Thursday, September 20, 2012

"You would not believe your eyes, if 10,000 fire flies, lit up the world as I fell asleep."

 This is the part where I share my news then leave it over the weekend to simmer and stare at you all like Indiana on a bad day. Don't worry, my post won't bite...I don't think. 

I feel I should delay the news, draw it out, just to see how many of you I can drive insane. Though, if I'm too mean, you all might pack up and move to Mars without me, leaving me on hoverless board earth to starve. Yeah, I think I will share.

 Where to begin? You all know I'm going to self publish. You all know I've been working at this for...let's see...all summer I think now. Maybe longer. I've lost track of time. Not good. 

 I'm getting off track. 

 What I mean to say is this, I've been given a contract. A real, living, breathing, just for me contract. For me. This, has been, a life long dream - or close enough - for me. And now here it is, staring up at mean, all glittery and new and just for me. And I should be dancing on the coffee table we don't have. Instead, I'm...not. 

 Like everything in my life, a new glittering contract simply cannot be a joyful affair. My life isn't that simple. (I should note here, the contract is from the self publishers Hydra. HAIL HYDRA!)
 But, as I said, I cannot just, enjoy something. I cannot sit back and beam and dance around and shout to the world, "I, JACK, HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CONTRACT!"
 Because, if I accept this contract, I will loose some things and maybe loose others. (The others I cannot tell you about yet. But the can I can.)

 First, rights on the cover. Which, right now, might not be a bad thing. You know, cover issues and all. Still, to loose rights on it, not what I really want. I know the cover I want, it is just GETTING said cover. 

 Second, Fall release is O U T! No chance. AT ALL! According to Hydra, it will be five to eight months before the book will be released. Will this be worth it? Yeah, probably. (They're going to find me an EDITOR! MY OWN LIVING, BREATHING EDITOR!!!!!!!!! *Hugs invisible Editor.*) I would put the book on hold for a living, breathing editor. 

 Third is the worse part of all. But I cannot go into that right now. So, it is on hold. 

 However, this is where I stand now. Do I take this lovely, shinny, glittering all my own contract? No money down to publish, a MY living, breathing editor...or do I pass it by, keep on as I'm going, and publish the book in a few months as planned? 

 For right now, I think I will just stare at my very own glittery contract and enjoy it. Because...well, it is mine after all. And I never thought I'd have one. 

 What do you think of my glittery contract? If the book doesn't come out until eight more months, would any of you be willing to wait that long for it? Or would it be forgotten like all the other "to be" published books? I value all of your thoughts. 

 I also thought, in honour of the contract, I should give my site some new colours! What do you think?

 ALLONS-Y!! I'm off to find my lost glasses. 



  1. Ooh, that's tough. If it helps, I still want to read it, even if it comes out in a few months.

    And the new colors are great

  2. There would probably be more chance of my managing to buy the book if it comes out in a while. My mom wanted to point out that even if you self-publish, the money still wouldn't rush in. You'd probably have to find a part-time job anyway. A publishing company would probably give your books more publicity.

  3. Which book is going to be published?

    ~Robyn Hoode

  4. Robyn Hoode,

    Haphazardly Implausible. The Broken Blade isn't finished yet, *eyes certain characters* though the CyberSpace might be out this winter sometime, just as an ebook though. Though an ebook which can be read on the computer.

    Long explanation....


  5. Congratulations!
    Sounds like you have a decision to make. You've come so far to do it yourself, yet this might be a grand opportunity. Just go with your gut instinct.

  6. Congratulations on the contract. I can't wait to hold one in my hands someday.:D

    And, your title is from Fireflies by Owl City. Gotta love it.:)

    Oh, I have a new blog. I meant to tell you that, so you didn't have to go to my book review blog whenever you wanted to reply to a comment.

    Best wishes!

  7. I'd wait for you book :) And yeah, adding new color would be fantastic! (Btw... what exactly is this book of yours about?) Congrats on the contract. how fun for you :)God bless

  8. Oh my word, that's FANTASTIC!!! I am so very excited for you! A living breathing editor!!! Oh, and the rest of the contract is pretty cool too, but an editor? That would be heaven on earth! ;-)
    Can't wait to see your book on the shelves!

  9. WOW!! (Do I spoil everything but saying I discussed with mime whether your "good-bad-thing" could be to do with publishing your book?! I'm psychic! Just kidding...)
    Pray about it. Sleep on it (which I guess you've been doing). And, personally, I would die for the chance of an editor.

    And I will be here. Waiting. Whether you publish your book in 8 months. Or 8 years. Sometimes it's worth the time to make something brilliant even better. :) Good like deciding.

  10. Hydra... *raises both hands* If you lose this contract... will two more take its place? :)

    That's a scary decision... It almost seems like the cons outweigh they pros? I actually don't know, though. It's hard.

    *I* would hold out for the book eight months. I would read it for sure. :)

    God bless!

