Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there."

 I'm right now wrapped up in a blanket, listening to what my brothers call hippy music, and trying to decide if I want tea now or later. It is afternoon and the storm which pounded us with rain this morning has broken, which is sad. 

 I've been having one of those weeks...I don't really know why people call them such. I think it is a term women made up for, "Look at me wrong and die." Basically, I've had a crummy week. We all get them, when ever disaster imaginable hits us like a bag of bird feathers. 
 My bird feathers consisted of a boss accusing me unjustly, friends changing and needing time alone, contracts, and a sharp pain in my side which probably isn't good. (If I have to go to the doctor again I, don't know what I will do. Run for my life screaming like Mickey when the frozen rats fell on him? Yeaaah.)

 Anyhow, between deadlines and sicknesses and contracts and trying not to flood the bathroom, I've been in a funk for the last few days. The kind of, "Leave me alone to die." So, today, I ditched my editing, naughty me, and went for a hike up in the mountains, in the rain, with John. Really, nothing clears a funk like getting pelted with icy raindrops while hoping the trigger happy hunters aren't going to mistake you in your baggy pilot jacket for a deer. 
 Sure, not all my problems are gone, which is good, because then I'd be dead, but I'm as back to normal now as I ever get. And I'm back to editing. Not the book, but the short story I kept hinting at. I've almost finished it, then I will probably do one of the backwards edits and then I will try formatting. Formatting will be fun if I can figure it out. (Also, since this edit isn't as long and tedious as the book, you will be spared the random, my brain is suffering from editing, posts.)

 Also, since I am out of my funk - really, I think rain is a better cure then chocolate! - I've thought it was time to give a proper book update. 

 First off, comments. 
 I love all your comments, and I like answering them, and reading your blogs. However, with the editing, trailer, formatting, more editing, cover, writing, I don't have as much time to read your blogs as I would like. I try to read them all at least once a week - and if you leave a comment I read your new post when I answer it. (This isn't a bribery to get more comments, it is just less time consuming for me to do it this way for now. I'm trying to re-work my schedule to get to more blogs. But, just so you know, I'm not ignoring all of you. You know...just busy fighting dragons and feeding a baby hedgehog and all)

 THANK YOU ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!! I'm now at 46, and I keep staring at the number in shock. Like Moriarty when he was talking to Sherlock. "Then you can relish the look of surprise on my face." (, no, I don't look like Moriarty.)

 In the last post someone asked when the book will be released now I've turned down the contract. I'm afraid I cannot release the official date yet - as I'm still not sure that will BE the official date. (I will go into more detail with all this next week, when I explain better what's going on.) Right now though, I guess it will be okay to share the month. 
 Fall is out. I'm not sure when I got so behind on everything, but yeah, getting it out this fall - seeing as how it is already fall...just isn't going to work. Both my artist and I would fall over from exhaustion and we are already close to doing that as is. So, to spare you all the fainting, I moved it back. To......December. Besides, a Christmasy release might be more fun. (I'm not saying it is coming out Christmas day or anything, just that it is coming out more the middle of December then the first.)


 And now I am going to go hunt down the time Elementary will be showing today. (Ducks the BBC fans and the flying tomatoes.) What can I say? This is my revenge against Moffat, and it isn't like I could let my friend Abbey watch it on her own. Sometimes, revenge means friends have to stick together. *Smirk*


 HAHA, sorry. I wasn't really going to leave. I promised you the plot of the short story and information on it. Including the title. Which you can find HERE/ CLICK HERE. I would love to know your thoughts on it. And, when it is out, I hope it is some consolation for my having to move the book's release date back.

 Anyways, I'm going now. I'm ready for bed.

 ALLONS-Y! This time for real. 



  1. A Christmas Story! Like a christmas carol, only steampunk? I'm KIDDING, just so you know. ;) Aw, gee, I hope you pass the funky-funk time soon. It really stinks when life is a mess. I'll be able to buy your book for mime for christmas, eh?!! EEeeeeek.

  2. Glad you're feeling at least somewhat better. I know what those moods are like. You feel like Sherlock and almost honestly don't least that's how mine are sometimes.

    And 'Elememtary' really wasn't that great. Yes, I'm a tad biased, but...*sigh* They just didn't have the chemistry that Martin and Benedict do. And Sherlock talked fast without enunciating, so it was really hard to follow what he was saying.
    But maybe the other episodes will be better? 1st episode of modern Doctor Who was horrid, but the rest weren't , maybe it'll be the same for this.

