Monday, September 10, 2012

"Oh man! I've got to get me one of these!"

 I have some good, not so good news. But this I will save for when my head has been cleared. For now...well, you know by now. 

 First of all, if you have a heart, you will want one of these. 

  Everyone says I need to do something nice after I'm done editing. I think I will get myself a gift. A baby hedgehog. I think the egg in vinegar might be easier to explain to my flatmate....

 Second: I changed my mind. I do have a favourite animal. It is a giraffe. Because they have sponges in their brains. Beat that. 

Just in case anyone is having a bad day. Nothing makes a bad day better faster then a kitten. Don't believe me? Go hug a kitten. 

 And now, I'm going to lay down and listen to music and read. Because I edited two chapters today and reading sounds nice. 

 Everyone should know this quote and if you don't, you're either an Alien or...dead?




  1. You could name your hedgehog John.

    Haha I'm so glad you got to see the Star Trek episode with the baby! It's one of my favorites.
    "Spock! Help me! I'm a doctor, not an elevator!"
    "NO! Only MACcoy!"

    Also, I replied to the email you sent me when my blog rejected your comment... But I figured I'd post what I said in a comment as well just 'cause I can. xD (beware, it's long).

    Bananas! Always take a banana to a party right? They're a good source of potassium. And yes, we need to watch Sky Captain together.

    I saw the pudding thing on your Pinterest (I hope you don't mind me stalking it... I don't have an account but I can still look!).

    CBS's Holmes isn't really Holmes... He's just someone who took over the name of Holmes because the real Holmes got too old to do it. The name Holmes just gets passed down.... And before he was Holmes, he was the Dread Pirate Roberts!

    We should plan a huge get together sometime where we watch Sky Captain, Avengers, Avengers TV show, and do the elevator thing, AND have a fun picnic eating "mayo." (and bananas... We could watch Doctor Who also!).

    I agree, there are no weddings in Sherlock Holmes that are prominent enough except Watson's. And Adler's... But they already did her.

    I liked Sarah too! She was nice.
    I was watching an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, Moffat, and Sue Vertue and a fan asked what would the Doctor and Sherlock do to each other if they met and Moffat was like, "It would be better if John and Amy met. They would have lunch and talk, 'oh, what's yours like?' and John would flirt with her and then they would both get up to leave and Amy would be much taller than John and it would be awkward." and I was like, I NEED TO WRITE A FANFICTION! The only problem is I haven't watched any Amy yet so I don't really know her personality.

    There's a Who reference in Tintin?? Is it Captain Haddock yelling geronimo?

    The Dying Detective is the BEST! Alongside Baskerville. Those two are probably my most favorites. Have you ever seen any Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes? He's BRILLIANT at being Sherlock. The best book to screen Holmes that I've seen yet. Most of his episode are on youtube.

    BC and MF are probably the reason I'm watching Sherlock. A few months ago I realised I was really really obsessed with it and when I stepped back and thought it over, there are more bad things than good in the series. I love Sherlock and all, but the gay hints and Irene Adler really pushed me over the edge. And the fandom! Sherlock fans are crazy!

    Is it strange that on the side of this email there is an add for "Moriarty hotels" ? HE'S AFTER ME!!!

    Freeway driving is what really freaks me out. I absolutely HATE it when we have to pass big trucks. It will be worse when I'm in the driver's seat!

    By the way... I have a question for you: when your book is published, will it only be aviable to buy online or will you sell hard copies as well?

    Told ya it was long (I had to delete a bunch of it because it was too long to be accepted as a comment!). And now I'm going to add, I watched The Girl in the Fireplace episode. I'm not sure what to think of it. I think it's brilliant about the time windows. Definitely a great plot twist. And I liked the horse. But I really didn't like the grown up Madame De Pompadour (although he dresses were pretty and she was cute as a kid).

    Nighty night. We'll see if this long thing posts.... =)

  2. Oh oh! Let me guess. Tangled? Has to be Tangled...

    Man scrap doing something nice *after* you're editing. You should do nice things WHILE you're editing. Makes the process more fun. ;)

    How cute is that baby hedgehog!! We saw an echidna in our yard the other day, but it doesn't rate like the hedgehog on the cuteness scale.

  3. Yes, Tangled.:)
    And as always, a big smile on my face because of your posts.:)

  4. Okay! That baby hedgehog is way TOO cute! Love it. :-)

  5. Think the hedgehog might fit better in your flat that a giraffe...

  6. A pet hedgehog makes total sense to me xD They're adorable! their brains? O.o

    Also, yes. I think it's a proven fact kittens make everything better. And I'm going to go hug my kitty ^_^

  7. Hedgehogs are pretty amazing!!!
    Yeah for finishing two chapters, have fun reading!!


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