Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Sir Francis didn't make two model ships. He made three. Three ships for three sons!" "Excellent!"

 Okay, well, today I'm going to try and take place in a blog fest put on by Alex at Alex J Cavanaugh. He's an author, and a very nice fellow who always leaves me some of my favourite comments. 

 However, before I try my hand at this I must say, that my last post, you all broke my comment record of nine! So, THANKS 8-D You've really made for a grand weekend for me. I was happy with ten, but you all left me fourteen comments! You're grand. And I have two followers who don't have blogs. This makes me happy, but I wanted to let you two know. I will always answer your comments in the posts you comment on (that way you can find them easier.) Thanks to both of you by the way! It was fun getting an Anonymous comment that wasn't spam. 

 Anyhow, not back to the fest. 

 First, I think (I hope I'm doing this right), I link back to Alex's blog. Then I post the badge, which I think is this. 

 Now I list my four favourites. 

 First, my favourite Movie Genre. 
 This is hard. But most of the movies I like are adventure. It is probably a tie between Science Fiction and Adventure, but one can never pass up a good treasure hunt, run away from the jewel thieves movie. 

 Second, Music Genre. 
 Whatever Josh Groban is. His music I can listen to for all moods and all writing. And it is grand to put on while walking about on a crisp fall day with leaves falling off of trees. 

His geeky glasses make my sister and I smile.

 Third, Book Genre. 
 This is a tie (naughty I know.) But it is between adventure and Steampunk, which is pretty much what I write. 

 Four, List a guilty pleasure from one of the four. I'm not sure what this one means...but I will give it my best shot. 
 Let's do movies. I think it would be the fact that I like those dorky movies everyone else hates. The dorkier they are, the more I love them. (Sky Captain. Get Smart, TV Show. Clash of the Titans.) But those aren't in the genre I picked, except for Sky Captain. Um...oh! Sometimes I like Adventure, romantic movies. Not often, but some. Maybe this is a guilty pleasure. Or...maybe the battles. This could be guilty, because one shouldn't like battles, but I like a good battle at the end of all stories. Or chases, like in Tintin...
 Okay, I'm on a bunny trail with Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Let me try again...
 I don't think I have one...maybe I just don't feel guilty about them. 

 Anyhow, I hope I did this right. It was fun! And if you all don't follow Alex already you should. He always has great posts and he's nice, so that's a However one says that. 

 Also, before I go, because this is me, I have to share what my brother shared with me. (And you wondered where I got my weirdness about the fingers.) Apparently, your brain isn't solid in your head. Like, whenever you move your head, your brain sloshes around. (Try not to think about this too much, it's given me a headache.) Also, THANK YOU! All of you! For not biting your fingers off!!

 And, that is all. 

 If you don't know what this quote is from I disown you. 




  1. I don't know about the brain sloshing about... But I do know that if you have Chiari Malformation (a medical condition some people are born with) your brain fluid goes down your spinal chord and gets stuc down there. Unless you get brain surgery, you lose funtions like motor control and bladder control. I think it eventually kills you if you don't get medical treatment... The symptoms are massive headaches and some other stuff... Also it can cause scoliosis (curvature of the spine).
    I know this because my friend had it. She's all better though, after brain surgery. =)

    You're welcome for not dying. It would have been sad if I had choked on my toothbrush.

    Haha I would become a hermit if it meant meeting David Tennant!

    Nothing can smell worse than rotton egg.... I hope your banana experiment proves fuitful (pun intended)!

    I do like series 2 of Doctor Who! Plus I found out that this boy in my youth group loves Doctor Who as well! So now I can talk to him about it...
    So far I like series 1 of Doctor Who a bit better I think. However the episode "The Idiot's Lantern" from season 2 is one of my absolute favorite episodes that I've seen so far. It's tied with "The Doctor Dances."
    Plus David Tennant's hair and his trench coat rock.

    I think that every homeschooled person goes through a dinosaur faze sometime in their life.

    The first episode of Star Trek Animated was alright... Typical Star Trek I must say. And the alien talks SO weird! Really low. It's funny. The animation isn't very good and the episodes are only 24 minutes long. But they are still good! Watch it if you are a fan of the original and if you have time. =)

    Nighty nighty.

  2. Just watched Sky Captain last night and I have to say it was pretty awesome!! =)

    She used her last shot to take a picture of him and she left the lens cap on.....I just about died!

    I loved the style they filmed it in, very cool and retro, and this may be my favorite Angelia Jolie roll ever! (I am a secret fan of he Tomb Raider movies, shh, don't tell, or I might have my girl card revoked for liking such a guy movie.....)

    Loved Tin Tin, I hope they get around to making a second one!

  3. Heh. I love adventure movies. Tintin, Indiana Jones...the Mummy..yeah. :) But I love action too. And romance. *clean* romance, that is.

    JOSH GROBAN! I LOVE Josh! We own all of his CD's, and we got to see him live last August. It. Was. Awesome. He seems so decent and down to earth, doesn't he?

    And I haven't read those books yet, I might have to give them a try. :)

    God bless, and congrats on your comments record breaker!


  4. I love Tintin :) and Josh Groban is Fantastic. absolutely Fantastic. ( That word is so fun to say :D especially since The Doctor said it)

  5. Long Live Steampunk! And...AND it's getting better by the day...month? :) Thank you Doctor, and fans thereof! I love being a nerd.

  6. Oooh! I love adventures too.:) And Josh Groban is the best ever. LOL.

    I'm so glad somebody else watches Tin Tin and quotes it all the time. I love Archibald Haddock!

