Friday, October 12, 2012

"Everyone hates me but the horse."

 I've mentioned my actors a lot, but I never given them justice. What they did to help me, it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

 I don't even remember how it happened. I think I said something about needing help making a trailer, and the next thing I knew we were up in the mountains, they dressing up in my costumes which were too small for most of them. So here I am, wanting to give them the credit they deserve. 

 First off, my costume things, most of it is girl stuff. Jackets, scarfs, gloves. And for the boys, it was all too small. But they bravely donned it, laughing when their wrists stuck out past the sleeves. They didn't even complain when they had to throw on jackets and coats and boots and hats even though it was hot the days we filmed. (We caught some of the hottest days this summer. And there weren't many.)

 Also, they gave up a Saturday for me. Now, not many people give up their Saturdays, especially to put on a girl's clothing and stand in front of a camera, hoping no one drove by and saw them. They deserve an award for this alone. 

 There is one though who I think deserves a medal. Here is how it happened...

 Kirk. All of you know Kirk, right? The kilt wearing Scot? Okay, well, during our first filming I began to think how nice it would be to have Kirk in the trailer. It would help with some things. But there was the kilt. I didn't think any of the boys would willingly put on a kilt. However, on learning of Kirk, one of the girls dared one of the boys into wearing the kilt. (The boy who plays Peter.) He agreed to it, because she dared him. 
 Problem one, none of us owned a kilt.

 By the time the second filming rolled around I knew I was pretty much done for. I had a plan...rather a skirt. A plaid skirt which looks kind of like a kilt. 
 Problem two, the skirt was mine and I'm a small person. The boy who plays Peter, there was no way he could get into it.
 Problem three, would ANY of the boys willingly put on my skirt?

 When I met them at the site I presented my problem and said something like, "We don't need Kirk. It would be easier with him, but if none of you wants to do this it is okay."
 To my surprise, one of them was brave enough. Yes, that's right. He wore my skirt, and did his best to hold his head high with manly, Scottish pride. Kirk would be proud. 
 And there it is, the story behind the...lack of the kilt. Before we film again, I am planning on buying a kilt. 

 Anyways, this trailer wouldn't be possible without my amazing actors. And without William Knisley who has a knack for directing. I owe them a huge thanks.

 Also, I've no clue who Donny Osmond is, but when I showed the actors the bloopers their parents almost had a heart attack. But, I did my research. The CD says he sings the song, so...that's why his name is on there. Just, don't go having heart attacks on me.

 I've more behind-the-scene the filming we did in the trees of certain someones not being able to walk...if you want to hear them, feel free to ask. 

 Lastly, I was short on actors so a lot of them had to double up. Or take on different roles. (We used what we had.)

 I hope you enjoy! Cover pictures, and author pictures, hopefully coming soon!

 More Percy Jackson book quotes. I'm going to keep it up till I have the new book, so get used to it.




  1. *gasp* Costumes, swords, guns, location, song...LOVE!!!!!! I can't wait to see the trailer!! Heck, the BLOOPERS make me want to ride on an airship!! Incidentally, you're so lucky to have guys like that around there. There's no one around here who would do what those guys did for you. :D Lucky you...

  2. Looks like you had a great bunch of people helping and everyone had fun!

  3. Oh gosh, that video was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic, Jack!!!!

    I'm very interested in the story about filming in trees and not being able to walk and what is it all about?? :D

  4. AHHHHH! I LOVED IT!! =D I am SO excited for the trailer now! I can't wait!! That was so good! And it wasn't even the real stuff yet! The costumes are amazing! I loved Steed's! SO excited!!!
    That's Donny Oswald?? Huh. I've heard of him and I LOVE that song (I've been hearing it random places all week) but I never knew it was him. Cool. =)

    Lastly, thanks for telling us about the cover of Lisbeth's Choice! That was my question and I kind of forgot to comment on that post... Heh heh...

  5. Haha, I loved this video so much! It did a really great job of getting me excited for the real thing. The not-kilt also looked quite convincing to me! It's really great that you were able to get one of the guys to wear it! I know my dad, who's very proud of his Irish/Scottish heritage would have gladly worn it for you, but I can't think of anyone else who would have been brave enough. I'm also loving all the awesome coats the actors are wearing...awesome characters have to have awesome coats, right (or at least, according to Doctor Who and Sherlock...)?

    And that song always makes me smile, haha. It's my favorite part of Mulan.


  6. Fantastic!!! I loved it, the costumes, the amazing friends you must have and the song was perfect, it's one of my very favorites!

    I can't wait for the trailer, if the blooper reel was good I can only imagine the awesomeness of the trailer and the book! =)

    Extra shout outs to the Kirk and the director! =) And the amazing gal behind this whole endeavor, the talented authoress!

  7. Those costumes...They are pretty awesome. And props to the guy who wore the not-kilt! I am looking forward to the trailer and the novel!

  8. AHAHA!! I laughed pretty hard in some spots. :) I especially like the horrifying punch. :P So tell me, though, were YOU in there at any point?!!

    Can't wait for the real trailer now!!

  9. Hi Jack! I passed the Liebster award on to you. You can pick it up on my blog if you want. :)

    Love your costumes in this! Great job. :)

  10. the trailer was FANTASTIC! Good Job!! I'm more of a Percy Jackson "liker" LOL. I haven't read "The Mark of Athena" but I want to.

    Poor Coleson. maybe he had to go into hiding or something :)

    I am really enjoying S. 4 of DW. I'm very excited about the Doctor and Rose seeing each other again in the last episodes *Grin* I do like Donna now, though she is still annoying sometimes. I hope you have a nice week.
    God Bless

  11. LOVE IT! :) It looks like you had a blast with this whole thing.
    About the kilt. My sister is in a bagpipe band and actually owns a really lovely kilt. Too bad you couldn't borrow it. Hehe. But you managed alright.

  12. Congrats on the liebster award and great blog!

  13. Hehe. Your friends sound really nice. I know a thing or two about kilts, (My sister's kind of in a bagpipe band..) and I know that the real things are pretty frikken hard to come by. You did pretty okay using the skirt though. Tell "Kirk" that he looked great, and it was very brave of him to do that. :D

    Are you in those bloopers? 'Cause the people in the video remind me a lot of my family just the way they act.

    Haha! Donny Osmond was kind of like Justin Bieber of the seventies. ('Cept be was actually... you know... nice. And well behaved) He is a really decent guy now and yeah... he does have a good voice, doesn't he?

    God bless!

  14. Costumes, swords, guns, location and bloopers! Too awesome. Really, that's great.

  15. Bella,
    I am very glad you liked the trailer! Er...bloopers...I need more sleep I think.

    I want to read The Mark of Athena too but I cannot find least for a price that I can afford. Don't they have books for poor, starving authors?

    I think Coulson got mad at Fury for ruining his Captain America cards and isn't speaking to him. Which is why he might not be in the other movies. (At least this is the theory I will hold too if he's not in them.)

    What episode are you on now in series four?


  16. yeah. Ehem. BLOOPERS.

    Good Theory. I would be mad *grin*

    I KNOW! They don't have that book anywhere. Grrrr....

    which episode are we on in DW...... well, we'll be watching "Midnight" tonight. Not sure what Ep. that is :-/ It looks like it will be really creepy though. Sorry about the repetitive comment on your other blog. Technology.....
    God Bless


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