  11. Oh, and I forgot. I love your new colours! PURPLE!

  12. Congratulations on the contract. For what it's worth, I would definitely wait eight or more months for a book to be released.

    Hope whatever decision you make works out!

    Love the new website colors.

  13. Wow! Congratulations! That's HUGE news!! =D
    Hmmm.... Although contracts themselves are wonderful, I'd say that anything that takes away your rights needs to be examined VERY carefully.
    Let me tell you a little story about a man named George.... George was an independant film maker. He gained some regognition and made a film... Then he had an idea for an epic story. It had all your regular characters, the hero, the scoundrel, the princess, the mentor, the sidekick, and comic relief, but there was something different about this story... And George didn't want to let that go.
    George wrote the script for this movie and decided he wanted to produce it and direct it himself. He didn't want any of his rights taken away because this was HIS story. He got 20th Century Fox to help him and he got a large bank loan and started to work on his movie. Because he went the independant way he nearly didn't get to complete his movie... At nearly every turn he faced a new difficulty. He ended up firing his whole editor team because they weren't doing a good job pulling off his vision. George edited his own movie for awhile before he could hire better editors... Finally his epic movie was finished. Thousands lined up to see it on opening day. So many people saw this epic film that it broke records that it still holds to this day.
    The movie was a success and George earned back all the money he had spent making the movie and went on to make a sequel... all independantly as well.
    Star Wars is still a hit today. =)

    Deer all over the world plot to jump out at new drivers! I am now convinced!

    I love accents. British... Scottish.... Dutch... whatever. I love them all. David Tennant has a particularly nice accent.
    Its soooo funny because after watching Doctor Who with David Tennant, you start talking like him without realising it! And you start hearing his accent everywhere.... This one girl at my church who likes DW thought something my dad said was very Tennantish and the same boy who I told you likes DW said something and then said immidiately after, "I've been watching too much Doctor Who, that sounded exactly like something the Doctor would say." And over the past few days I keep catching myself saying something like the Doctor or sounding like the Doctor.

    Ahahahahaha frozen oods.... xD That's funny.

    I think I'll miss Rose when she goes. I like her. But I think I'll like some of the other companions as well. I guess we'll have to see. =)

  14. P.S. I love the new colors of your blog! Purple rocks!

  15. Cool new color scheme, Jack!

    Who is Indiana? I mean, I figured out he/she is a pet, but what kind?

    I'm cracking up at the sharks thing!

    Three cheers for your contract!!

    On the other hand... if you lose all that, in the long run you may be happier self-publishing. Yes, it takes a while to get established, develop a reader base (Although having a blog gives you a jump start on a reader base; just ask Miss Amy Dashwood.), you do have to do your own editing, and all that; but, you have complete control.

    I would be willing to wait however long it took until you thought it was ready for publishing. That is true for whatever route you choose to take.

    Oh, and I loved the 'so is a grenade'! My younger sister will get a kick out to that (she HATES spiders).

    And to answer your comment on my blog: I LOVE Downton Abbey. There are a few scenes I skip (Thomas, Mr Pamuk), but other than that it's very good and pretty accurate. It is true it is drama-ish, (I ADORE drama. I'd jump at the chance to be an actress.) but if you like Edwardian era stuff, or 'Upstairs, Downstairs' type storylines, I recommend it.

    Do let me know if you decide to watch it!

  16. My uncle's a chemist. I'll complain to him about our catdroid-less world.

    Well, congratulations on the contract thingamajig! I've never heard of Hydra before, but still! I say go for it, unless you absolutely cannot wait and are willing to only publish in ebook format- in which case, opt out for cnotractless Smashwords. Other than that, this glittery contract sounds like a pretty good deal! And don't worry, come eight months I will still read your book. By then maybe I'll have enough free time to actually finish a book instead of just starting eight million different books and never finishing them.

  17. Wow! Congrats on your contract! Good for you! I don't know what advice to give. *Sigh* I say go with whatever you think is best. I love your new colors! Your font is slightly hard to read, but it is still cool.
    Love, ShiningHisLight97/Eliza
    P.S. Your title is a from an Owl City song! :)

  18. Think it over and (to quote Captain Jack Sparrow) "don't do anything *stupid*!"

    *grin* First off, I like the new colours! It's fun to change it up. :)

    Second, like I said don't do anything "rash....too rash." (I am really quoting POTC today! O.o) You know I'll buy the book no matter what and I wouldn't at all mind waiting that long. :)

    Think in the long-term point of view. I really hope you decide soon and don't explode in the process. *wink* Love ya!



    P.S. Dick sends you some virtual ants that were left over from his ant collection from last year (don't ask me *how* he has still kept them alive this long on a SHIP!). And Cook sends you some virtual fish stew (it's better than it sounds.............sort of...) to cheer you up. "Afta all," he says, "there ain't nothin' to help ya think better than some nice fish!" O.o Good 'ay!


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