Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I showed him Riptide, and explained how it turned from a pen into a sword just by uncapping it. "Cool! Does it ever run out of ink?"

 Hello! I'm alive! Bet you weren't expecting that, were you? Well, I survived trailer making...mostly. I'm not done maybe I will not live through it, but I've lasted this long, which is a start. 
 Today I finished putting the bloopers together and worked on a new design for the trailer. Now I have to pick which I like better, then polish said one up. I'm considering an early retirement from trailer making. They didn't mention this stuff when they said, "Being an author is fun! You get to write all the time!"

 Not that I'm complaining. It has been fun, until my computer gets board and skips the videos around just to confuse me.

 Moving on though. I've two interviews set up, which will be coming later on. And I was asked some questions, which I will answer now. Then I will probably tackle the trailer until I fall asleep.

 The first question was asked by both MISS MELODY and ABBEY. They wanted to see the very first notes I had for the book. I have quite a few (not to mention notes from the very first draft I wrote - if anyone would like to see those let me know.) So I will spread the notes out during the next few posts.

 Okay, so the first ones I took were on Peter...surprise. 
 Originally he was supposed to be 20, his nick name was Wells...points to whoever can guess why! (There is a connection between it and Steampunk, kind of.) 
 The most surprising things I found, which made me laugh, was his height. Once upon a time he was 6' 2". He's kind of, shrunk a lot since then. Now he is 5' 3" I believe...or is it 5' 2"?
 Peter was framed for murder in the original...I'm not even sure all this made it into a draft. It was the day he was about to be promoted. I know I at least wrote this scene...I might still have it too. After he ran away from the Base, he became the rebel leader of a band of pirates. 
 And, lastly, he once had a much younger sister named Irene. She made it through half of the first draft, then I realized she was just getting in the way, so I left her out of the second draft. (I feel kind of bad for that.)

 Now, moving on to question two. I think someone wanted me to tell about the cover for Lisbeth's Choice. I could be wrong...I was half asleep while writing these questions down last night and sick with the flu. If someone did ask then I am sorry I cannot find your comment...but thank you for your question. And if it is just the disillusioned of my half-asleep, medicine drugged, dyslexic brain, get the answer anyways.

 So, William Knisley, my own personal photographer, helped with the cover. (He filmed the trailer, I've mentioned him before. Sadly, he doesn't have a site up so I can't link to him. But trust me, he's amazing.)
 Anyhow, the girl in the cover is a friend of mine who didn't wish her name given out. But, she is the brave soul who willing woke up early on a cold Saturday morning to stand outside, all dressed up, and pose while William snapped pictures. (And you wonder why I don't have many friends. They run away in fear of what I will ask them to do next.)
 When I asked my friend if she would help I said something like, "It is too bad it hasn't snowed yet since the story takes place at Christmas." Then, I woke up Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground. When we got to the park it began to snow beautifully, then when we left, it stopped. 8-D
 So, that is kind of the story behind it. I'm not sure if that is the answer you were looking for, *Looks at both commentor and brain.* If you want more, feel free to ask 8-D Unless your my brain, then just cork it.

 And, last question, asked by JESSICA. This one is for John, and she wants to know what role he has in the creation of the book. I will let him answer.
 Hi! I'm John. I saw your blog. You have a cat, which means you like pets, which means I like you. Do you like hedgehogs?
 Jack says you want to know what role I have in the book creation...I don't know what that means but she says it means what I do while she writes. I get board a lot. She used to take me on long walks, now she plays with movies and songs and it is boring. But I try and help her. I tell her when something is funny looking. Like her hair. And I tell her I'm hungry, she forgets to eat until I remind her to feed me. I give her chocolate when she is sad about something in her book and I make her watch movies when she is tired. 
 She says I'm a good John because I look after her like the John I was named after looks after his Sherlock. I still don't know who I am named after but she promised to show me soon. I hope so. Now she says I have to go to bed. 
 Good night.

 Good night, John.
 So, I guess that is it for this post. If you have more questions, send them in 8-)

 Quote is from one of the Percy Jackson books




  1. Glad you made it through all that - and are still alive. :-D

  2. Oo! That was really cool finding out the story behind the cover (I can't WAIT to see the main novel's cover!!) And still so looking forward to the trailer. I had a little go myself, making a mock-up trailer (just for fun! Not professional like yours but). I was inspired during the holidays when we watched so many movies! :P

  3. Gosh, love hearing the background behind other peoples writing!
    I've had to cut characters and am always surprised at how very guilty I feel!

  4. Fun quote!!

    Don't you just love how computers do things like that? Kudos to you on surviving so far!

    Sometimes I feel bad about cutting characters and other times not so much. Especially when I can't figure out how a minor character is supposed to fit in and I'm growing very bored with them and they are getting in the way and they just are not coming alive and, and, and.... Then I know it's time to cut the character and I don't usually feel bad about it. I recently cut a total of seven younger siblings from The Three Kyngdoms because they just were not fitting into the story AT ALL. After I cut them, I felt immense relief, knowing I could now get on with the story. (Ok, I admit, I did feel for them the tiniest bit, for about half an hour!) :)

    It was so much fun seeing whee each character started and where they are now!! Thank you for posting this!

    Nasty flu! I hope you feel better soon!

    What a beautiful cover!! And how sweet of your friend to model for you!

    We have not had snow here yet, and still no rain!!! We should have had a total of two weeks of rain by now! I'm not very happy. Not only do I love rain, (and living in high mountain desert in the Rockies means I don't see as much of it as I'd like anyway) we need it to help with drought and fires. So, yeah, I'm praying for rain!

    John, it sounds like you have been doing a wonderful job of taking care of Jack. Keep it up little guy!

  5. I just love love love the photo for the cover. It is too cool, and props to your friend for standing out in the snow!

    Peter's original story made me laugh because I do the exact same thing -- I start out with this idea, and then it changes and changes until I can hardly recognize it anymore. Last week I started re-writing my nano novel so it would have a plot (ha) and I can barely tell it's the same story!

    Give John a hug for me -- actually, don't, because that might hurt. So, blow him a kiss or something.

  6. I love how our characters evolve from the first spark of an idea to the final product. They go on such journeys!

  7. To your question about a new novel, I currently have nothing planned, though NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. So the only confirmed publication is currently sketched out for next summer, or whenever I decide to call it quits on my NaNo novel. Other than that, nothing official ;)

    Yes, John, I love hedgehogs. A lot. My Battle of the Books team's mascot was a flying hedgehog whose name evades me. I'm glad you like me! Thank you for answering my question! You're a very helpful little hedgehog :)

  8. I am glad that making the bonus materials for your book didn't kill you. I can hardly wait to see them.

    I liked your quote. The Percy Jackson series is good I like it a lot.

    John is very funny and I am glad he is looking after you ;) Your friend was nice to pose for you in the cold. *Sigh* I would like to be on the cover of a book......
    God Bless

  9. I didn't realize your cover was a photograph; I guess I didn't look at it close enough, as I thought it was a drawing. It's a great cover, anyway. :)

  10. Hey Jack! I found your blog through my sister, RinskiiJoy over at Mismatched Socks. For starters I LOVE your "about me"! That is so clever! Secondly, Allons-y! <3 <3 <3!!! Thirdly. Newest follower! :-D <3 ~Jonnah

  11. Isn't it funny the way a character develops?
    It can be frustrating when you're happily writing along and suddenly your character does something you don't *want* him to but you almost have no control over him anymore and you have to go along with him...or is that just me?
    The cover is lovely. How nice of the weather to cooperate with you. :)
    God Bless.

  12. I like John. He seems like a nice John.



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