  7. I love adventure and Steampunk, too. Scott Westerfeld's trilogy is one of my favorites! :)

  8. Someone else said she liked action where they blew things up. So I'd think battles would be all right.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  9. I like Tintin! And Indiana Jones! In fact, I like most of the stuff you like on this blog, but not Doctor Who because it scares me. Sherlock, LOTR, Star Trek-- and I have changed the subject...

    ~Robyn Hoode

  10. I do like adventure movies, the run away from the jewel thieves stories, but I really more love heist movies. Always rooting for the anti-heroes.

  11. Bella,

    Hello fellow Tintin fan. *Shakes hand.* I can see you have a good taste in movies. Also aye, Josh Groban is fantastic, adn that IS a fantastic word 8-D Only, sadly, not as fantastic when not said with a Northern British accent, which I even more sadly do not have. Do you?


  12. Robyn Hoode,

    Aye, Doctor Who can be scary. My sister and I huddled on her bed the first and second season, with the lights on. I think we've adjusted, or something, since then. But yeah, definitely not a, "Watch alone in a dark room" kind of show.

    HURRAY for liking Tintin!!!!! I always feel happy when I find fellow Tintin fans. They are so few and far between in the States.

    Sherlock is cool too and YES! You like Star Trek 8-D Star Trek fans are rare as well. Which is sad. I mean, the old Star Trek show fans are rare. New movie, not as rare.


  13. Get Smart is such a great show. I know what you mean about it being slightly dorky though - but I still love it!

    I haven't seen Sky Captain yet, but I've had it recommended to me because of Jude Law. :)

  14. I'm definitely with you on dorky movies. And battles and treasure. And...well...pretty much all of this. =)

  15. I am an old Star Trek fan. My two favorite characters are Spock and Dr. McCoy... which makes no sense because of their... ahem, civility to one another.

  16. You know, I've been hearing a lot about steampunk lately and now that I actually know of a book that is an example of steampunk I will be sure to check it out. Goliath is now on my reading list thanks to you.
    And yes, having followers that don't have blogs IS fun.

  17. Hi, Jack..

    Nice to meet you. Love your diversity from Steam punk to Josh Groban to Dorky films. LOL.

    Enjoyed your post.

  18. I'm behind in my blog reading....

    Oh yes, LOVE adventure movies. I like sci-fi too, but only certain kinds (Star Wars, Star Trek and some Stargate SG-1). I have yet to see any Doctor Who. I'm planning on it but I've been waiting until my life slows down. (HA! That'll be never!) But, hopefully later this fall or early this winter. Who is your favorite Doctor?

    Tintin is terrific!!!!! I haven't seen the movie yet, but my siblings ad I adore the comic books.

    I've never heard Josh Groban. A lot of people seem to like him though, so I might have to check him out.

    Interesting about the brain. Although I have to ask, is your brother studying to become a medical scientist? :)


  19. I am an old Star Trek fan. My two favorite characters are Spock and Dr. McCoy... which makes no sense because of their... ahem, civility to one another.

    I'm not sure if Bella or Robyn Hoode left this, so...I will just say hi to you both 8-D

    I too like Spock and McCoy the best, I think it is because they are best friends, just, best friends who can't stand each other.


  20. Steampunk is really catching on. I am just afraid if I get into it it will suddenly die.

    Star Trek was/is the bomb. Love the way McCoy and Jim were always at each others throats.

    I am now following your blog thanks to Alex's blogfest. Oh, and it looks like you have a new record of comments. Woot!


  21. Hello, Mr. Bates,

    I tried to get onto your website but my computer says the page doesn't exist, so I am leaving this here in the hope you can find it.

    I'm not sure if Steampunk will die, seeing as it has been around since Jules Verne's day. I think the fad it has become will fade a bit, as fades always do, but Steampunk itself will live on.

    I really enjoy Star Trek and I'm eager for the new movie, mostly because Bennedict Cumberbach will be playing Khan and he has the personality to pull of being a villain.

    Thank you for both your follow and your comment! I hope you come back, and I hope I can get your site to work.


  22. Bella,

    in answer to this comment:
    Hello fellow Tintin fan. *Shakes hand.* I can see you have a good taste in movies. Also aye, Josh Groban is fantastic, adn that IS a fantastic word 8-D Only, sadly, not as fantastic when not said with a Northern British accent, which I even more sadly do not have. Do you?


    1st. thank you for shaking my hand. I swear I'm not holding a weapon. 2nd; sadly I don't have a nothern British accent. But When I say "fantastic" I say in my best Christopher Eccleston impersonation, so I "put on" an accent. not as good as The Doctors but it will have to do. :) God bless

  23. Just wanted to say hi...I'm working my way through the bloghop list. :)I LOVE Josh Grobin and I've recently been getting into steampunk. Very cool. Although I haven't read much of it yet. I did, however, love His Dark Materials long before everyone started liking steampunk. :)

    Anyway, i'm a new follower. Nice to meet you!

  24. Well, great, I forgot what I was going to say because I'm too busy sloshing my brain around in my head to see if I can feel it...

    My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures

  25. Hey Jack; I re-read this post... I do that sometimes :) Did I tell you I saw Josh Groban IN CONCERT? It was fantatstic!!! it's been more than a year now but I still remember that night vividly. We were on ground level. He walked RIGHT PAST US!! it was so awesome. Just thought I'd share that with you, to cheer ya' up. get well soon, and God Bless


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