Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Do you have anything to declare?" "Yes, I declare this to be stupid."

  UPDATED! Please, read HERE for the new rules. Very important to those who do not have books published yet. (Sorry, I got to thinking about it and realized I should rethink things.)

 Whenever someone has a new book come out, one of the most common thing to do is to go around to other blogs and do guest posts on the book. I had considered doing this, but I gave it some thought and have decided to steal someone else's idea. (I'm a spy, so I am allowed to be a thief as well.)

 When her book came out, instead of her posting on other blogs, she had authors guest post on her blog to tell about their books. I like this idea a lot - hence, me stealing it. So, here is how it is going to work.

 My book comes out the 14th. I plan to take the weeks of Christmas and New Years off so I can fall over dead and hopefully recover before, I do this all over again. (More on this later.) Right now, I'm not sure if I should have guest posts up the week of Christmas. Do you all normally read blogs around holidays? (I would hate to have all your posts up and no one about to read them.) Anyhow, I need to think about this more.

 But, until I figure it out, here is the plan.

 The week after my book comes out I will be holding a...what shall I call it? It needs a name, and a button, just for fun. Hm...okay, I will pick a name for it later, do you have any suggestions? A Book Party? Blog Book Party? A HEY LOOK! MY BOOK IS PUBLISHED! Party.

 Okay, rabbit trail. Back to matters at hand.

 Starting the 17th and going to the 21st or 22nd, for now, I will be hosting a Book Published Blog Party. Also the week after New Years (Likely to change).

 What you have to do is write and tell us all about your book. It can be a book you have published or a book you are planning on publishing soon. You can talk about the book, your process on getting it published, how it has changed your life, or you can have a character talk about it. You pick.

Here will be the rules.

 1. You must be Indie-publishing.

 2. You must email me BEFORE the 14th of November to let me know you want to guest post. It will be a first come, first serve kind of thing. There will only be fourteen days open.

 3. Once you have emailed me, I will put your name on my calendar and let you know which day you have.

 4. You must have your posts to me BEFORE the 7th of December

 5. The book you talk about should be one which you have already published or are planning on publishing soon.

 6. I have the right to refuse any entry, though I don't think it is likely I will. I just say this so you can't throw things at me if I do refuse one.

 7. If your entry doesn't reach me by the 7th I will be giving your place to someone else. So, even if you don't get your name on my calender, send your entries in anyways as you still might end up with a spot.

 8. When you send your entries in please include your website, name, short biography, and if your book is published then the link where one can buy it. (If you don't have, say a website or a blog, then don't panic. You needn't send it 8-D)

 This is the chance to shout out to the my 60 readers, about your work! So SHOUT! Just not too loud or you might wake me up.

 And, after some thought and work, I've come up with a name and a button. (This is my first button so I'm not really sure how they work...I will just post it on here and if it needs a link or something, maybe one of you could let me know? Then I will fix it up. I know it is a bit big now, but I think they shrink when one puts them up as buttons...or should I make it smaller myself?)
 Anyhow, this is my attempted button you can put up on the side of your blog to help spread the word.

 In case you didn't notice, this is William's picture I wasn't able to use for the cover. It seemed fitting to use it for something.

 If you have questions feel free to ask! I'm eager to learn about your books!




  1. I'll be shooting an email your way soon ;) Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm getting really excited for your book :)

  2. I will definitely be reading blogs over the xmas holidays! And your button looks great (love the colourings you did), but no, when you click on it, it won't take anyone back to your blog. You'll need a grab-box (like you have for your official blog button). Looking forward to the upcoming part!! :)

  3. Sounds like a good idea! Sorry, not indie though.
    And it's really quiet in the blogging world around Christmas.

  4. What a neat idea, Jack!

    My family doesn't do much for Chrismtas, so I'll be doing my usual blog reading.

    I don't plan on publishing anything in the next six months at least but I will be very interested in reading about other's books!

