Monday, September 17, 2012

"Now if you don't mind, I have to keep moving and find my way off this drunken tub." "Tub...? Tub? TUB!?!"

 We once again interrupt your regularly scheduled programme to say....

 Jack is a cashew.

 Points to whoever gets it.




  1. You're nuts. Absolutely bonkers. But that's okay, all the best people are :)

  2. After being skeptical and pretending not to watch them when my Dad watched them, I found the Tomb Raider movies were a lot like the Indiana Jones movies! I don't think the main character is as cute, but that could just be me! ;-)

  3. a day late and a dollar short but.... it's from tintin :)

  4. She's at Barnes and Nobles?? AHHH! I have to make plans to go there. I love B+B anyway... Even though I prefer second hand books.

    My uncle is a doctor. He likes to work on Christmas because all sorts of interesting cases come in like people who sit on glass ornaments.... I wouldn't really want to be a doctor either. Unless I got to work with Julian Bashir form Star Trek DS9. Then I would totally jump at the oppertunity. I love him. xD I locked him in an imaginary closet with Daniel Jackson (from Stargate) and Sherlock Holmes once.

    Haha we could send smoke signals and if we really got lucky, we could carve letters in rocks and send them to eachother! And when the hermit meeting came around we could play the pranks on David Tennant!

    Poor banana. May it rest in peace. I created a character who says that ALL the time. It's fun to have someone who says the same thing over and over and over again.

    The Idiot's Lantern was about the Wire which infected TV sets during Queen Elizabeth II's corronation and of course, the Doctor and Rose save the day. Also, it sucked people's faces off.

    It was funny, the guy in my youth group who likes Doctor Who was leaving and he was like, "Goodbye! Allons-y! Wait, you probably haven't gotton to that yet." I assured him that I knew all about it, even if I haven't gotton to it yet.
    I'm about to watch the first episode with the Oods! I've been looking forwards to meeting them... They make me thin of the Hunger Games. May the Oods be ever in your favor. I want a shirt that says that - even if I'm not an avid Hunger Games fan.

    Anyway, nighty night. I've got some Oods to watch! And that sounds really weird.

  5. The quote is from Tintin! I think captain Haddock says it...I'm not sure though.
    Your blog is awesome!


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