well...? We shall see how the first episode goes.

  2. Oh, Tennant and that kilt...kilts are epic. If/when I get married, I want it to be in Scotland with my future husband in a kilt.

    You should add Matt Smith. Not everyone can make bowties look cool. But not even he can look good in a fez....maybe if he didn't have his ears sticking up over the bottom...

  3. And we love your random and rambly posts. Those are the best.

  4. I love The Decoy Bride! It was fun hearing David talk in his native accent and Kelly McDonald was adorable!
    Kilts are rather splendid, aren't they? I've always had a soft spot for men brave enough to wear them!!
    Watson's jumpers make me smile, where does he get them I wonder? ;-)

  5. Oh... David. Those plaid pants... :) I hate plaid pants, it doesn't matter who wears them. (although I must admit that yeah, David Tennant doesn't look AWFUL in them.) Oh yes, and I'm fairly sure that the one where he's speaking fervently to Sherlock's skull is Shakespeare.

    Watson looks SO YOUNG in his jumpers!

    And yeah, the title is from Tintin. But doesn't he say, "I've forgotten." rather than "I don't remember." ???


    God bless

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh! I just thought of someone who can pull off strange clothes!! Bill Cosby and his sweaters from The Cosby Show! He wears the strangest sweaters that all look really hip and cool! Like, who can pull of a sweater that has knitted people running accross it in a race? Only Bill Cosby.

  7. David Tennant and Luna Lovegood are my favorite! He's very handsome and happy looking (which I why I think he can pull off that stuff off - how can you criticize a guy who looks so darn happy!?) - and she's just too cute!! <3

    Glad to see word about your blog is getting out! Keep up the good work. ;D


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