    I like the tile of your book a lot. It is unusual so I think it will grab people's attention. If I were to see it on a library shelf, it would certainly snatch my attention!

    This week a story started building itself around The Keyhole Secret title, and I'm waiting to see if it will develop into something worth writing. I think it will. The funny ways inspiration comes to us! :)

    I'd love to hear your Avengers theories! I have a few of my own, but I probably shouldn't clutter up your comment box with them! :) I could email you about it though... if you want me to.

  5. Oh! I've seen advertisments for that Legends of the Guardians movie. It's based off of books? I will look for them!

    John, a parsnip is like a turnip. But a different colour. And they're tasty!

  6. Oh! I've seen advertisments for that Legends of the Guardians movie. It's based off of books? I will look for them!

    John, a parsnip is like a turnip. But a different colour. And they're tasty!

  7. Oh! I've seen advertisments for that Legends of the Guardians movie. It's based off of books? I will look for them!

    John, a parsnip is like a turnip. But a different colour. And they're tasty!

  8. I'm not at that stage, but I know lots of people will be excited about your offer :)

    As to your question about the holidays. I basically ignore my computer for the weeks around Christmas. And I think a lot of other people do the same :) Good luck with it all!

  9. Watch for my email. Although I had been really looking forward to interviewing you on my blog. 'Though I'm sure we could still do that, right? ;)

  10. Oh, and the image worked for me ... though it may have to do with the fact that I have experience attaching links to pictures.

  11. Bella,
    I fear I've lost one of your comments again. I'm very good at doing that, which is sad.

    Yes, actually...we walked to Wyoming's capitol with a sword. It was fun, but slightly...kind of where you wanted to look over your shoulders all the time.

    Aye, sisters don't let you get away with what brothers or friends do. Thankfully my friends are kind of, daring, but sometimes I make them nervous. Which I enjoy 8-D


  12. Robyn Hoode,
    Oh yes! I remember your book now! I liked the plot of it, it sounded wonderful!

    Aye, it is my fairy godmother who helps me read minds. She comes in handy, when she isn't on coffee break. She takes FAR too many of those.


  13. Jack;
    I won't be in the Publishers Party. I don't think I will ever be published; I'm a writer not an author.

    I've been TAGGED by John the Hedgehog (thanks John!) My ‘puter wont let me post on his site. So here we go…..
    11 facts about myself;

    1) I love to act. I want to be an actress when I grow up, and hopefully go into musical theater.

    2) I quote movies compulsively.

    3) I grow obsessed with TV Shows very easily.

    4) I am a Whovian, a Holmian and a Merlinite.

    5) I think hats are adorable.

    6)I have crushes on fictional characters. I've never had a crush on a real person. I feel like this.

    7) I am outgoing and not afraid to try new things.

    8) the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is my favorite fantasy ever. Both on paper and on screen.

    9)One of my favorite colors is TARDIS blue.

    10) I enjoy rainy, stormy days and I want a cape to wear for these occasions.

    11) I think sanity is WAY over-rated.

    Now for Johns questions; Woohoo!

    1) HOW MANY KNIVES DO YOU USUALLY HAVE ON YOUR PERSON? I usually have 1 knife concealed on me, though I prefer my sonic screwdriver.

    2)HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU RUN AWAY FROM HOME? DID YOU ASK YOUR PARENTS PERMISSION BEFORE YOU DID SO? I've never run away from home. the thought has crossed my mind but I've never *quite* had the nerve to *Smiles guiltily*

    3)WHAT IS YOUR RANK AND STATION IN LIFE? I am a homeschooling Catholic from a big family. I am the quirky sidekick of several siblings... which can be very interesting.

    4)DO YOUR COUSINS LIKE YOU? Since I have 100 *FIRST* cousins alone, its hard to say if they ALL like me. they haven't all met me. but those whom I have met like me :)

    5)HOW MANY SIBLINGS DO YOU HAVE AND DO THEY LIKE YOU? I have 10 siblings; 9 sisters and one brother. They all like me but sometime I embarrass them. Can't think why....