  3. lol; "Don't talk out loud you lower the IQ of the entire street." The Great Mouse Detective is really Fantastic!! Tobey is so cute. :) You'r watching "Elementary"??! Watson is a GIRL! :-/ I don not approve. It's okay about the comments.... I know you get busy. So do I. School, acting class, my book. (which I am becoming fond of) With all this I've had little time to travel the Milky Way (or any other galaxy for that matter) :( I watched a Dr. Who with the Daleks and Martha (We skipped a couple to watch "Blink")... when they-- evolve. it was sort of Stupid. Poor doctor. the daleks DON'T DIE.
    Anyway I have to go. God Bless :)

  4. If your in need of help with formatting, then I know just the book for you! Unfortunately, it caters specifically for epub authors, so I guess it's only conditional...Still, it'll teach you plenty about Word and how magical (and not so magical) it is. Anyway, it's called 'The Smashwords Style Guide' by Mark Coker. (If you're familiar with Smashwords, it's a fantastic place most of the time.) Best part? It's FREE!

    Hope you start to feel better!

  5. I am glad to here that you aren't dead and that you don't look like Moriarty. (I just sounded ridiculously like John.)
    And I love the Great Mouse Detective comic!

    ~Robyn Hoode

  6. Yay for rain! I'm glad it made you feel better. We still haven't had much rain here yet. *Pouts*

    Anyway, kudos to you for making the hard decision about your contract!

    THE HOBBIT!!!!!! I am very eager to see this, although I am looking forward to Les Mis a tiny bit more. (Did you hear they moved the Les Mis release date back to Christmas Day? Smart marketing decision but not cool for those of us already dying to see it!)

    John is so cute! And he is doing an adorable job with his blog!

    I saw the You Tube trailer for Elementary. Hmm, it just isn't Sherlock, although it did look interesting.

    Indiana is a snake! Wow! Uh, interesting pet, no offense intended! I have a holy horror of snakes. All snakes. It is irrational, but is one of those things about myself I've never been able to control or change. Or explain. But more power to you for having such a pet!

  7. Rain is better than chocolate - I agree.
    I can't wait to read your short story! It sounds great!
    And a Christmas release is perfect! =D

    Yup, I can definitely help with the trailer. =) I'm not sure about putting it together myself... But I can give some helpful pointers. Making movies actually isn't that hard once you figure everything out.

    Elementary was interesting. My mom loved it. Their Sherlock was very psychotic.... and Watson.... was not Watson.
    But it was good! We will be watching the next episode. It definitely wasn't the Sherlock of the books but it was a decent TV show. I'll wait for you to watch the first episode to say anything else.

    I didn't flood the house with Doomsday... But I did get very teary eyed at the end. Especially when Rose let go and the Doctor's behind her yelling "ROOOOOOOSSSSEEEE!!!!!" with all his might... Thank goodness for Pete. I think the saddest part for me was the Doctor. He finally found someone to love - that wanted to stay with him forever... But then he lost her. And that's so stinkin' sad! And the final message.... Why did it have to cut out???!! Poor Rose. And poor Doctor. I feel so bad for him. I'm looing forwards to seeing Donna in The Runaway Bride, though! She appears, "What?" "What?" "What?!" "WHAT?!!"
    Although Army of Ghosts and Doomsday were sad, I think they are on my favorites list. They were very funny and had a great plot!

    Wasn't it the fifth doctor who wore celery? 'Cause he was in the Children of Time special with Ten and now he's David Tennant's father in-law.
    I can't wait to see him either. Him and four.

    Now I've got to get to bed! Nighty night. =)

  8. I am so jealous of the hike in the rain! That sounds like it was pretty awesome. :) We don't get very much rain where I live. So I make do with chocolate. *Grin*

    Let me know how 'Elementary' was. I watched the trailer and thought "Oh my gosh, that is soooo *not* SHERLOCK!" ...but I guess if it wasn't for the fact that it suppose to be a Sherlock Holmes story and it were just some random detective I might be rather more open to it.


  9. Bella,

    I like Anderson, only because he gives Sherlock someone to get annoyed with.
    I need to see The Great Mouse Detective again.

    No, I don't like Watson being a girl either. I'm going to review the show and explain my traitorous actions. *Smirk*

    Not traveling the Milky Way is sad. I will pick you up when I go next.

    The Daleks annoy me because THEY KEEP COMING BACK!

    Being an author means having characters who ignore you. Which is a sad fact of life. Mine do the same. They even die when I say not to.

    Oh you will love series four of Doctor Who. My sister and I loved it.

    I miss Jackie and Mickey too. I loved them.

    I hope the writing is working better!!!


  10. Robyn Hoode,

    I am glad I don't look like Moriarty either. I don't know how I would cope with life.


  11. Jack
    Traveling the Milky Way with you would be so much fun :) thanks for the invite. How long has it been since you've seen "The Great Mouse Detective?"
    I forgive you for watching "Elementary." ;) But for me the only REAL Watson is Martin Freeman. I just love that Watson :) Do you think Benedict Cummberbatch would make a good Doctor? I do.

    It must be annoying to have your characters die. My character has got himself in a dungeon and I can't get him out :-/
    S.4 of DW sounds really good. I bet the end of it will be sad.
    YEAH! Stupid Daleks. TAKE THEIR BRAINS!!
    God Bless


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