    Yes. Books are fantastic.

    7)DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE LIKE JACK READ THEM TO YOU? once in a rare while. Usually I read them on my own.

    8)DO YOU HAVE A BORING BROTHER LIKE I DO? My brother, Joey, is not boring. He is funny, which is good. I like funny people.

    9)DO YOU LIKE HOT CHOCOLATE OR COLD CHOCOLATE MORE? I have to be *in the mood* for hot chocolate. So I'll have to say cold

    10)IS YOUR BIRTHDAY THE SAME AS MINE? No. My birthday isn't until January.

    11)DO YOU WANT TO PUT CANDLES ON YOUR TREE? Oh yes!! I've *always* wanted to do that!

    That was fun! Thanks for tagging me John. because you were nice enough to tag me and Jack was nice enough to let me post, I will give you a Bonus Fact; *I have magic ears that glow green or blue in the cold* (Really)

    I don't think I can tag anyone... because I have no blog. If Jack knows otherwise she can comment and tell me. But unless that happens I'm not going to do the whole "My questions" thing, okay? :D

    God Bless! Have a wonderful day weekend

  14. Dear Jack;

    OMGosh I answered the wrong questions! Tell John I re-answered them on his site... I am so sorry about that :) I guess I was just really tired. (MY computer is being nice today, so I can publish On Johns site. But I don't think it will be nice very long)

    Again, I am so sorry John. The true TAG questions are on your blog K? SORRY!!
    God Bless

  15. Your book comes out December 14th! Very exciting! I'll have to make sure I purchase it...

    Congrats! I'll be sticking around for your blog party (even if I'm not eligible to post). Should be fun!

  16. Oh I would love to join your blog party but I am going to try for traditional publishing before I go for Indie publishing. I love it that Indie publishing has really taken off though. One thing I hope you have done (or will do) is get your book professionally edited (not just critiqued by other writers) before publishing. It's worth the money for a polished product, and I've been turned off by several Indie books lately with poor editing.

    I lOVE That picture! If you are using a similar picture for your book cover, you are RIGHT ON. So excited to see it!

    And did I hear you are doing NaNo on top of all this? Wow!

  17. I just wanna say... I love that picture! And good job for taking a sword into a big city! That's something I'd do....

    I've read two of Jane Austin's books. Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. They are both good, but not for everyone. I enjoy adventure/mystery stories better as well.

    From what I've seen of Donna, I like her to-be friendship with the Doctor. It's nice to have a companion that doesn't fawn over the Doctor in awe.
    I think my first Martha disk comes in the mail today... I will keep you updated!

    I have no idea what a beta reader is... Where did you see it?

    I find Joan Watson annoying as well! She's too good at deduction! And he's waaay too open with her. And I forsee them getting into some sort of relationship....
    The married guy Joan saw looks so much like Morairty from BBC. At least that's what I thought.
    I really like Gregson as well. He's like a father figure for Sherlock. Lestrade is actually kind of a fatherly figure as well for BBC's Sherlock.
    I was wondering the same thing about E-Lock's scarf!! I mean, I thought only girls wore scarves for looks but evidently not... And why does it never match what he's wearing? That annoys me. I think they need to auction off the scarf for charity. I would buy it and wear it around showing E-Lock how it's supposed to be worn!
    Haha maybe Joan helped him handcuff himself behind his back. Although I do thin it's possible to do it one's self.
    The locks? *blank look* I should know what you are talking about....
    I think the guy from the kidnapping/ballon man episode will be back. I think he makes a good bad guy. I hope they bring him back.
    Ever notice that the episodes are going in an order? The first two were about murder and the second two were about kidnapping. I wonder if they'll continue doing that.

    I'm looking forwards to your book!

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